Top 6 Features You Should Know Before Buying Knife Sharpeners!


Meal preparation is the most important thing you can do in the kitchen, but one that cannot be successful without a sharp knife around.


Having a sharp knife does not come easy either, you need to get the best type of blade, and a good sharpener as well.


Even better, if you can get knife set, you will better maximize the use of your knives.  Well, if you are planning to bring on an edge to your kitchen, read on to the very end of this review.


We have sought and selected some of the best knife sharpeners, knife sets and separate knives on the market.



For anyone using a knife in the kitchen, which is most likely the case for everyone with a passion for cooking, using a knife goes hand in hand with using a sharpener. But before you go for the sharpener of choice, you need to consider several things.


  1. Do these sharpeners work?


To get a knife to be sharp enough, you need to have a burr formed on either side of the blade, extending from the tip to the heel. You can then remove the burr by another step of refinement using a finer grit abrasive. This process might sound straightforward, but pulling it out without the right sharpener can be almost impossible. So the first thing you need to ask yourself is whether the sharpener you are going for can work.


  1. What about Electric sharpeners?


These gadgets are probably the easiest to use since all you need to do is pull your knife through the slots and let the device do the hard work. Such a device might be easy and fun, but this will not be the ideal option for you if you want ultimate control in sharpening the knife.


  1. How about Freehand?


Talk of control in sharpening your knives and the whetstone will come in handy. However, this option may not be the fast enough, especially when compared to the electric ones. All it takes is the muscle memory to get a perfect edge since you don’t have guides or angle stabilizers to rely on.



  1. Sharpening systems


These tools have guided features for precision so that you can take advantage of such functions for super easy use and ideal results. These systems might not offer you the control you need in hand sharpening; but again, it all depends on your preferred method of sharpening.


  1. Other sharpening aid devices


The other things you need to look out for in these sharpeners are the other features like belts and wheels that different sharpeners feature, which can help in making a crucial decision during purchase. In case of stone, you need to understand whether it is best used when wet or dry and remember that some of the stones out there can break easily so care essential too.


  1. The Angle matters


It does not matter much about the sharpener that you are using, what determines the results you get is the angle you use in getting the job done. It is thus important that you make sure you go for the angle that can lead to a sharp edge, preferably, keeping a 20-degree angle and being consistent on that can be far reaching.

Best Electric Sharpeners


These sharpeners are ideal for their ease-of-use and perfect sharpening. You do not need to have extensive skills in sharpening to use them, and they come in various preferences as well.

  • WorkSharp WSKTS-KO Knife Sharpener


One of the things that make WorkSharp an ideal go to knife sharpener maker is their emphasis on the products they make, as well as observing environmental conservation.




The WSKTS-KO knife sharpeners feature an outstanding adjustable sharpening guide that gives you the option to choose edge bevels range between 15° and 30°.


This Sharpener also comes with other impressive features that you can count on. Here are some of them:


Do you want a sharpener for grinding and honing? Well, the variable speed motor on this sharpener will give you more than just that.


If you are looking for ideal strength and lasting abrasive belts for razor-sharp blades, then this sharpener is all you need.


If you have ceramic knives around, it is possible you have been unable to find the right sharpener for them. But with the WSKTS-KO 180 and 1500 grit, you will get the job done quite easily with the ceramic blades.


And unlike many other sharpeners out there, you can always use this thing to regain the edge of your scissors with its built-in scissor 65° angle guide.


You may have several knives to do, but that is not a problem yet. Something more interesting about this sharpener is that it can run for up to one hour, giving you enough opportunity to get your blades sharp at a go.




Sharpening most knives to the plunge line of the edge may be challenging due to the guide system sometimes getting in the way.


The grits are a challenge too, if you go through two of them, you will have to buy a full set again.


  • LINKYO electric knife sharpener


An American-based company, LINKYO has been offering solutions on several products for a while now, and while they do not exclusively specialize in sharpener, this one stands out.




One thing you will love about this sharpener is its fast and safe sharpening of blades, thanks to its simple design.


Besides, it also has other features that you cannot help but go out of your way for, and here are several of them:


You hate slipping sharpeners, don’t you? Well, everyone does. But you don’t have to worry about that problem with the LINKYO’s Non-slip suction cup feet on handy. This keeps the sharpener in place all through use and storage.


The other impressive quality here is the guide, which is efficient in helping automatic blade positioning, giving you the right knife-sharpening angle.


Moreover, it also comes with a “Stop” feature, which helps avoid damage to your blades by stalling the sharpener in the case of too much pressure. Knife sharpening has never been this fun.


It also offers 2-stage sharpening, giving you razor-sharp blades through rejuvenating and honing the knife consecutively.


If the thought of cleaning your sharpener has been taking a toll on you, you need to worry not. Despite the heavy-duty nature of this thing, cleaning is a breeze.


The plug is easy to remove, where you can remove metal shards and fillings from the device without much hustle.




The only downside of this sharpener is that it is not ideal for sharpening ceramic knives.


  • Chef’s Choice Trizor XV Electric Knife Sharpener


Trzior focuses on offering their customers nothing short of reliable and quality products. Thus, with innovation, technology, and the customer as their top priority, they have been able to deliver on their promise.




This knife sharpener’s combination of strength and long life remains unsurpassed, thanks to its ultra-sharp 15°XV tech behind its durability and performance.


With the power and lasting service come more features that make this sharpener an ideal go-to option:


One of the things you cannot resist about this thing is the flexibility of the guides, giving you accurate control of the angle to use during sharpening.


Take advantage of the edge-select feature and tune your blades edge according to the material you want to cut with it. This gives you the control to customize your blade to suit the task ahead.


If you have straight and serrated blades around, you need not spend on two sharpeners; this one will get the job done with its diamond and advanced stropping stage.


The sharpeners ultra-sharp micro-blade packs a gentle yet efficient abrasive to enhance the life of your quality knife, regardless of its forged, alloy or non-forged.




The sharpener offers only 15° angles, which may not be the choice for some users.


Best Knife Sharpeners


Having the best knife sharpener is just as good as having a quality knife, so get the best to get the job done. If used with the right sharpening angle, you can always count on it to give you a perfect edge.



  • Priority Chef Knife Sharpener


To Priority Chef, value, quality, and trust is all that matters, and the company has been offering reliable products to their customers for as long as they have been on the market.




One of the most interesting things about this knife sharpener is its design, which ensures absolute comfort, convenience, and safety in use. This is all thanks to its ergonomic design and non-slip cushioning on the base, which provides a perfect grip, preventing slipping.


This is not all, as more features that are impressive also add to the sharpeners outstanding performance.


Here are some of them:


If you are left-handed, you may have already had a difficult time finding the right sharpener for you, but this one here got your back. It is ideal for use despite the hand you use so you will use it effortlessly.


Its 2-stage sharpening gives you the ability to tune your blade to an excellent finish, getting razor sharp edge for tough tasks in your kitchen. The two slots make it fast and efficient in work so you can save time with it too.


This sharpener has also proved to restore the dullest blades back to sharp edges, so you do not have to discard your knife, at least not with this sharpener within your reach.


Best of all, you are guaranteed to get your money back if it does not work for you.




Despite the efficiency, the high-end steels prove difficult for its effectiveness.


It is not the perfect sharpener to use on your scissors.



  • Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker


Innovation has been Spyderco’s foundation. This has not only seen them come up with some of the best products in the market but also earned them trust and loyalty from knife users the world over.




The Tri-Angle sharpmaker assures a lasting, heavy-duty performance, thanks to its high-quality material.  And this is not all there is to it; you also get more with this sharpener.


Here are some of the best features to go for:


Its base if drilled, so you can bolt it on your tabletop or countertop if you want to fix it permanently in your kitchen or shop. This feature is not found in most sharpeners.


It is easy to clean and dry, and this goes a long way in enhancing its longevity, which gives you more service for a good return on your money.


The sharpener is just simple but ingenious, making it not only convenient but also easy and fun to use.


If you have some high and low carbon blades that you want to sharpen, you can go all the way and give them an astounding edge with this sharpener.


And with a good back beveling or reprofiling, doing an excellent touch on your blades will become easier than ever before.




The only problem with this sharpener is that it’s hard to figure out the angle to sharpen with, especially if you are using a new knife on it for the first time.



  • Smith’s Adjustable Knife Sharpener


Smith’s have been edge experts in kitchen tools for over a century now, offering quality products that customers have come to love.


The company has based their focus on giving their customers easy-to-use and efficient sharpeners, which has seen them rise to lead the sharpening products market.




One of the best qualities that this knife sharpener comes with is the ability to sharpen both straight and serrated blades.  Besides, it comes with a whole lot of other features that you will find interesting about this product.


Some of its most notable features include the following:


It is fast and easy to use, making it able to sharpen a wide variety of dull knives and damaged blades alike. This can be attributed to its easily adjustable knob for setting different angles.


It also comes with a 2-stage sharpening abilities for standard knives, and a fixed angle for the serrated ones.


It also features a replaceable abrasive component, so in case the one you are using wears out, you do not have to throw your sharpener in the store. Moreover, this sharpener comes with a soft grip handle for comfort and safety when using it.




Its only problem is that it is not reliable for sharpening ceramic blades.


Best Knife sets


Having a single knife in your kitchen may not take you where you want to be.


If you want to take your cooking expertise to the next level, a durable and efficient knife set will be essential in tackling different knife-related tasks around, read more and see how.



  • Vremi Knife set


Vremi has been on the front line in offering customers high-quality products for use at home kitchen and outdoors as well, and this knife set is proof that the company is doing a great job.




Among the most interesting things about this knife set is the sheer power when it comes to slicing things on your countertop. Furthermore, it features other qualities that every professional chef is hunting.


Here are some of its important features that you should not miss:


The set is out rightly impressive with the colors of the knives that also match the protective blade covers. So if color is your kind of thing, this set has something in store for you.


Just like you would want a knife to be, this set features not too thick blades that offer comfortable grip handles for balanced chopping and slicing. It seems cooking became more fun than ever.


The quality that these blades are made of is outstanding. This is based on the nonstick safe coating in most color knives.


Their plastic covers are also BPA-free, which means any concern for your health should not get in your way anymore.


The set has a butcher knife, a utility knife, a serrated knife, a paring knife, and a chef knife, giving you the broad range of options to cover your diverse cooking needs.




The knives can get dull quickly so that consistent sharpening may be required.



  • LivingKit Steel Knife Set


If there is one thing you can say about LivingKit, then it has to be their observance of quality, great value and reliable technology in their products.




This LivingKit knife set stands out with its unique stainless steel blade material, comprising of 13% Chromium and 3% Carbon. The blade also comes with an A HRC of 52-55 for making the blade soft.


The set also has other features you might want to get a glimpse at, and you will be amazed at how they make it just one of a kind.


Well, here are some of the most important ones:


It is easy to clean and care, as the all the knives are easy to hand wash and dry.


If you do not have a knife block yet, you need not buy one, as this set comes with a rubberwood knife block for better and safer storage of your blades.


Looking for a high-quality set? Then this one is for you. With its exclusive Taper Grind tech, you can achieve optimum sharpness that gives precise cutting and is easy to sharpen too.


Above all, these knives are the right weight with the perfect grip, and they cut through frozen meat like cheese. You had better keep an eye on your fingers when using them.




The block does not hold the set too firmly. They are prone to rusting, although this may depend on how you clean and store them.



  • Chicago Cutlery Elston Set


Chicago Cutlery ensures they offer ideal knife sets, with a range of options for the novice cooks and experienced kitchen vet alike, and this is all based on their products’ quality and fair pricing.




The first thing about this set that will catch your attention is the curved design that makes these knives stylish and comfortable for handling.


Besides, they come with other features that add to their performance, and when it comes to a combination of style and durability, the Chicago Cutlery never disappoints.


Well, there are several features you need to look out for:


First, besides their sleek look, they come in one-piece design, which prevents water from getting into the knife and ruling out chances of rusting or water damage.


These blades are also super sharp, giving you the ability to slice almost anything into thin chips.


And if you are looking for a set to last you a lifetime, then this is the one. Its High-Carbon Stainless Steel blades ensure it resists pitting, stains, and stays for longer than most other knives out there.


The full metal tang in these knives further adds to their rigidity, balance, and control. This makes handling the knife not only easier but also safer for you.


They also pack just the right weight to give them appropriate balancing that goes a long way in making them fun to use around.




The only shortcoming of this set is that the handles may feel a bit hollow especially for those who prefer something more stable in this area.


Best Kitchen Knives


You may want to have a knife set around, but if you come across a good knife, it can be great grabbing it and adding to your collection.


Some of the best kitchen knives sold separately out there are good in performance and offer quality; you will be amazed at how much they can do for you.

  • Update International German Steel Knife


Update International has a comprehensive selection of cooking equipment that is designed to suit the user’s needs in any size kitchen for the preparation of high-profile dishes.




If there is one feature you will love about this knife in its daily use, then it is the way its handle is sealed around the blade. This makes the knife durable and super easy to clean. Other features also make this knife an ideal go-to option for most chefs, and they can work for you too.


Here are some of the features we are talking about:


If you frequently slice cooled meat and the task gets the best of you, this knife will come to your rescue. Its narrow blade makes it penetrate and slice through such big chunks effortlessly.


The knife is also durable, with its blade made of high-carbon stainless steel and molybdenum vanadium; you can expect nothing short of a lasting service.


Its “spine” is also very thick, making it sturdier to withstand the stress that comes with heavy-duty kitchen use.


And with some heft to it, the knife becomes more comfortable and stable to handle.


When sharpening, the blade takes a real edge, so once you get it, you won’t have to throw your sharpener away in frustration.


Besides, it has this bulbous piece to the front of the handle, which prevents your hand from slipping right into the blade while you are pushing it forward.




Although it is easy to sharpen, it does not retain its edge for long, but regular sharpening can help.

  • A Henckels International Knife


Henkels have kept a guarantee of high-quality products for their customers by keeping an eye on the materials they use and the artisanship that is employed in their production.




A full tang knife always outsmarts the others when it comes to performance, and this blade not only comes with this feature but also has a three-rivet handle fixing. This makes it ideal for use on heavy tasks without the risk of breaking or carving.


It also has some other interesting features to it, and here are some of them:


The knife has a perfect blade shape for slicing, chopping, mincing, and dicing, especially if your meal preparation requires much of these, then this tool can be handy-dandy.


The knife also has the right amount of weight to it, making handling more convenient for your safety.


Besides, the blade is razor sharp from the manufacturer, which means you can use it for some time before thinking of introducing it to the sharpener. Moreover, it keeps its sharp edge due to the thick blade.


And if you like buying with confidence, then you have a lifetime manufacturer warranty, so you can go for it and see if it works for you.




It can come with very sharp angles when new, which could inflict cuts on your thumb during use, but wears out with time.

  • Dexter Russell Butcher Knife


For well a long time now, Dexter has been known for their tradition of quality and variety in their products, and the same keeps going on and on and building customer trust in the manufacturer.




If there is one satisfactory thing about this knife, it is the fact that it is razor sharp right from the box. So you do not have to engage the task of sharpening before use, you can head straight to your kitchen and use it without a struggle.


That’s not all yet, this blade further comes with more features that make it a darling to many, and here are some of its most outstanding ones:


The blade is well balanced, thus offering a superb feel when handling it, and adding to the fun, you can be sure it is safe for use as your fingers are not at risk.


If you are not a fan of regular sharpening, you can go for this knife and take advantage of its ability to hold its edge.


And when handling of a knife is the most crucial of all, this one’s handle material gives you a perfect grip that is comfortable to hold on to; you can’t get enough of using it.


Besides having an excellent profile blade for cutting, this thing is multifunctional too; you can use it for all things grill related and get quite impressive results too.




Sometimes the ink on the blade may wash off faster than normal, at times after first use. So what are the few things you need to look into when buying a knife sharpener? The guide below will be able to answer this question and more.


Best Survival Knives



A knife is one of the equipments you can hardly go without, whether at home or out hunting, camping or any other outdoor event you might need to cut.


Quite often, the use of knives is based on indoors, especially in the kitchen. But these equipment are as essential out there, as they are in your home, and taking the best survival knife with you when heading for a gateway can make all the difference.


And knowing what to bring along goes a long way.



  • Victorinox Swiss Classic Pocket Knife


Victorinox has made it in offering customers pocketknives along other equipment that can help in virtually any need.


A versatile knife is one of these things you need to have around, in case you will need to slice anything. This is where the best pocket knife comes into play, and the Victorinox is one of them.




It is built to cater for almost any need around; this knife features seven functions that equip you for every adventure.


These include a 1.25-inch blade, scissors, tweezers, a toothpick, key ring, and a nail file with a screwdriver.


The blade’s stainless steel construction that brings out the sturdiness of the knife, enabling it to conquer almost any function you have at hand.


Further, it comes encased in polished red ABS scales, which by far provide unprecedented durability for the knife, preserving it against diverse and usually tough environments.


Moreover, the blade is not only resistant to rusting, but cleaning it is also a breeze just in case it is exposed to an environment that you might have to clean it.


Then you can do this easy and fast with just a piece of cloth.


The sleek design of the knife and its ideal size makes it an irresistible option for a knife that you can comfortably tuck into your pocket.


This makes the knife absolutely easier to carry and a great addition to your collection of keys.




Despite these features, this knife has a downside, and this is the probability of the scissor springs getting fatigued and breaking if used quite often.

  • ESEE LSP Laser Strike Fixed Blade Knife


Camping can never be fun, if possible at all, without a knife.


This necessitates the use of a well-designed knife that can help with the different functions you will be tackling on your camping adventure. Well, nothing comes in handier than a camping knife.




The first notable thing about this blade is the Kydex sheath, handle removal washer, and a belt clip plate that it comes with.


The handle offers yet another catch, and that is the fir starting Ferrocerium flint as well as tinder tabs.


But this is not all, there are several other features to look out for:


At an overall length of 10 inches and blade length of up to 4.75 inches, this blade is just the right size for almost every professional’s cutlery-based hard use.


And since the blade is made of high carbon steel, this knife packs quite a punch for heavy duty use, and still guarantees a lasting service despite the beating it takes over the time.


With rust being one of every blade owner’s worst worry, this blade is fitted with ideal coating to keep this problem at bay.


This is far reaching especially on the blade, which is more susceptible to rusting if exposed to wet conditions without proper maintenance. Below the stout is something more interesting for the sturdiness of this knife.


Its skeletonized full tang features a ferro rod that makes the knife more solid to withstand the difficult outdoor needs.


Besides, with spear point blades being recognizably rare these days, this knife is one of the remaining high-quality types of this make.


The shape can be far reaching if you want to use the camp for camping utility only.




However many features this knife comes with, it has a flipside. Its size makes it difficult to use as a neck knife, as it is quite big and has a hefty to it.



How about a Survival knife?



  • Amazon Jungle Survival Knife


Survival is always at the heart of everyone’s instinct, and people would do anything to make it to the other end.


Well, there is no better way to explain survival than in the jungle, and of course in daily life. And this knife’s name tells it all.




The construction of this knife features a razor sharp stainless steel blade sturdy enough, yet offering durable service.


There are more amazing features to look out for:


It also comes with a hefty, rugged sawback design, not to mention the noticeable corrosion-resistant blade finish that adds to its longevity of service.


The handle is cord-wrapped and features a built-in compass that helps you with the direction especially when you are out in the jungle.


The knife also has a survival kit stored in the handle, including a fishing line, matches, a hook, safety pin, striking paper, needles and thread. The blade is very sharp, and it comes with a leather sheath, so carrying your knife around will never be much of a challenge.


The blade is also sharp right from the box, and maintains its edge for well long enough even when exposed to heavy-duty use.




The only shortcoming of this knife is that the sheath can break after a considerable amount of time using it, especially if it is subjected to constant use.



  • Elk Ridge Hunting knife Set


If you are setting out for a good hunting, a knife is one of the equipment you need to have handy.


From skinning game to other necessities for cutting that a hunting adventure will possibly through your way, bringing a sharp and sturdy hunting knife with you can help make the most of your hunt.


There is no better way to do this than with this two-piece knife set, it never disappoints.




Elk Ridge two-set features a straight edge knife and a gut hooked blade, offering the versatility required for the wide range of uses in the hunt.


The blades are made of grade 440 stainless steel with more carbon for the much-needed hardness and long edge retention.


The blades are sharp upon purchase, in fact; too sharp that they might even cut the sheath if not fitted carefully.


The set also comes with a black nylon dual carry sheath to ensure safety and ease when carrying the knives.


They also feature a green camo ABS handle, a finger hole and a non-slip texture that guarantees absolute control when using the knife. And with a full tang handle, the knife is a guarantee of longer service and safe use, as it is difficult for it to break at the end of the handle, which might cause serious injury.


The blades are great for skinning big game, and the straight one is even heavy and long enough for ripping through the sternum without a hassle.




On the downside, the gut hook might be stuck in the sheath, and end up cutting it all the way, or cutting off the retainer strap as you draw it.


Knife Sharpener Buying Guide




You use knives in your kitchen almost on daily bases.


From preparing meals to outdoor functions, knives are an inevitable necessity. But it is a normal occurrence that your knife will become blunt with time as it is in used quite often than most other utensils around.


If this reality checks in, there is only one thing you need to do to bring back the edge of your blade, sharpen it, or hone it.


Remember, sharp knives are honed while the dull ones are sharpened. This means you will need one essential tool for the job, a sharpener. Having a dull chef knife in the kitchen can be frustrating, but nothing can compare to the lack of an ideal sharpener.


Five key features to look out for in a knife sharpener


Making the final decision for the knife sharpener you want to go for can prove to be a bit of a challenge.


Especially with the wide diversity of products in the market, you can easily leave out the best one out of oblivion.


Well, this is the last thing you want when you have spent a considerable investment in such equipment. If you are looking for the right sharpener, here are some of the features you cannot afford to miss.



  1. The performance


The first and most important thing a sharpener should be capable of is to offer a consistently smooth, keen edge without causing scratches and nicks on your blade. The performance in any given sharpener is an inevitable quality to keep an eye on.


  1. Abrasive surface


The grit number of any sharpener determines the measure of its abrasive quality. The higher the grit number means the finer and less-course the abrasive nature of the sharpener is and vice versa.


  1. The angle guide


Adjusting the angle is one of the hardest phases you can come across in sharpening your knife. The good news is that most electric knife sharpeners come with feature to help achieve accurate angle.


It is also possible that with some sharpener, you will need to work your way in getting the right angle. In most cases the 15 and 20 degree angle is the best to go for in bringing your blade to its best.


  1. Sharpening stages


When shopping for a sharpener, you need to look out for one with two or more stages. One stage is a course abrasive, essential for reshaping the edge on dull blades. The finer abrasive type is useful for polishing after sharpening or when you want to do a touch-up.


Both of these stages are important to get the right edge on your blade.


  1. Safety


One of the best things you need to keep an eye on when seeking a sharpener is the safety matter. This goes a long way in preventing injuries when using your sharpener.


Most electric sharpeners come with rails or slots that help guide the knife into the disks rather than your fingers. The manual ones use a physical barrier between the blade and the fingers.


Three Different types and features to compare




As much as you will need to keep an eye on the features of your sharpener of choice, understanding the different types and their features is as important.


When you are out on shopping for different sharpeners, you have to discern the different types available in the market. From electric, mechanical, to whetstones, you have to consider the different types and features.


  1. Electric


The electric types come in trapezoid or rectangular shapes and several grooves. Each of these grooves features disks for different abrasive material, which rotate during whetting and polishing your blade.


This type is also easy to use, but can wobble on the table or collect metal fillings from the sharpening. This type’s operation is also fast, which can save time if you have several knife sets to do.


  1. Mechanical sharpeners


These ones come with a wide range of options as well. Talk of replaceable abrasive stones or adjustable sharpening angle to mention but a few.


They are great for saving space and are ideal for use on camps or trips. Their handles and rubber feet are essential for safety, as they do not slip off your hands when in use. But you will need to get a hang of it to get used to it to use it effectively.


  1. Whetstones


The sharpening stone has been used for ages, although their shape has changed over time, with most of them looking like a bar or disc. These stones’ design offer for sharpening while others work for honing and polishing. They also feature measuring marks as well as helpful tips that facilitate their use.


These stones’ design offer for sharpening while others work for honing and polishing. They also feature measuring marks as well as helpful tips that facilitate their use.


However, these sharpeners’ quality depends on your skill on using it.



Things you need to keep in mind


A knife cannot stay sharp forever, and sharpening them is as inevitable. But getting your chef choice knife sharpener is can be a challenge if you do not know what you need and why it is the one.


  • The type of knives you have


About every sharpener in the market can work on a straight blade, but the tricky part lies with the serrated blade type.


The best part is that the serrated blades do not degrade as fast as their straightedge cousins do. So if your serrated knife does not have much use around, having the sharpener for it may not be as essential.


Besides, not all products around can do for other uses like sharpening sport knives, Asian-style knives or scissor sharpening. This calls for looking for the ideal sharpener for this type of uses.



  • How fast is it?


Not all the time will you have all day to sharpen your knives, sometimes you need a sharpener that can get the job done quite fast.


The electric ones can come to your rescue if you are in haste, not forgetting that they are also easy to use. But if you want to do your knives the tested and proved old way, then a manual one will do for you.


  • Saving space


The manual type takes the day as the best knife sharpener if you are considering saving some space in your kitchen drawer.


On the other side, the electric type fits quite well on your kitchen counter, so you can go for the ideal product depending on where you want to keep it.


  • Your budget


The aspect of the cost here goes beyond the upfront cost to the maintenance needs. Usually, the manual sharpeners are a great deal here. They cost less than the electric ones, and running them is cheaper since they do not have moving parts that may need repairs.


This also helps them last longer too.


  • Noise


As much as the whir of a running electric type sharpener can be overwhelming, this may positively muffle the scraping sounds of the blade.


For most sharpener users, the scraping noise from the manual sharpeners is too much to bear. So, you can go for the best option that will give you comfort in working on your chef knife set without blocking your ears.



  • Which hand do you use?


If you are left-handed, you might be wondering if there is any right sharpener in the market for you.


Worry not, most manual sharpeners work great for both right or left-handed users, and the same applies to the electric ones too. However, a few of the belt sharpeners around are ideal for right-handers only.


  • The love for your knives


Most at times, the electric and manual type sharpeners can over-grind your blades, which can reduce their durability to an extent.


Besides, you may also face warping and chipping problems with some of these sharpeners. Probably, you cannot stand the thought of your expensive Victorinox knife set wearing out in months.


In that case, looking for a sharpener that won’t generate much heat on the blade can help.


  • The cutlery


Not all sharpeners will work well on every knife in your kitchen. This aspect is worth considering before making the purchase. Any of the sharpeners in the market will work well with a certain type of knife. You should check this factor in before investing your money in one of them.


The good news is that some of them are well rounded, making them useful on several different knife types.


  • How easy is it to use


The other thing you need to keep an eye on is how easy the sharpener you are going for will be for its operation. This can be a matter of choice, considering if you are a professional or just starting out.


But in most cases, the more costly types are usually good for this one. So you can spend little more bucks and get an ideal chefs choice knife sharpener.


  • How portable


If you will not be using your sharpener in the kitchen alone, you want to get one that you can carry around.


Portability comes in very in this case, and several lightweight and small sharpeners around are very good for this.


A sharpening stone or pull-through sharpener can work wonders here, but the electric type and sharpening systems won’t help much.


 Mistakes that can damage your knife during sharpening




Sharpening your knife is necessary for restoring their blades edge. However, if not done well, the very process you intend to use to bring back your knives’ prowess can turn out to be detrimental.


It is wise to avoid ruining your blades during sharpening, and this is possible by avoiding some grave mistakes many people do.


  • Removing too much metal while sharpening


The main goal in sharpening is the removal of the fatigued metal that dulls your knife. Going any further in removing the metal will only result in ruining the edge of your best kitchen knives.


You can refine the edge as long as you monitor the pressure and adjust accordingly.


  • Excessive steeling


Over-steeling your knife also does more harm than good. Many people think the secret to getting a razor sharp knife is to increase pressure with the steel and continue to run it over the edge long after the edge has vanished.


This leaves the knife ruined and necessitates re-profiling for it to be sharp again for use. Just don’t go hard on your blade sharpening to avoid damages while trying to get the best.



Final thoughts


Maintaining the edge of your best kitchen knife set is not an easy task, and it takes a lot to achieve.


This requires having the right sharpener on handy, and some skills to get the job going too. If you are not well versed in the art of sharpening, you can get someone who is good at it to do it for you.


But the best way out is the DIY method, this will save you a lot of time and money.


All you need is an upfront cost of getting the sharpener, and you are sorted.


Above all, once you learn the ropes, you will notice it is fun. So check out the best sharpener that suits your needs, and go for it.




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