Best Chainsaw Sharpener

The Five Best Chainsaw Sharpeners to Get


If there is one thing you will need to have handy when it comes to heavy tasks that require a heavy-duty machine, it has to be a chainsaw.


But chainsaws have some heft to them, not something you will easily throw across the room, leave alone working efficiently with this appliance.


Not to worry, working with a sharp chainsaw is nothing to fret about, as the machine’s efficiency will make your work easy and fun as well.


You do not have to put more than a few dollars on the line to replace your chainsaw. If your tool becomes dull, you need not kick it and force it into the job until it is no longer useful.


All you should do is a little sharpening, and it becomes like new. This will require bringing just a few tools on board, and a few minutes of your day.


Then checking the blade and teeth of your chainsaw and a bit of sharpening will bring back the good old days, and you can continue using your saw as if it never became dull at all.


Well, here are the top five chainsaw sharpener options to turn to if you are to have an easy time returning the operational order of your equipment.


Five Best Chainsaw Sharpener Deals


Finding the right chainsaw sharpener out there can prove difficult, but you can always find a way to go about it.


When you set out shopping for a sharpener, you need to try any of these options for reliable results.


  1. Buffalo tools electric chainsaw sharpener


This sharpener is one of the easiest sharpeners you can use on your chainsaw. Setting it up is simple, just clamp it on your bench, then let the grinding disk and the workbench to sharpen the blades.


You can’t wish for easier and fun sharpening of your chainsaw. This might take you some time, but it is still a great way to sharpen your working tool.




The first impressive thing about this sharpener is the fact that you can sharpen it with virtually any type of chainsaw blade.


The grinding disk is made to rotate at 4200 rotations per minute; it is tailored to get any blade out there sharp and ready for work again.


If you want to get ideal accuracy and stability in sharpening, this sharpener has the excellent features for clamping it on a workbench for easy and efficient use. The high-speed grinding blade offers fast to use, which means you can get the job over in not more than five minutes.


So you don’t have to spend all day sharpening your chainsaw, only a few minutes and you are off to work. Whether you are a professional or DIY sharpener, this machine will work best for you.


Moreover, if you are looking for a sharpener that can guarantee easy access, then this one is tailor made for mounting on benches, wall, or vise. Setting up your tools cannot be easier.




 Size the grinding wheel is fixed at 1/8 inches, it does not offer the versatility you would want for sharpening blades of different sizes.


  1. Granberg Chain Saw sharpener


This sharpener is ideal for mounting on the bar for super easy use if you are looking for efficiency in your chainsaw sharpening; this chainsaw blade sharpener is one of the tools you need to try out.


But this is more of just a mount, so you will need to have your file to refit into your bar mount so you can sharpen your chain.




 One of the things you will love about this tool is the fact that it is compatible with virtually any chainsaw out there.


Besides, it offers a sturdy foundation for your sharpening task.


Besides, the entire metal frame means you can use this tool for years, thanks to its durable nature. It is obvious you don’t want to invest in a device that will mean that you have to go back to the market in less than a year down the line; this tool will offer you lasting service.


Moreover, it offers accuracy that you need to get the depth of the gauge for any industry-standard saw or one for home use without difficulties.  If you go for perfection in your work, then this sharpener is one of the tools you need to work with to get that edge.


Attaching it one the bar is also easy and fast so that you can be sure of fast operation with your equipment. So you don’t have to spend all morning clamping your tool into place for use.




The only downside to this model is that it does not come with a file, but if you have any file around, then its versatility comes in very handy.


  1. Timberline chainsaw sharpener


If you are looking for chainsaw sharpening tools that can guarantee accuracy bin your job, then this one will give you more than just that.


But the sharpener is not only ideal for accuracy, but it also comes in with numerous features that offer the much-needed efficiency.




The durability of your chainsaw blade should come first, despite how much you need it sharp. This sharpener is tailored to offer you the ideal durability of your blade, thanks to the fact that it shaves off only shreds of material from the module.


This does not mean your sharpener will not last long enough either. The tool is made of quality alumni that offer for durability, so you can be sure to use it for years on end.


And since this device is manual, it may be slow, but it guarantees more reliability when it comes to the accuracy as well as control in sharpening your blade.


So you can achieve a professional result despite your experience in using this type of equipment.


Besides, since the sharpener is easy to attach to any chainsaw bar, you can quickly sharpen every tooth to the same angle and length.


And when portability remains the central aspect to consider when it comes to the efficiency of your sharpener, this one will offer you just that. The manual tool is built with the ideal size that you can fit in your pocket.




On the flipside, this manual sharpener is regarded as entirely too expensive for the category.


  1. Stihl 2-in-1 file sharpener


Stihl chainsaw sharpener is one of the best options you can turn to since it doubles in as a sharpening tool and a depth gauge.


When looking for an easy solution to achieve high-level accuracy in sharpening, this device will get you covered. And all this comes down to several features.




The first thing that makes this sharpener a go-to option for both pros and DIY folks is the efficiency that its grind offers.


This guarantees fast and efficient operation, which is ideal for saving time. The use of this sharpener is also super easy, as you can efficiently use it with a bar-mount so you can work efficiently and offer smooth operation.


This manual sharpener is also designed for heavy duty and is reliable in bringing used and utterly dull blades back to almost-factory quality.


The grinder is tailored for fast and efficient sharpening, so you can count it for fun and smooth operation in reclaiming your chainsaw.




Despite the impressive features that this sharpener only works for 325 chains, and can be quite time-consuming if configured in a professional setting.


  1. Oregon 511AX saw chain bench.


If you are looking for a heavy-duty sharpener for your chainsaw, then this one will get the job done.


The sharpener offers a premium grade function with a three Amp sharpener that works by rotating fast at 3400 rotations per minute for easy and fast sharpening of the blade. This comes down to some features.




Versatility is one of the most crucial things you will come to love about this sharpener. Since it comes with 325-inch, ¼ inch, ½ inch and 3/8 inch grinding wheels, you can sharpen almost any kind of chains.


Perhaps the best thing is that you can have your blades sharpened within minutes, as the fast operation of this grinder helps get the job done within minutes.


The other interesting aspect about this sharpener is the fact that it features a self-centering function. This offers ideal accuracy and equal sharpening on the blades.


The tool automatically aligns the angles in the blade of your chainsaw chain for effectiveness and achieves a uniform sharpening of the edge.


What’s more, a wheel dressing brick on the sharpener also ensures easy removal of your bade from the chainsaw for stable sharpening.




 The only problem with this sharpener is that it can be quite expensive, but for the efficiency it offers, it gives you a good return on your money.


Go ahead and pick the chainsaw sharpener for you!


Chainsaws are powerful tools to work with when you want to cut material easy and fast. But it is possible that the blades will become blunt with time and continuous use, which could render the chain less useful or slow in doing the job.


Well, replacing your chainsaw may not be the ideal option, but you can still make the most of many other ways to go around it. Sharpening is one of these ways.


These sharpeners are among the best options to consider.


But there is more when it comes to selecting the right sharpener out there; you need to understand several factors that come into play as well.


Use of chainsaw sharpener and safety



If your chainsaw blade is becoming dull by the day, then do not worry.We have a solution for you! Our chainsaw sharpener reviews will cover some of the best chainsaw sharpeners available on the market today.


Without further ado, let us get started with this chainsaw sharpener review.


If you have a chainsaw that you have been using for a while now, it is possible that it has already become dull and needs to be reclaimed to original efficiency. Well, you don’t need to throw it away in frustration.


An ideal chainsaw grinder could be all you need to get your machine working over again. If sharpening your tool is in to do list, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind.


When it comes to the use, these sharpeners come in a wide range of types.


Just like a diamond sharpening stone, these sharpeners do not wear off quickly when using making it a good buy. You can read more on diamond sharpening stones and pair your purchase.


In chainsaw sharpeners you can go for a round file, wall mounted, or a bench mounted one; the options are quite a variety. But each one of these comes with many benefits.


The small and portable ones will hardly require electricity, and still hold up quite well. The electric or mounted types can last you for long.


You should always follow manufacturers’ instructions on how to use your sharpener.


But there is a catch; you can ever take advantage of markings on these tools to be sure what type is best for which size of the file to buy.


This means anyone can use these tools effectively, whether for DIY or professional use. Safety is as important as the actual sharpening of your chainsaw. It is thus essential to ensure you do not sharpen your chainsaw when it is running.


Above all, it is important to provide a stable surface to work on, besides checking to be sure that the chain adjustment is tight and free from any damage.


The other thing to make sure you adhere to is fastened your chainsaw in cases where you are using powered sharpeners.


Besides, make sure to have gloves on and consider using eye protection comes in handy as well for preventing injury from the metal shreds.


What you need to consider when shopping for a chainsaw sharpener



The market is full of all types of choices to go for when it comes to buying for your chainsaw sharpener. Perhaps you want to go down the old round file way, but you can always try something different.


Most of the chainsaw sharpeners in the market are tailored to offer easy use.


Some of the options come with guided features for perfect use in attaining accurate sharpening angles. Others have markings that help choose the ideal filer setting.


The best way to identifying the perfect sharpener for your chainsaw is by first determining your needs. The frequency in which you sharpen your chains and where you usually use your chainsaw can crack the code on which sharpener to choose.


In case you require sharpening your chainsaw quite often, then a mounted sharpener would be a great deal to select. But for occasional sharpening needs, then a hand-operated sharpener will offer a reliable service.


For the users who like to sharpen a chainsaw on the go, a portable sharpener that can comfortably fit in your pocket will prove handy.


When considering this, you need to start by understanding several vital things crucial in finding the perfect sharpener for your needs.


This will also help find the ideal tool within your budget for efficiency without breaking the bank.


  • Power


Then you also need to consider one crucial thing, the type of sharpener that you want to buy.


Well, these sharpeners can differ from one to the other depending on the design.


Chainsaw sharpeners can come in electric and manual chainsaw sharpeners, so you need to be sure you get the perfect one for your needs.


Most manual sharpeners offer more control and accuracy in use and sharpening as well. Some of these sharpeners have a depth gauge for the same sharpening quality you want.


Although the manual type can take you some time, an electric one comes in handy when you need to sharpen quite faster.


  • Price


The price is one of the factors you cannot afford to overlook when making your decision for the right sharpener to buy.


If you do not sharpen so often, you do not have to purchase an expensive sharpener.


But for a heavy-duty use machine, you can make the sacrifice and go for the higher quality sharpeners that cost a little more than most others.


  • Compatibility


The compatibility of any sharpener is among the things you cannot afford to miss selecting your ideal sharpener.


In most cases, not every sharpener out there will work with any chainsaw blade in your arsenal.


It is thus necessary to go for a versatile sharpener that can work with most chainsaws if you are unsure on which sharpener to buy.


Types of Chainsaw sharpener



Another issue to pay attention to is the type of sharpener that you need to buy. These tools can vary significantly depending on the mode of use as well as the tailored design.


When seeking to understand different types of chainsaw sharpeners, here are few aspects to keep your eyes on to make the right decision. Most of the equipment is designed in three models.


  • Electric Chainsaw


This sharpener is more powerful, versatile and efficient than most other types of chainsaw sharpeners. You can use your sharpener with most blade sizes, not forgetting that most of the sharpeners in this category offer fast operation as you can get the job done in no more than five minutes.


  • Bar mounded guide


This device is more than a sharpener, but a tool for attaching onto a bar of the chainsaw. Then you can make adjustments to accommodate any file of a given size.


The best thing about this guide is that it offers an accurate sharpening, but it can be quite risky in the case of flying shavings from the metal.


Use of glass protection is thus advisable.


  • Handheld round file


This chainsaw file is renowned in the chainsaw sharpener market. The tool is rounded, and its diameter fits right into the blade teeth to wear material away.


You can use different types of these sharpeners on diverse blade types for efficiency, but make sure not to sharpen one side of the blade than the other.


Signs that you should sharpen your chainsaw



Chainsaws can get dull for different reasons, and one of them is dirt and debris on the blade. This can result from the tree being on the ground for long or trash on the tree.


This dust can be inevitable if you use your chainsaw quite frequently, but the worst case is coming across anything embedded in a tree.


These are several telltale signs that it is time to sharpen your chainsaw.


Another way to read the signs is checking on the edge of the blade itself. If it looks pretty and shiny, then you need to sharpen.


The chips produced by the saw can tell you the story too. If these pieces are dirt and provide a fine dust, then you need to sharpen. If these chips are squared and clean, you are still safe.


One sign is when your chain does not self-feed, which is usually the first sign to take note.


In cases where you have to force the saw to cut, this could be a sign that it is about to sharpen your saw.


At any sight of these signs, you need to make sure you sharpen your saw as soon as possible since using your best chainsaw chain under such state could lead to its failure.


Final verdict


From all the type of chainsaw sharpeners on the market, selecting the right one for your needs is just a matter of choice. Doing some research before making a move can help you choose wisely.


But we are hopeful our buying guide has offered you the insight you need to be able to decide on which one of these instruments is the most ideal for your preference.


If you go for an electric sharpener, this could mean a fast and efficient use. But this can lead to effects if you do are not careful.


A manual one, on the other hand, can be a great deal, but this may take you a bit more time.


However, with the factors and all other aspects, we have discussed in this buying guide will give you a great deal of opportunity to make the right choice.


So what are you waiting for? It is time to get out there and grab your best chainsaw sharpener. It is time to bring back the edge of your chainsaw.


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