Top Five Chopping Knife

How to select a chopping knife


Getting the best knife out there is difficult, especially with the many manufacturers in the industry making different types.

As a result, it is always important to take the right approach when shopping for a reliable kitchen knife.

And looking out for outstanding brands from companies that have been in existence for more than a year can be the way to go.

Besides, you can consider looking for online reviews about the knife you want to go for to be able to make an informed decision.

Before setting your foot in the water, it is wise to take the time to consider what type of knife will be ideal for you, or the one that will best fit your needs.

Well, a little research beforehand could help, especially if you have been scratching you head trying to choose from the many shapes and sizes in the market.

After all, you need a blade that can best suit your preference, style, and habits.

If there is more than one person using the knife, consult the others on their preferences to guide you in decision-making on your purchase.

Making the right choice in selecting heavy task blades like a chopping knife can be tough, but you need not to worry, as we have selected the top five knives in the market for you.

All you need is check them out and select the real deal.


The Top Five Best Chopping Knife to Choose from


Chopping knives are essential in the kitchen, and are built to go the distance when it comes to withstanding the rigors of heavy use in the kitchen.

From cutting bones and other tough chores, this knife is one you need not miss in your arsenal.

Our selection covers a variety of them, and you can get one that will make your cooking not only easy, but also fun.


  1. Shun Premier Nakiri Knife


Selecting an ideal knife can be tough, but getting the right one is always an outstanding achievement. This blade is one of the trendsetters when it comes to chopping and other heavy-duty tasks in your kitchen table, and the features say it all.



One of the most interesting features in this knife is the material it is made from. With a layered Damascus steel, it not only looks solid, but is sturdy and quite hefty as well.

Besides, the hand-hammered design finish is essential in reducing drag during cutting, thus preventing any risk of food sticking on the blade.

The other impressive thing about this blade is the pakkawood premium handle, which is comfortable during handling, not to mention the designed curves for secure grip.

More importantly, the blade retains edge and is thin enough, so you can use it to slice vegetables as well as fruits, even into paper-thin pieces.

Even when you want to slice crisp fruits or veggies, this knife will get the job done.



The only problem with this knife is that it does not come as sharp from the box, but once you sharpen it, then you will have a blade to be proud of in the kitchen.


  1. Seven Inch Chopper Multipurpose knife



If you are looking for a chopping knife that you can use either at home or in a restaurant, then this multipurpose blade is probably all you need.

This is all thanks to a number of features, and just like a butcher knife, the blade is well suited for the heavy task.



Built for use as a heavy-duty cleaver, the blade is purely 100% stainless steel for a sturdy and durable performance.

Not forgetting, the blade is balanced for easy, safe and convenient use.

From bone cutting to chopping, cleaving and other difficult tasks in your kitchen, the versatility of this knife comes in very handy when you have a lot to do and want to use one knife.

The blade comes as super sharp and holds its edge for long too.

And washing it is never a daunting task as well.

It is dishwasher safe and can be washed by hand too, so you can always go the best way for you.

When it comes to knives, you can hardly talk of knives without mentioning the handles, and this one’s handle is among the things you can’t help falling in love with.

Ergonomically designed for comfort and reducing wrist tension while offering a natural fit, you can work with this blade for hours

Above all, since the knife is rust-resistant and tarnish-resistant as well, you can use it for years without having to replace it with a new one or going to extremes to maintain it.



On the flip side, the handle in this knife can be quite slippery at times, so you need to handle it with extra care.


  1. Utopia Kitchen Knife


What more would you need for chopping and cutting if you have an 8-inch stainless steel blade in the kitchen?

Well, that is what this knife is all about, and it is built to offer more than just a convenient use, it makes your cooking fast, easy and fun as well.



To begin with.

The classic stainless steel blade offers an unprecedented performance with a tarnish and rust resistant nature that guarantees durability of your knife.

And when you have a lot of work to do, you can push this knife to the limit by cutting large pieces of food, which the razor sharp blade takes on a stride.

It goes without saying that the blade features a super sharp right from the box, so you can always hit the kitchen as soon as it arrives, and make the most of your investment without having to struggle with the sharpening steel from day one.

The knife is also dishwasher safe for easy, fast cleaning.

But if you want to retain its fine quality, you can always consider hand washing it instead.

The good news is, you have the liberty to choose the best method for washing your knife, depending on the time you have or how much you care about it.

With an ABS +430 handle, you cannot go wrong with this knife’s easy maneuverability and easy grip, giving you comfortable handling and fast operation.

Besides, the knife is well balanced so you don’t have to struggle when using it, which also means it is safer for use.

Moreover, you can as well use it for a number of tasks, as the knife is versatile enough for other uses apart from chopping.



The only downside of this blade is that it does not come with a sheath, so if you like using the sheath quite often; this blade is probably not for you.


  1. Kutt Rust-Free Chef Knife


Any professional wants a knife that can hold up well even under heavy use, and keep going for years. And this blade is most likely the one you have been looking for.

With an array of impressive features, the knife offers virtually all you need to make the most of your kitchen time.



One of this knife’s features that you will go out of your way to love is the ultra sharp blade, which is cut in a master chef design.

This gives it the ability to attain uniform slicing on whatever you are cutting, whether it is vegetables, bread, fish fillets, meat, you name them.

Besides, the 8-inch blade is made of German stainless steel, which means it is rust resistant, and thus equipped to last you a lifetime.

What’s more, the blade can retain its edge for longer, so you don’t have to sharpen your knife every month or two, virtually everything you would look for in your best chopping knife.

Well, every chef will always go for the knife that offers a perfect fit in your hand, and the handle in this one is built for just that.

The pakkawood material used in making the handle and the balancing of the knife makes it super easy to use and comfortable as well.

And just when you thought things can’t get better, you meet the free odor removing soap that the knife comes with, which will be very handy for cleaning after preparing fish, garlic or onions and removing the odor in one minute.

The versatility of this knife is yet something to be reckoned with too.

Since you can use it for virtually any task in the kitchen, whether you are cooking French, Italian, Asian, Japanese, Indian, Thai or even Korean cuisines, the knife will always have something to do.



Despite the many benefits you will get with this blade, you might notice rust spots on the blade, which is apparently not a big problem with many people.


  1. FLASH SALE Heavy duty Chopping Knife


For every cooking enthusiast, a knife is always a go-to option when you want to make your time in the kitchen fun.

But not just any other knife that can make the difference, the issue is getting a knife that goes the distance when it comes to cooking.

And when you look at the features this knife comes with, you will know why it never disappoints.



Since this blade is built to withstand the rigors of the kitchen, the blade is stainless steel, which makes it rust-free and durable.

This goes a long way in ensuring your knife will last for years.

The handle is also something to go by, with an ergonomic make that offers a great deal when it comes to easy use handing of your knife.

You will feel like spending the whole kitchen.

Another aspect that you cannot go wrong with in this knife is the heavy duty it can perform.

From cut bone to other types of foods, so you can use it for several uses rather than having to use many knives for things you would have accomplished with a single blade.

If you want to use your knife for something well out of the norm, like breaking a coconut, this knife’s spine comes in handy as well.



One of the problems that you might come across with this knife is the handle becoming quite uncomfortable during use, especially if you are not used to handling it.


The Choice is yours!


With any of these knives handy, you do not need to struggle in preparing food in your kitchen.

You have everything you need to have an easy time in making food for your family or guests.

In addition, if you are looking into using your knife for a commercial setting like in a restaurant, a hunting knife may be out of the question, but any good chopping knife will take you there.

But all this starts with getting the right knife, and all you need to do is know what to look for in a knife to get the best deal in the business.


What You Should Look for in a Knife


  • The handle material

It is important to check the handle type as you would with the material used in the knife itself. Most handles are made of plastic, toughened resins, wood and other materials.

However, most bone handles, which are also available, are not the ideal way to go, as these handles become brittle after some time.

Some of the bone and wood handles have in more than one case crumbled into the user’s hand, posing a risk of injury.

Similarly, soft woods and other low-density materials are not a wise choice to go for in your purchase.

A good handle is one that feels comfortable and secure in your grip.

One should not struggle to hold the knife, and the knife should not be slippery when wet as well. On its underside, there should be enough clearance so that you do not have to bang your hand when chopping food.

You may find some knives having molds and alterations for firming your grip.

However, not all people prefer the alterations on the handle.

You should look into the way you should hold the grip during slicing of a melon or cutting off a chicken breast.

The size of your hand matters in the selection of the handle. If you have big hands, a small handle like the one a filet knife is most likely to come with will be uncomfortable to hold on to for a considerable amount of time.

The handle should not be hefty than the blade; rather the weight should be equally distributed to other parts of the knife.


  • The blade

The blade material significantly matters when it comes to identifying how efficient a knife can be in use, whether you are buying a meat cleaver or a fillet knife.

We know there is nothing more frustrating than trying to cut a pice of your steak at the dinner table. Thus calling for the best steak steak knives in town, go ahead an find out more on this.

The task to be performed dictates the kind of blade to be purchased. A camping knife, for instance, should feature a sturdy blade that can take on the rigors of hunting.

Also, it determines the kind of grid that the knife features.

A grid refers to the part of the knife between the blade and the handle.  There are many types of knife grids.

However, the three most common types of the grid are convex, flat and hollow types. Take a knife grid like a triangle turned upside down. In the hollow grid, the triangle curves in.

They are the best type for slicing.

On the other hand, the flat grid has the triangular sides straight.

They form the general-purpose knife that can be used literally for any food preparation process. The convex grid has the triangle turned upside out.

Essentially, they are best for large knives. They are rare since their making require expertise.

Many kinds of materials are used in making the blades such as stainless steel, ceramic and Damascus steel. Most preferred type is the ceramic-made blades.

They are usually easy to sharpen to razor sharp, their edge lasts longer, and do not rust easily.

The only problem with a ceramic knife is that it is a bit more brittle than the other materials and prone to breaking without notice.

The width of the cutting edge or the smoothness and thickness of the blade itself can help get a hint of what you are into in any knife.

If you find a smooth knife that does not show any signs of metal pitting, then know you are on the right track.

The cutting edge is the other aspect to keep an eye on. Essentially, this should run along the entire length of the blade.

Still, consider whether you want a folding blade or a straight blade.

Fixed blade knives are durable compared to the folding ones. The joining point of the fixed blade may develop some weakness, becoming loose eventually and calling for consistent repairs.

There are a few serrated blades, usually ideal for cutting food with a tough exterior and a soft interior such as a loaf of bread.

Serrated blades do not require frequent sharpening as compared to the straight blades.


  • Type of steel

Look at the steel factor to decide the type of the material in the knife.

Besides, you should also watch out for any joints, especially along the hilt of the knife.

If you notice any signs of welding or joints suggest a weak point that could lead to breakage or bending of the knife.

Most reliable knife blades are made of a continuous piece of steel, while on the contrary, there are those made of thin and insubstantial hilts.

There are majorly two kinds of steel in the market; German and Japanese steel.  Each has its upside and downside.

German steel has a thicker blade compared to the Japanese blade. Therefore, the German knives are strong and not bound to break off easily, as they feature a blade that can help make the most of the best sharpening steel in your kitchen.

The Japanese ones are slightly thinner and are sharp as a razor. They are the best for preparing vegetables in the kitchen.


  • Check the weight

The weighing comes in very handy too during selection.

Feeling the heft of a blade can help determine if it is the tool, you want to use in your kitchen.

Most lightweight blades are ideal for making easier and precise cuts, while the heavyweights require more force.

Hence, mean more work when cutting light ingredients, and this is where chopping knives comes into play.

When cutting solid foods like nuts, fresh ginger, palm sugar as well as other harder ingredients, the heavier blade can come to your rescue.

The blade and handle should be approximately the same length to have distributed weight. The shorter handles make very uncomfortable knives during the preparation of dishes.

Ensure the blade is not too short as it may cause discomfort during use.


  • A bit of testing goes a long way

It is also wise to hold the knife in your hand while shopping to have a feel of it. Remember after buying; you will be using this knife in your kitchen almost daily.

As such, it is wise to make sure it comfortably fits in your hand. A first-hand test before investing in a knife can go a long way in making the right decision.


  • Is it well balanced?

The balance of the knife is also an important aspect to keep an eye on. Most high-quality knife blades have a balanced weight on their blade and handle.

To test the extent of the balance, you can place the knife at your finger along the hilt.

This will be an efficient way to tell if one side is heavier than the other is which means the knife is not up to standards required for the best kitchen knives.

However, remember to be careful with your test, as not many manufacturers factor in the balance aspect. As a result, it is highly possible that the knife will fall off your figure, which can lead to injury.


  • Knife’s hilt

The knife’s hilt can tell you more.

The joint should be robust and resilient enough, but this should in no way compromise other factors like the ease to clean.

In most cases, this is where the pressure applied on the knife passes first, and thus it should be sturdy enough to take the challenge.

If it is too weak, like in cases where it is covered in plastic or welded into joint, chances are the knife will be unstable and can break anytime.

Besides, the joint can also trap food particles and bacteria, which can contaminate your food.


  • Knife’s quality

The quality of the knife is more important than the brand.

Whether you are a fan of a given manufacturer or not, what matters most to you should be to get the right tool for the job rather than focusing on your preferred brand and ending up with a cheap, useless product.  Japanese chef knives remain some of the top quality knives of all seasons.

Despite having the best quality, the different kind of knives is placed on the market at the entry level prices making them most affordable for most people.

Besides, they have thin blades that are easy to sharpen. It is worth noting that the blades are made in a town that has a tradition of over 800 years.


  • Shopping

A bit of shopping around could be all you need.

Making a decision by jumping over options is not the ideal approach when it comes to hunting for the right knife. Looking at some of the most reliable products online and some of the trusted dealers can give you a clue on where to turn.

You can always keep an eye on the customer reviews to get a hint of which one is better than the others can.

Besides, the internet has a lot of information where you can get options to choose from, and this is essential as you can weigh the options before making a move.

Among some of the best sellers is the Chicago cutlery. The company began in 1930 where they specialized in making knives for professional butchers and plants.

One looking for the chopping knife should look no further.

You could find them in the Wal-Mart store near you. They present a wide array of knives with different blades each fit for different purposes.


Final Thoughts


Getting an ideal chopping knife should not be a struggle, if you know what to look for and where to look for it.

It only takes a bit of consideration on these essential factors.

And with our review covering all you need to know about these knives and the best deals in town, the only thing you need to do is click on that buy button and make your cooking fun.

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