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The 5 Victorinox Chef Knife That Will Make Your Life Better


For every chef, a good Victorinox chef knife goes beyond just cutting, slicing or dicing but virtually everything one would want in the kitchen. But finding the right knife is not as easy though.


You need to scout around, and still know where to look and what to go for if you are to get a perfect blade. If you are stranded in a dilemma of options, do not worry, Victorinox Chef Knife is the edge you need to cut your way to fast and fun cooking.


But this one too comes with numerous options, and we are going to take you through the top five options that you can try out.


And later, we have a whole lot more exciting things about taking care for your knives. So keep reading as we take you to the realm of Victorinox and tell you all there is to know about it.



Top five Victorinox chef’s knife reviews


When it comes to selecting the right Victorinox kitchen knives for your needs, the array of variety available will blow you away. From victorinox steak knives to victorinox chef knife set options, there is always something for you.


But you don’t need to settle for less while you can get the best, and that’s why we have selected the top five options for you.


  1. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 6-inch chef’s knife



Let’s jump straight in with this medium-size blade, which comes in as one of the best options you can turn to for all your cutting needs in the kitchen. This is all thanks to its ideal size and some impressive features too.




One of the most exciting things about this victorinox chef knife is its multipurpose use. Whether you need a blade for slicing, dicing or mincing, this razor-sharp blade will get the job done.

Not forgetting, its tapered knife-edge also comes in handy for exacting angle, hence retaining an edge for long enough to serve you for longer.


Another thing you cannot afford to miss is the non-slip and ergonomic victorinox fibrox pro handle, which guarantees a steady grip whether your hands are wet or dry.


And that’s not all yet; the knife’s full tang design makes it well balanced, strong and solid enough to take on any task in the kitchen.


At 6 inches, the knife is easy to maneuver around what you want to cut or slice, making it ideal for making perfect cuts in such tasks as skinning pineapple.




However, the knife has its downside too, since it might not keep an edge for long; consider sharpening it quite often for great results.


  1. Victorinox Swiss Classic8-inch chef’s knife



This victorinox 8 inch chef knife offers a great option if you want to up the stakes with your slicing into another level, thanks to its bigger size, which overrides most other medium size blades.  Besides, its features have all it takes to give you all you need.




One of the things you will come to love about this knife is its ergonomic Fibrox Pro rubber handle, which makes it a great deal when it comes to getting a perfect grip at all times.


Besides, the knife is built for versatility, taking on virtually any task you throw at it in a stride. If you are looking into dicing, cutting or slicing your food, this blade comes with a razor-sharp edge to get the job done. If you don’t have victorinox butcher knives, then try this for that use.


Another impressive thing about it is that the blade is tapered, which makes it ideal for retaining an edge over a long time to serve you better.


The blade also features a European steel that is lightweight enough to offer a balanced design. This guarantees easy use of your knife at all times.




The only problem with this knife is that its tang is 50%, which might not be ideal users who like full tang blades.


  1. Victorinox Fibrox Pro 12-inch knife



This blade is a slicing knife, but it still has all it takes to make the most out of it as you would with a chef’s knife. It all comes down to the features and perfect design in this victorinox multi tool.




A long and narrowly shaped razor-sharp blade helps attain maximum cutting results on cakes, meats, sandwiches and virtually everything.


What’s more, the Granton blade has air that keeps food from sticking to your blade; hence reducing friction and makes your work easy.


Not forgetting, the knife can be used for horrendous tasks like cutting ribs and roasts, and other such heavy tasks as well.


And, most importantly, the blade is well crafted to offer the ideal service for everyday use, which makes it the go-to option for pros that use knives on a daily basis.




It has a flipside though;you will need to hand wash it at all times since tossing it in the dishwasher could damage the blade.


  1. Victorinox straight edge paring knife




This 3.25-inch blade is one of the best knives you can get out there and still make the most out of its sturdy design, not forgetting the wide range of features it comes with too.




This knife’s handle is one of the most exciting things you will love about it. Talk of sturdy and a bit flexible, with a rough surface for a non-slip grip and you have it all recapped.


The blade is as great too, since it is ideal for intricate jobs like peeling veggies and fruits, and still comes in handy for the bigger jobs like slicing and dicing too.


A short blade is also an additional advantage since it guarantees precision and accuracy in carrying out your work. If you are looking for a knife that offers absolute control, then this one is for you.


And since the blade comes razor sharp, you can use it right out of the box and keep using it for long enough thanks to its ability to retain an edge.


Besides, it is also dishwasher safe and can last for years, which means you won’t be hitting the market soon for a replacement.




Despite the impressive features, if you like a knife with a bit heftier, then this one might not be ideal for you.


  1. Victorinox Swiss army chef’s knife



Here is yet another top-of-the-line blade from Victorinox, and it has numerous benefits up its sleeve too. From the ideal design to its array of features, it packs virtually everything you would need to make your meal prep a breeze.




One of the interesting things you will find in this knife is its versatility, which means you can use it for different purposes, from dicing to slicing, mincing or chopping.


At 7.5 inches, the blade features a wavy edge that offers up to 40% better cutting edge than other blades.


The blade is also bolsterless, making it possible to use the entire length of the blade for your blade for cutting.


The full tang design on this victorinox knife also makers it sturdy enough for handling heavy tasks and keep serving you for years.


Another thing you cannot afford to miss is the high carbon stainless steel that makes the blade. This design means a sturdy blade for gaining maximum sharpness and retaining the edge for long. Not forgetting, the handle has enough knuckle clearance that offers the room to dice food using a cutting board as efficiently as you would with an 8-inch knife.




This knife has one shortcoming too since it doesn’t hold an edge for long, it means you will need to have your sharpener close and ready at all times.


Go ahead and get yourself a Victorinox Chef Knife Today!



Once you have any of these knives in your collection of blades, you will have all it takes to forget about meal prep struggles.


The best part is that maintaining them is super easy, so it is always a win situation for you. It is all about finding the right knife that is not only an ideal addition to your selection of knives but also one that can come in as an all-rounder in your kitchen as well.


And a chef knife will always take you there with its wide range of purposes and the ability to take on even some tough tasks around the kitchen too.


Remember, good maintenance is crucial for your blade




Buying your Victorinox knife is only the beginning, you need to make sure you maintain your knife well to get the best service and for the longest time possible. When it comes to taking care of your knives, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind.


One of the things that you need to keep an eye on is making sure to get the perfect knife right from the very beginning. So make sure to check the knife’s balance, design, and sturdiness when buying to avoid investing in a blade that cannot perform to your expectation.


But if you already have a chef’s knife, you might think you do not need to replace, right? No! If your knife is showing these signs, know it is time to hit the market again


So, how do you know it’s time to replace?




Your knife will most likely show signs of wearing out, which should tell you it’s time to check for a replacement. Well, if you have had your knife for a while now, you might notice the following problems.


  • Chipping on the blade


If your knife shows signs of small grooves or knicks, it is clear that the blade is becoming worn. You can always smooth the minute imperfections out without a problem, but if the gashes and chips increase, then it is time to go for a new one.


  • Breaking or bending on the tip


This imperfection is most likely to happen if you drop the knife tip-first on the floor.  It is also possible to occur if the knife is used to pierce something very hard using the tip. The decision on whether to go for a new knife comes down to the extent of the damage in such cases, but the best way to be safe us having a victorinox knife block around.


  • If the rivets loosen


These metals secure the blade of the knife to the handle and should be solid at all times. If the rivets come loose, the knife becomes not only difficult to work with, but risky altogether since it loses balance and stability.  Perhaps the best thing to do is replacing with a knife that can handle the stress.



  • The handle could mean all the difference


This part is crucial, as it is the connection between you and the knife, and should work perfectly. The handle might break due to several causes, but most likely if the knife is poor quality or worn out. Regardless of the reason for your handle breaking, the best thing you can do is replacing the knife to be sure and safe.


  • Make sure it is comfortable and well balanced


In case the knife you are using is unbalanced, or too heavy for comfort, you might have difficulty working with it. Similarly, in case the blade is too small or too long for your liking, this will turn out to be a problem too. If any of these problems arise, the best thing to do is going out there and replacing the knife.


Top five pro tips on caring for your chef’s knife


The decision to replace your knife may come as a last resort, but you should always make sure you take good care of your blade to keep them in top form. A well-maintained knife will keep cutting for years, no matter how difficult tasks you throw at it.



  • Avoid the dishwasher


Although most Victorinox knives are built to withstand hand washing as well as the dishwasher, it is not wise to toss your knives in the machine so often.


You should not consider washing your knives using the dishwasher at all if you want the blades to last you long enough. But why not put your knives in the dishwasher? Well, this comes with a major risk, which is the fact that your knives will most likely dull faster than they should when you are hand washing.


  • The right cleaning and storing could do the trick


This might sound like a no-brainer, but cleaning your blades is very important when it comes to keeping your knives safe. So how do you clean the knives? The process is quite easy, all you need to do is use hot water and soap for cleaning your knives, but you can as well consider going for just the hot water.


However, cleaning your knife and storing it while it is still wet can be a disaster to its durability. As such, you need to make sure after washing it you dry it right away before putting it away. This helps prevent rusting that can result from moisture reacting with the blade and can be handy for your health too.



  • There is always a reason to stick with the steel


If you are considering investing in any knife, it should be steel, for maximum results and a good return on your money. The benefits of using steel include keeping the knife tip facing the ideal direction. This can be achieved by making sure you run your knife through a honing rod every time before storing. This way you can not only keep the knife sharp but also helps keep your fingers safe since a dull knife is all it takes for an injury to happen.


  • Remember to keep an eye on the cutting board too


If you want to keep your blades sharp for long, a cutting board is one of the best means you can use. Using your sharp knife on a bare countertop will only end up dulling the blade, hence calling for frequent sharpening, which can compromise your knife’s durability.  Some of the worst culprits here include marble and concrete, which can spell doom for your blade, consider going for a cutting board. It might cost you a bit more money, but the benefits it comes with are worth the cost.


  • Have you thought about the storage yet?


A knife’s storage is the last thing in most people’s minds when buying a knife, but this is one of the most important things to consider. The options are almost endless when it comes to knife storage, but one rule applies; just make sure the knife stays in its space. Whether it is a finger, forks or other knives, anything encountering your knife could end up messing you up.


When using your knife, avoid these mistakes




Keeping your knife for years is not always just about, how well you conduct the washing and storage. Sometimes the secret is in what you don’t do rather than what you do. Well, so how do you make sure you are not doing everything right and still ruining your knife with simple mistakes that you make occasionally? Here are some of the things you need to avoid at all costs.


  • Using the wrong surface


As aforementioned, one of the things that can ruin your blade in no time is using it on a surface that can compromise its sharpness. Using your knife in an extremely hard place such as ceramic cutting board or glass, plates, and such surfaces can potentially damage your victorinox bread knife or other blade types.


The other thing you need to avoid is essential for your safety rather than that of the knife itself, and this is all about staying out of harm’s way. If you use the knife on an unstable surface, you will be risking injury since the blade can slip right off into your fingers


  • Holding your knife, the wrong way


For many, holding a knife does not call for expertise, but this is not the reality. If you hold your knife incorrectly, you will not have the necessary control or balance, which makes it less stable in your hand. Eventually, the knife will most likely slip off the cutting surface or the food you are cutting, which means either the blade will cut you, or cut a hard surface and end up damaged.


This can be risky if you are using your victorinox boning knife. But it is not something that only pros can pull off. All you need to do is hold the knife in a way that you feel guarantees comfort and balance in your hand.


  • Using the wrong section of the blade


Another thing you can get wrong is using the wrong part of the blade for the job. This might not only make the work difficult for you, but also make your cutting inefficient as well. In most cases, cutting is a straightforward process where you can use the knife anyway you want. But always make sure to use a larger portion of the blade for easy tasks and the rear one for the heavy-duty uses. This is crucial since the knife is sturdier near the handle than towards the tip, so you can be sure it won’t snap under pressure.



  • Using the blade’s edge to scratch


Another thing you need to avoid always is scratching your cutting board, food or other surfaces with the edge of your blade. Brushing your knife’s sharp point against such surfaces only adds to compromise on the edge, which means you will be back to the sharpener sooner than necessary, and wearing your knife away in the process.


  • Using a dull knife


If your knife has become dull, do not say the damage is done only to continue using it anyway, this will only add to the problem. We all understand just how inefficient and risky a dull knife can be, and there is more to it yet.


This will mean wrong prep work, and lack of nice cuts that you would achieve with a sharp wusthof chef knife or any other blade. So you will have to take off much metal than necessary when you finally get to put your victorinox knife sharpener to the blade.



Final Thoughts!


That’s it; you have your sharp, perfect, durable and safe Victorinox chef knife that you can use for years. Only remember to take good care of your knife, and it will return the favor with endless hours of fun when preparing your meals.


All it takes is to know the blade to go for to cater to your needs and using it as well as maintaining it well once you get it. Do you need anything more to cut your way to delicious meals now?

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