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How To Select a Wood Carving Knife


For anyone with a fascination in wood curving, having the right knife matters a lot.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice who is only starting out, the wood carving knife you have for the job determines the outcome of your carving and more importantly the precision of the design.

Above all, as much as using the perfect wood carving tools will make the work smooth and straightforward; it is also essential for your safety.

If you are using a knife that is not tailored for the job, you might have to use more force than necessary. This could mean disaster if it happens to slip off your hand and causes injury to your hands or fingers.

Well, you are lucky, since you can get a wide range of options to choose from in the market.

So you can always get out there and select the right knife for your wood carving.

And there is more, most of the knives are handy, light and come at reasonable prices that you can count on to bring out the creativity in you.

Without much ado, let’s get into it and take a look into five of the top wood carving knife options in the market.


Five Best Wood Carving knife review



Well, if you are a pro in this field, you probably know what to turn to when it comes to selecting the right blade for your needs.

However, for a beginner, things might be a bit different and probably quite confusing too. No need to worry yet, we have your back.

If you are stuck on making a perfect choice, we will help you all the way. We have combed the market and selected five best carving knives that you can try out among other woodcraft tools.

  1. Morakniv Carving knife

Carving wood is not always fun until you have the right blade in your arsenal. This wood carving knife is one of the best options at your disposal.

All you need is keep it sharp and well maintained; it has virtually everything to cater to your carving needs. You can attribute this to the knife’s features.



One feature you will like about this carving knife is its laminated steel blade, which offers sturdiness and durability.

The blade is robust enough to give you all you need for carving hardwood and softwood alike. All that matters is keeping your blade sharp, and you are ready to go.

The handle is as impressive too. It is built with an oiled birch wood that offers a comfortable and perfect grip. You can get the best with your handle even when you have a difficult task to take on.

The multifunction of the knife is also another advantage that you cannot afford to miss.

Whether you are looking into carving or whittling, you can always do more with the efficiency of this knife.

The blade is also thick enough for a robust design that means you can enjoy a lasting service from this knife with a great deal of durability.

The other thing you cannot miss about this knife is the versatility it offers. The blade is designed to work on virtually any type of tool you want to carve.

From spoons to forks, handles and other types of woods too, the options are almost endless.

Besides, the knife comes with a sheath that is designed to work with various types of models.

Moreover, you can always count on its retention and can be a great deal if you usually use it on a toolbox rather than your belt.



The only concern about this knife is that you need to handle the tip with care since it can bend easily.

  1. Morakniv carving knife

Everyone loves a sharp knife that is handy enough for your needs, and this blade is virtually all you need. Its lightweight nature and ideal design make it a perfect tool to turn to when it comes to comfortable use.

This is all thanks to the features the knife comes with, and it has some quite impressive ones.



One of the most exciting features about this knife is the design. The blade and handle are built with a light knife and an easy to carry handle.

This means you can always count on your knife to get the most comfortable use.

The blade features a hook that makes it one of the most reliable spoon carving tools, which can be quite tricky to carve out.

The blade has an ideal length and an internal radius that helps get the efficiency you need to get the job done.

Besides, the blade is built with a carbon steel that makes it sturdy enough for heavy-task carving on the hardwood and other onerous jobs.

You can carve soft wood like basswood quite quickly, and will as well work on the harder types of wood as efficiently too.

The other impressive feature in this blade is the fact that the knife is sharp on both sides. Therefore, you can use it whether you use the right or left hand.

It doesn’t matter the hand you are comfortable using, this knife will give you virtually all you need.

What’s more, it is versatile enough for use on different types of carving needs. Whether you want to cut bowls, spoons, as well as other types of tools that you want to carve. This knife will give you all you need.

The blade also features a design for different uses, you can use it for carving, or you can make the most of it in cleaning out the insides of your gourds. The options with this blade are almost endless.



Despite the impressive features, this knife might be best for use on bowls but might prove difficult for spoons.


  1. Flexcut deluxe palm tools and knife set

Sometimes carving your woodwork is not only about having the right knife.

Having other tools handy can help you get the advantage you need to get the most out of your carving time.

This knife set comes with a broad variety of options to get you there, and a large number of benefits too. Not forgetting, the features are as essential.



The set is in itself a great deal to go for when you want to take advantage of the efficiency that it offers. The set features four carving knives and five palm tools that you can turn to for all your carving needs.

Besides, you have all you need with an included wood toolbox that can be quite handy in keeping your stuff.

The blades come razor-sharp so you can use it straight out of the box.

You can always take advantage of using your knife without necessarily having to sharpen it first.

What’s more, the knives as well as chisels in this set are designed to hold the edge for long enough to give you the service you would expect in a carving knife.

Most importantly, the handles are designed to offer a lasting comfortable grip without causing fatigue on your hands.

This can be important aspect if you have a substantial workload to accomplish.

Blades and other tools are lightweight to get the best regarding portability and ease of use. This advantage makes the set an ideal go-to option that you can turn to if you are a beginner.



The only problem with this blade is that it is not rust proof, which means it could deteriorate with time if you do not handle it with proper maintenance.

  1. Flexcut carving knife

Finding a reliable carving knife with the right features can be quite a task. This set is right about all you should try to find the right tools for your carving.

The blades, handles and everything about the set offers virtually all you need to give you the perfect tool for the job.

And the features are unmistakable.



One of the things you will notice impressive about this set is the high carbon steel that the blades are built with for a robust construction and durability.

Whether you have the solid hardwood to work on or softwood to make the carving, these blades got you covered.

This knife’s handles further come with an ergonomic design made from ash hardwood material that offers an unprecedented comfort despite working for long hours.

And while chip carving could turn out to be hard work for different types of knives, this one will give you the efficiency you need.

Another exciting thing is that the blades also come razor sharp so you can use your set right out of the package without necessarily having to sharpen it first.

This set of three also provides the much-needed versatility, since the cutting, detail and roughing knife that it comes with an offer almost all you need to get a perfect finish.

The cutting blade features a rounded point, and is durable enough; the detail blade has a fine point that helps make narrow cuts.

The roughing knife features longer and straight blade with a round and lasting point that removes additional stock.

Besides, this set also comes with a sharpening compound that helps keep your blades with a perfect edge.



With all the interesting features, the only shortcoming in this knife is that the blades are quite long, which could make it difficult to use when cutting smaller details.


  1. Warren deluxe carving knife and toolset

Working with an almost complete set to use for your carving needs is both easy and fun. And this comes with having just the right tools in your collection to give you the best deal for the job.

Now, the features are actually, what will blow you away.



This set features high carbon steel blades that you can count on for high quality and durable service. If you want to make the most of your time in woodcarving, then this set is the ideal options.

What’s more, the blades are heavy duty, long enough and with needlepoints for the right performance in your carving.

Handling your carving knife should be as comfortable as it can be, and this comes easy if you have the right handle.

Well, these sets provide this feature to the very best.

Another impressive feature that you will come to love about this set is the steel box it comes with, which is covered in vinyl and comprises of heavy-duty piano hinges that hold the tools.

Moreover, carving chisels that this set feature offers an ideal performance in making precise curves. Besides, the set is easy to carry around when you need to do your carving on the go.

The other impressive thing you can count on in this set is the fact that it is versatile enough for different uses. Whether you are looking for a knife you can use to carving or whittling; then this set is for you.



Although this set offers numerous advantages, the magnet included in the case does not hold up as well, which makes it hard to keep shut.


Time to make the choice!



You may have a difficult time selecting the best carving knife for you out there in the market full of numerous options.

However, with these knives within your reach, you can always have a good time doing what you like most.

But before you step up to the market to get the perfect knife for your carving needs, make sure to check on several factors that count when it comes to choosing wisely.


Before you hit the buy button



Well, not every knife or other carving tools out in the market will be easy to use.

And things can be quite hard if you do not have the ideal blade in your collection. But when it comes to deciding, you need to look at several aspects that come in handy if you want to get the best that these knives can offer.

The choice you make here could determine whether you will be a success or not, which comes down to the factors that matter.


  • Durability

Investing in a knife or wood carving chisels that will only last you a few days is the last thing you need to do.

This means the blade you go for needs to be strong enough to take on the tough task involved in carving wood, especially the hard type of wood.

Moreover, while whittling, it is possible that the knife will be stuck in the wood. If it is not robust enough, then it might break and cause grave damage.

It is thus necessary that you look for a blade made with sturdy material like carbon steel.


  • The edge

Maintaining the edge of your blade is as important too.

When it comes to choosing your blade depending on sharpness, it can be, and how efficient it is in retaining an edge, then you need to consider the material, again.

Blades made from carbon steel are relatively sharp than most stainless ones.

Besides, sharpening and maintenance of carbon blades are easy, but it all comes down to selecting the knife that you are sure will offer you the much-needed reliability that you need.



  • The handle

From general carving to pulling out the tiniest details, you need to handle your knife all the time.

This calls for the use of the ideal handle that can provide a perfect and comfortable application. There is some good news.

Most of these blades come with ergonomically designed and secure grip handles that not only assure an efficient use, but also provide the comfort you need for long time use without unnecessary hand fatigue.


  • Size matters

No matter how determined you are to make the most out of your carving, you might not get the stakes higher as you would like if you do not have a knife that is just the right size.

This aspect comes in very handy in determining the amount of detail that you are looking into carving on any wood.

Using a long knife provides a comfortable use, and the short ones are the real deal if you are having a carving bug as this type fits perfectly in your hand.

  • The type of blade

Deciding the right knife might not be an easy task, but if you know what will work best for you, then this does not have to be a problem.

Well, you need to look at the type of knife that you are going for, which could give you the best kind of use, portability and other benefits as well.

When it comes to deciding depending on the best wood carving knife for your needs, you can choose between folding and fixed blade.


  • Folding knives

If portability is among your top priorities, then a folding knife might be the perfect type.

This type is usually small enough, just the right size to tote around, even in public. Since most of these knives are almost half the size of the fixed blades and can be folded to squeeze the size further, a folding blade type proves reliable if you want a knife to use for any use.

The combination of convenience and reliability in carrying out almost any task makes these blades the perfect option for use at home or stick it in your pocket for outdoor use.

These knives have a downside though; the point of folding is a probable weak-spot, which can break if the blade is handled with excessive pressure.

Besides, if the blade folds into the locking mechanism or a handle, it may be difficult to clean. Besides, dirt, grit, lumber and other materials might get into the handle.



  • Fixed blade

Fixed blades come with a fair share of advantages as well as downsides too.

These knives are sturdier than the folding ones since the fixed knives do not have a weak spot on the folding point. Such blades are made with a continuous piece of metal that offers a robust design to stand tough tasks.

Besides, these knives are longer, which provides essential woodcarving over its counterpart, especially if you want longer edges that are flatter.

Moreover, cleaning these blades is simple, and can remain clean for longer.


The Different Carving Styles



Woodcarving goes beyond just taking your knife and working on a piece of wood.

It takes more to get the right sculpture that you need and understand just how different types of carving styles work.

You need to put several techniques to shape wood excellently. It is thus necessary to be sure of the variety of methods that best suit your favorite carving style.


  • Whittling

If you have been in woodcarving for some time now, you probably have had to do a bit of whittling.

This style is one of the oldest types and comprises of textured cuts.

If a sculpture is made using this method, it will be easy to notice it, thanks to the angular marks.

If this design is your favorite option, then all you need is a whittling or carving knife.


  • Chip carving

This type of carving is done with hammer, chisel, or knife, depending on your preferred tool for the job. The process involves chipping away on the wood to create the sculpture, and you can apply this in creating intricate patterns in plates and boards of wood.



  • Relief carving

This type differs from others in the case that you only need to carve part of the wood and the rest remains as is

. You start your carving with a piece of wood, using your tools to carve your intended figures into the wood. Then make sure to leave the back of the block intact.


  • Round carving

This method does not involve sharp corners or joints on the sculpture.

Every detail is smooth and realistic, but all sides are curved. The process is quite complicated if you are not used to carving.

However, you can get it done with several tools, a carving knife, chisels, gouges, files and other types of wood carving supplies.


Final Thoughts!


Well, carving can be an ideal pass time activity and fun too.

But this seemingly easy way of creating some impressive sculptures can become a hard task if you do not have the right accessories.

You need manual or power wood carving tools knife to get the job done.

You need not worry, as the different types of blades we have discussed here will offer virtually everything you require to get your sculptures well cut out.

Get to the market and check out these options for the best wood carving tools that can fit your uses.


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