Best Knife Sharpener

What Is The Best Knife Sharpener?


If you have ever been in the kitchen with a dull knife, it is possible that this was your worst experience.

Any cook knows how difficult it can be to make things work with a knife that does not have the edge.

This is not only every cook’s worst enemy but also one of the most dangerous tools to use in preparing meals.

Whether you are using it inside or out of the kitchen, a knife is supposed to be used as a sharp object and should be used so.

You may decide to sharpen your knives the DIY way or take them to a pro, but two things remain constant regardless of whoever is sharpening the knives.

It is one thing to know how to sharpen a knife and another thing to have the best knife sharpener to get the job done.

The good news is that there is a broad range of types of knife sharpeners out there that you can make use of in sharpening and honing.

The most important thing is getting to know which options are available, what works best and why you need to have one handy.

Besides, it is also worth understanding several other things about knife sharpening, from the basics to the mistakes you should avoid.

Not to worry as we are going to cover all of this in depth. Keep reading to hone your selection and use.

Why You Should Have a Knife Sharpener in Your Kitchen


 If there is one thing you cannot afford to miss in a kitchen, it has to be a knife. You will need different types of them for several functions, but the bottom line is that you should have it there.

The second necessity is that you will need at least one sharp knife with you.

This calls for the need to have a sharpener with you as well. Consider the fact that knives are bound to become dull with time.

To restore their edge, having a sharpener with you is inevitable. There are also other reasons you will need this essential device.



1.Safety comes first

 When it comes to safety, it may be contradicting to say that a knife is safer when it is sharper, but this is the reality. A sharp knife is highly predictable, in that, once you slice food, it will not slip and injure you. This gives you control over the blade’s movement, which is necessary for your safety.

On the flip side, a dull blade will probably slide. Such a slip hinders control and thus posing a risk of the blade swaying all the way to your fingers.

Remember, a knife may be dull enough to slide, but not to prevent it from cutting you.

2. Learn the ropes to get more control

 The best thing about going the DIY way in sharpening your knife is that this ensures you get control over the bevel of the edge.

This comes down to the purpose you use the knife for since not all knives are multitasking. The same also applies to honing your knife, as this aspect also matters when it comes to dealing with tricky foods that will likely slide.

This can help you sharpen your knife on an angle that offers for ideal slicing or chopping. Possibly, this can be difficult to achieve if you depend on another person to sharpen the knife for you.

Having a sharpener nearby can go a long way in helping you learn how to do this all by yourself.

3. Better performance

 There is a significant difference between the result you get using a dull knife and a sharp one.

If your blade is blunt, then you will have to apply a more brute force that would be the case if you had a sharp knife.

This plays a significant role in preserving the condition of the food. If you use a dull knife with more brute force on herbs, for instance, you will possibly crush the cells along the cut.

This could lead to the herbs discoloration and wither faster than necessary. Above all, once you are using a dull knife, it is inevitable that you will take long in the process and use more force.

4. The investment is worth

One sure thing about spending money on a knife sharpener is that you will save a few bucks.

If you decide to go for the cheap types, you can save money that could help in buying new knives if the ones you have become dull.

This is better since most of them cost almost the same as a knife. Even worse, having to pay for the service repeatedly will in no doubt cost you even more.

The Five Knife Sharpeners to Get Your Kitchen

  1. Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

A few years back, electric knives were scarce in kitchens.

Most of these knives were found in butchers and professional kitchens.

Unlike the past, most households currently have electric knives which require electric knife sharpeners.

With the market flooded with various brands of electric knife sharpeners, an individual may find it challenging to select a brand that suits their needs.

That is why with a team of professionals, there are electric knife sharpeners like the Presto 08800 EverSharp for perfect knife sharpening.

Main Features:

  • It is electric
  • Manufactured in China
  • It has two stages of sharpening
  • Is precise on blade sharpening
  • It has sharp edges
  • Possess a razor sharp edge
  • It has a stage one precision for grinding
  • It has been built to the standards of North America Electricals
  • Generates a razor sharp edge within seconds of using Sapphire
  • Offers ideal angles for sharpening
  • Has three suction cups at the bottom


  • The edges provide easy sharpening
  • The electric nature is automatic in knife sharpening
  • The two system sharpening edges provide one slot for sharpening and the other for honing the blade.
  • The guides of the blade hold the knife into perfect angles for sharpening
  • The three suction cups at the base provide support for the knives during sharpening
  • Generates razor sharp edges for quick and efficient sharpening
  • Ideal for many types of knives including those made of alloy, carbon, and stainless steel
  • Can sharpen non-electric serrated knives
  • The fine edges finesse the blades


  • The angle cannot be adjusted
  • All settings are preset

Presto 08800 is a perfect electric knife sharpener for commercial and home kitchens. The two systems sharpener provides sharp edges through sharpening and honing.

  1. LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener, Kitchen Knives Sharpening System 

With the evolution of electric knives, most home and business owners prefer using electric knife sharpeners compared to manual knife sharpeners.

LINKYO Electric is one of the best electric knife sharpeners in the industry. It comes with dynamic features to ease electric knife sharpening.

Main Features: 

  • Automatic blade positioning
  • Heavy duty non-slip suction
  • Two stages of sharpening
  • Backed up warranty
  • Mess free


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Safety guaranteed
  • The two steps for sharpening provide a reshaping angle and a honing as well as polishing blade
  • Free clean up in a snap – the spectacles can easily be removed
  • The one year warranty guarantees excellent customer service
  • The automatic blade positioning provides an ideal position for knife sharpening
  • Easy to remove filings and metal shards
  • Has a nonslip suction cup for support while sharpening
  • Has a built in feature labeled STOP to help in preventing knife damage by stalling the sharpening process
  • Has automatic blades positioning guiding for easy sharpening
  • Affordable hence valuable for the price


  • Can barely work on serrated blades

LINKYO electric knife sharpener is an easy to clean electric knife sharpener. The two sharpening angles offer finesse and honed surfaces. This is one of the best electric knife sharpeners in the cooking industry.

  1. Chef’s Choice 1520 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener-Brushed Metal 

For homeowners and cooks who are looking for an electric knife sharpener that requires little to no energy while sharpening, Chef’s 1520 is a perfect selection. This sharpener is fast, efficient and powerful.

Main Features:

  • Three stages of sharpening
  • Provides a 20-degree angle for sharpening
  • Patented polishing disks
  • 100 percent diamond abrasives
  • Yearly warranties


  • It comes with an easy to follow manual
  • The three stages of sharpening are perfect sharpness for serrated knives, single as well as double-bevel knives.
  • The stropping disks are patented, this promotes microscopically polished edges.
  • The edges are made of 100 percent diamonds. This promotes abrasiveness for knife sharpening. The surface is perfect for knife honing.
  • It has a perfect 20-degree edge for European knives as well as American knives. It has a 15-degree edge that is perfect for Asian styles.
  • It comes with a year warranty.
  • Safe to use on high-quality knives
  • Stabilizing feet
  • Can be used to sharpen sharp and serrated knives


  • Not suitable for aggressive angle challenges

Chef’s is a perfect knife for various blades including serrated and smooth edges.

  1. PriorityChef Knife Sharpener for Straight and Serrated Knives, 2 Stage Diamond Coated Sharpening Wheel System

This sharpener offers a full selection of edges that can be used to sharpen electric knives. For cooks with high-quality knives, there is no need to worry about the possibilities of the sharpener damaging the knife.

Just like the brand name suggests, this is every chef’s choice of sharpener for electric knives.

It is highly reliable when it comes to sharpening any edge.

Main Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Stylish
  • Safe
  • Versatile
  • Economical
  • Two stage sharpening mechanism
  • Designed for comfort


  • Satisfaction guaranteed. This is a high-quality electric knife sharpener.
  • It is easy to use. It sharpens knives in a few seconds. An individual requires little to no energy while sharpening
  • It is safe to use because it has different slots for different blades.
  • Has the ability to make old knives entirely new. There is no need to invest in another knife just because yours is old.
  • For lovers of stylish household, this is a perfect knife sharpener. It has been stylishly designed to suit the hands.
  • The ergonomic design has a durable construction. This means that an individual should not worry about the probabilities of buying another knife sharpener immediately
  • The high-quality knife sharpener is perfect for people with high-quality electric knives. It produces sharp blades through the two available sharpening edges.
  • Has a nonslip cushion at the bottom to provide stability during sharpening. This cushion also fosters safety. The knife sharpener will not slide off the surface.
  • Has the ability to keep any straight edge sharp


  • The sharpener is restricted to 17 degrees angle

This is an easy way to save money. This knife sharpener can transform an old knife into new. The two slots for sharpening promote smooth sharpening and honing of the blades consecutively.

Just like a sharp knife is safe, Priority Chef provides safety by enhancing performance.

  1. Harcas Knife Sharpener Professional Sharpening System 

Blunt knives are dull and difficult to use. For that reason, Harcas was invented to aid in electric knife sharpening. Apart from making new the old knives, Harcas is an easy to use electric knife sharpener.

It saves time by sharpening the knife in a few seconds.

Main Features:

  • It has two slots for sharpening
  • Can sharpen knives in less than four strokes
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable and economical
  • Tough
  • Durable
  • It has a solid design
  • Has tungsten carbide
  • It has ceramic rods
  • Has a non-slip base


  • The two slots for sharpening can be used to sharpen as well as hone blunt knives.
  • The nonslip base offers base support while sharpening. This fosters safety while sharpening
  • Can be used by left and right-handed people
  • The sharpening blade is flexible and removable, and an individual can rotate it to the preferred side
  • Stage two of sharpening uses ceramic for honing the blades
  • Stage one applies tungsten carbide plates for sharpening. This ensures the proper sharpening blunt knives
  • It is too efficient hence easy to use
  • Because it is efficient is sharpening, time is saved
  • The large grip at the base allows an individual to sharpen any size and type of knife safely
  • Small enough to carry around


  • Pulling off the sharpener can be a little challenging

Knife sharpener discussion

 The most challenging aspect of cooking in most homesteads is dull knives.  A dull knife is the greatest hindrance in cooking for the individual in charge. With the era of knife sharpeners in the cooking industry, it is essential to sharpening knives in order to reduce accidents in the kitchen.

This is because, with dull knives, an individual requires more extra pressure while preparing ingredients. When the knife is sharp, it is easier to prepare ingredients.

It is also important to ensure that the knife sharpeners in the kitchens are efficient, flexible and affordable.

With the market flooded with many brands to select from, an individual might find it challenging to pick the right knife sharpener.

That is why with extensive research, it has been possible to come up with a list of some of the best knife sharpeners for manual and electric knives.

In the era of modern technology, electric knives are easy to use and sharpen eventually.

This is because of the availability of electric knife sharpeners. For individuals with such knives, the list above provides some of the best electric knife sharpeners.

Knife Sharpening Tips

 Sharpening knives may sound easier than it is, especially for beginners.

This can be a hard task if you do not know where to start. Many people call on professionals to sharpen their knives and spend money they would have used for other expenses.

If you know what to do, it can be easier for you to do this yourself. It will save you money, and above all, it is fun too once you get the hang of it.

Before setting out to sharpen your knives, several things should be in your mind.

Sharpening is the physical removal of metal from the knife’s blade for a new edge to appear.

Swarf is the fine metal chips that result from sharpening.

Edge, this is the sharp part of the blade.

The bevel is a shape of the blade or its inclination. It is also known as the grind.

Grit is the size of the abrasive material on sharpening stones. If the grit is low, the stone will have a rougher course and the same for the opposite.

Honing is sustaining the sharpness of a blade.

There are several things to consider when sharpening your knife;

 One thing you have kept an eye on is the pressure.

Always make sure it is based on the edge, usually supported by using two fingers. You can always learn this move from a pro who knows how to position the hand on top of the blade.

It is always important to ensure the water stone you are sharpening your knife on is level. This gives you the ability to set the blade on an angle that you want it to be.

If this is not the case, look for a way to support it to a flat level.

When sharpening a double beveled knife, ensure you the get the angle by laying about two-quarters of the blade on the surface of the sharpening stone.

This increases the chances for a perfect sharpening.

Also, ensure the burr formed on the either side of the blade is the same along the length of the entire knife.

After sharpening, you need to test whether or not your blade is sharp enough. This can be done by cutting on hair.

You can also position the knife on your thumb at an angle of 90 degrees.

Then, push the knife slightly above your finger without pressing it. If it sticks on the thumb, it shows your knife is sharp enough.

Other things to consider include honing the edge. This is better done by placing the knife at 22-degrees on the honing steel and pulling it back. Do this across the whole length of the blade and repeated on the other side of the knife too.

In most cases, you can slide it for about four to five times to get the desired results.

Just make sure your knife is in the right alignment, and your steel is in good condition. Remember, you can always do this before and after using your knife to keep the alignment right.

If you hone your knives regularly and still they are slipping out of shape, do not worry, this happens. All you can do now is to take them to a professional knife sharpener. This practice is recommendable, and you can be doing at least once per year, in the case of the blades you use quite often.

This practice is recommendable, and you can be doing at least once per year, in the case of the blades you use quite often.

 How to Select the Best Knife Sharpeners


Several things determine the sharpener you should go for, especially if you are not going to use it alone. One of these things is the type of knives you are using, or those other people whom you will be sharing it with are using. It is usually advisable that you buy the sharpener form the manufacturer of the knife you have, as the material used by different manufacturers may differ.

Such difference can affect the efficiency of the sharpening.

The other thing you need to consider before deciding on the best knife sharpener you are going for is how your skills are defined. If you are a novice, you may have to go for the stone or whetstone, as these are better for practice.

If you are used to it, you can go for what works best for you.

In most cases, users are advised to buy edge guide to use along with the stone. This will help you maintain a steady angle in sharpening. This is also useful in enhancing your hand-eye connection and honing your memory.

This is also useful in enhancing your hand-eye connection and honing your memory.

Looking at the quality can also help you make a better decision.

Some sharpeners like the best electric knife sharpener and the handheld types come with high quality grinding wheels. The quality makes these sharpeners a bit more expensive, but they give you a good return on your money.

Looking for one with three wheels can offer you an opportunity to utilize it for honing.

You also need to understand the level of precision and sharpness you want for your knife. This comes down to the purpose you are using the knife for, as well as how consistently you need to sharpen.

As such, if you want a sharpener for a blade that you use only occasionally, it will be different than when looking for a sharpener for a knife you use every day.

Similarly, if you use your blade for heavy tasks, your selection will be based on high-ranked global knife sharpeners like the electric type.

The size of your blade is very worth considering too. Since not all sharpeners will perform the same on different blade sizes, it is thus important to look for one that best suits your needs.

Therefore, the convenience of the sharpener you are investing in is yet another significant determinant.

Price is one of the things you can never forget to talk about when it comes to making purchase decisions. This issue usually confuses many people when buying sharpeners and other products alike.

If you may opt to go for a cheaper product to save money, but it is also worth considering how reliable that product is.

Besides, many people spend a lot of money on a product they do not usually need all the time, while there are other feasible options available. The bottom line here is that all this depends on how you do your research before making a move.

And while at it, you need to know about how to seek good sharpeners without spending a fortune.

Shopping For Sharpeners on a Budget


As much as you may want to look for the best products out there despite the price range, there is more to it than you think. One sure thing about these products is that many of them out there that can be acquired at a reasonable price.

This does not mean that you compromise your choice for a high-quality product, neither should you let go without looking further. You can always find something good for the right price. Let’s face it; you many affordable sharpeners out there that you can look out for in the market.

One of the sharpeners that you can get without breaking the bank is the water stone. Despite performing pretty well and being preferred by many pros and individuals, these sharpeners come at good prices.

If you dig enough, you can always get a water stone sharpener at around $49. This price range is worth going for, especially if you know the power that this sharpeners pack.

If you want to take things a notch higher and go for a diamond stone sharpener, you are lucky. The good news is that the type of sharpeners is also available within the same price range. The beautiful thing about the added diamond is that it has more efficiency when it comes to performance.

Some people are fond of using sharpening systems. Well, if you are in this category, there is something for you too. Even better, you can find these systems at a relatively lower cost at $39.99.

Remember, the system features a combination of stones mounted on arms for better angle maintenance. It seems things just got more enticing in this one.

For the ones who love doing things in a simpler way, the urge to go for the best electric knife sharpener available may be overwhelming, but the price could be taking you aback.

You do not need to worry yet if this is your preferred sharpener; you still stand a chance to get it at a reasonable price. Since some manufacturers are selling this type of sharpeners at $49.95, you do not have any cause to shy away from using your favorite tool.

So, you can go ahead and grab this effective sharpener and the others mentioned herein for the right price.

Nine Common Mistakes People Make When Sharpening Knives


Sharpening knives are one of the necessary tasks you will probably come across occasionally, if not always.

If you have been messing around whenever you get to sharpen your knives, you do not need to abandon the task out of frustration or call in a pro that you will have to pay.

Even the professional sharpeners sometimes go wrong too. Like any other task, people sharpen their knives quite often, getting it all wrong most of the time.

  1. Holding the blade incorrectly

 This problem is endemic with many beginners.

Most of them tend to hold the knife at a higher angle than required. This is because of misjudging the angle they want to go with, and in most cases, it takes them longer to sharpen the knife, they ever manage it.

It is worth understanding that either way, you will end up on the wrong side. If you maintain a lower level than appropriate, you will take long to sharpen the blade.

Even worse, if you hold it at a higher level, you will end up making it dull even more. You can always have pros like Warthog Knife sharpener for help.

  1. Sharpening an incredibly dull knife

 It will take you close to long to bring a dull knife back to be able to cut again. This may seem like an impossible task, especially if you are not used to it. It is wise that you kick-start your skills with a knife that is a bit sharp. In most cases, many new knives will come with the right sharpness you can use for practice.

This is why many people consider them as sharp, just because they are not used to the razor sharp knives.

Using such a knife will motivate you are it will be easier for you to notice the progress you are making. The task is also quite simple with such a knife, just enough to train yourself on handling it, more so on maintaining the right angle of the blade against the sharpener.

This will prepare you for tackling the incredibly dull knives, and you will as well be conversant with how far you should go for a knife to be perfectly sharp.

  1. Switching techniques occasionally

 Another mistake many people make when sharpening knives. It is possible that you will be tempted to try a different method other than the one you started sharpening your knife with, seeking to make it sharper or just to shorten the process.

However, this can spell doom for your efforts. Probably, your knife will lose some of the sharpness you had achieved. To avoid this setback, it is good that you select just one technique and stick to that until the knife is completely sharp.

You can try the next idea on another knife.

  1. Using a lot of force

 If there is one thing any beginner will probably do, then it will be using too much force. Pinning the knife down is not what effects sharpening, rather, it’s about the alignment.

In fact, only the weight of your hand will suffice to get the job done.

  1. Failure to get the edge clear

  If you do not get an idea of what an edge is or what it takes to form one, then you have failed before you start. You need to establish the purpose you have in mind for your blade, and the blade itself to be able to assess how you should tailor it.

f you do not get this clear from the first check, it is always worth checking with experts like Smith’s knife sharpener.

7. Lack if enough strokes

 If time is not on your side, do not commit yourself to sharpening a knife. You will end up doing it in a hurry, and will not get the desired results. It is possible that you can get a knife sharp by sliding it on the sharpener for about two strokes, but this is not sufficient.

What you will get is a knife whose edge is not well formed, or the burr is not complete. The burr should extend to both ends, and the side should be established for the knife to be sharp enough.

This comes with several strokes, as one or two can never be enough.

8. The equipment

This may not necessarily be your mistake, but failing to get the best knife sharpener is sufficient to prove you wrong. Most cases, you will be lured by product sellers with information about how their products can assure success in no time.

Get something straight here; every of these sharpening tools take practice to master. So, if you go for a product because it is claimed to guarantee success in seconds, and you do not succeed, do not give up. One crucial thing you are lacking is practice.

This will call for taking time and committing yourself to learning the ropes to master this field.

The tools you have also count, especially when you are a beginner. If you keep on switching the devices all the time, it will take you long to learn and succeed in sharpening a single knife.

As such, what you need is to stick to one tool until you are conversant with the art, then you can try other. This way, at least you will have learned how to balance the angle and other central aspects.

9. Using the wrong grit

 This mistake is usually made in cases involving very dull knives. You need to start with a rough course, like the one present in a ceramic knife sharpener, to remove the extra substance from the blade.

However, many novice sharpeners fail to recognize this necessity and use the finer course at this stage. Others move from the rough course before establishing a burr, which also leads to ineffectiveness.

If the blade is relatively sharp, well then, you can use a fine course to start, but in cases of extremely dull blades, a fine course to start is just not the way to go.



How to preserve knives after sharpening


 Once you have had your knives well sharpened and ready to do their job, you cannot say it is over, not yet. Poor storage of your knives after sharpening can destroy them, especially if you were using a wet stone.

To prevent rusting, you should ensure knives made of carbon steel blades are wiped clean and dry with a towel.

Remember to keep your knife dry and clean every time you use it. In case you had oiled the blade, make sure that you do not store it with the oil. If you were sharpening a knife with a wooden handle using a wet stone, ensure you store it with the tip of the blade facing down.

This helps to ensure no moisture remains inside the handles. When you sharpen knives that you will not be using soon, you will have to store them away to wait for their turn.

You need to ensure you wrap it in up in a newspaper. This goes a long way in preventing rusting.

With the right skill and equipment, there is no single day you will ever have to spend on having your knives sharpened. However, it is important to keep in mind that it may take you long to know how to sharpen knives yourself, but it is always worth the effort.

Moreover, you can only learn better if you had your tools. Therefore, consulting someone who is well-informed in this field and investing in the right tool can be a great start.

Besides saving the costs, working with a sharp knife itself comes with many benefits. These include your personal safety, easier work and saving time, to mention but a few. All these come with a little investment in a knife sharpening equipment.

Therefore, you need to consider having one with you. Above all, with the wide range of these types of equipment in the market going for so low, you can always take advantage of their cheap price and grab your favorite tool.

Nothing is as frustrating as a dull knife letting you down when you have that function which is so important for you.

This can even be more tormenting considering that all you needed was taking the time to learn and parting with a few bucks to get that crucial cover. Let lack of information not hold you back. If you do not know where to start, you can always find a lot of material online about the best knife sharpeners and the way to use them.

In fact, there are even videos on the same, so if you cannot find a professional knife sharpener to tutor you, you know where to turn.


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