Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Buying Guide to Five Best Electric Knife Sharpeners


Preparing meals in the kitchen is an essential part of life. I mean, we do it all the time, until it may seem as obvious.

But this calls for the use of sharp knives if you want to get the best out of your time in preparing. And when it comes to getting sharp knives, you have to count on a quality electric knife sharpener to get the job done.

There is no better way to get your knives sharp than with the right sharpener, and an electric one can be convenient.

You will most likely be looking for a sharpener that can double up as a sharpener and a tool for honing knives too.

These sharpeners will take you there, and when it comes to getting the job done, these sharpeners never disappoint.

If you are looking to keep your knives razor sharp, here are five of the best electric knife sharpener options to try out.


Top Five Electric Knife Sharpeners


Electric knives sharpeners offer a great addition to your kitchen arsenal.

These sharpeners can be versatile enough to sharpen several household items.

Not forgetting, any good sharpener should be adjustable to fit the different angle settings that you need to get your knife sharp. And this comes with several other impressive features too.


  1. PriorityChef Knife sharpener

This two-stage sharpener is the real deal when it comes to working on the difficult tasks like sharpening stainless steel and ceramic knives.

If you are a heavy user of the edge, then this sharpener is among the things you need to have around to keep your blades going.



 One of the things that make this sharpener a go-to choice for many is the ergonomic design and the fact that it is super easy to use. The sharpener comes with a broad shaped base

Besides, you will come to love the about this sharpener is the construction.

Despite the stylish look, this sharpener is built from high-quality and sturdy stainless steel to last you for years.

What’s more, you can never go wrong with the versatility that this sharpener comes with, especially when it comes to sharpening both course and fine edges.

This is all thanks to its 2-stage sharpening design with a 20-degree angle for a rough course and 5-degree angle for the final cut.

Perhaps the best part is that you can use this sharpener for both commercial and home use alike.

For all types of knives, from the hard stainless steel ones to the ceramic type, this sharpener will get the job done.



Despite the numerous advantages, this sharpener has one shortcoming.

It lacks edge near to the handle, which could make it difficult to work with paring knives.


  1. Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

If you want a fast and easy job with sharpening virtually any knife you have around, then work sharp knife sharpener is for you.

It is built to last you ages while still offering an unending efficiency; this means there is no better way to keep your knives sharp and well-honed than with this fantastic machine.



 First things first, you cannot miss the art of engineering in this sharpener.

The equipment’s design offers for the use of flexible abrasive belts that create a convex edge to attain the sharpest edge for your knife without struggling.

From course to medium and fine edges, these belts will get the job done.

You can also count on sharpening guides that help with precision to get comfortable, fast and consistent results with your sharpening needs.

If you are only learning the ropes in the world of knife sharpening, then this sharpener will take you there while still keeping knives sharp.

The issue of versatility further adds to this sharpener’s reliability when it comes to several uses.

Besides the knives, you can also use it to sharpen other garden tools, lawn tools, and shop tools alike. Besides, you can use it to sharpen serrated, curved, straight, fillet, or tanto blades, almost any kind of knife that you have around.

Another exciting thing about this sharpener is that it comes with sharpening guides to give you an accurate angle to get the best one for your knife.

Whether you need a 50-degree guide that you can use to hone hunting knives or looking for a 40-degree guide for kitchen knives and other thinner blades, then this sharpener will offer all you need.

Portability is another factor you should consider when deciding on your ideal type of sharpener.

Well, this one is built to offer the most comfortable portability possible.

What’s more, you can use your sharpener on a power inverter capable of producing 12 volts, which is ideal for use in RV sites, tailgates, and camping grounds.



The only problem with this sharpener is that the belts may not last so long mainly if you use it on a regular basis, but you can always get belts for replacement.



  1. Work Sharp Culinary Sharpener

Getting your knives sharp can turn out to be a challenge if you do not have the right equipment to maintain the edge.

However, with the work sharp culinary sharpener handy, this does not have to be a problem anymore, you can get your knives sharpened anytime you need to retain a sharp edge.



 This sharpener features sharpening belts that help create a perfectly sharp edge for your knives. Perhaps the best part is that the sharpener can do this effortlessly, which makes the work a breeze for you.

The sharpener is also quiet and clean and offers a safe operation that you can use it any knife in your kitchen.

Besides, the sharpener comes with a one-touch programming function that helps you select the ideal sharpening cycle for your needs.

Whether you want to sharpen or refine your blade’s cutting edge, then this feature goes a long way.

The other most exciting thing about this electric sharpener is the fact that it comes with a ceramic rod for honing your knives.

So you can attain that ultra-sharp edge or get a great deal of touch up sides while sharpening.

Moreover, you can make the most of the sharpening guides to get an edge on your knives without relying on guesswork when seeking the right angle to use.

These guides feature are well lined using leather to keep your blades in place, and you can use the 15-degree, 17-degree or 20-degree angles.

Safety is also essential when sharpening your blades and this sharpener is your ideal go-to option if you want to achieve ultimate safe in your job.

The sharpener employs technology used by pros and manufacturers in getting knives sharp, so you can be sure to get the best edge possible.



This sharpener has one downside despite the impressive features, as you will have to take several rounds to get your knife sharp enough.


  1. Electric 3-in-1 Sharpening Machine

In most cases, you will need a multi-angle and 2-stage knife sharpener electric appliance to get the job done if you want to sharpen your knives efficiently.

Well, this sharpener is tailored to offer that efficiency and other benefits too.



One of the things you will go out of your way to love about this knife is the multi-angle design that ensures you can sharpen or hone your blade without a struggle.

The other impressive feature is the 3-in-1 sharpener function, which helps you sharpen knives and other tools like screwdrivers and scissors with the same appliance.

The sharpener’s multi-purpose design is beneficial in replacing most gadgets, so you can save space in your kitchen.

The equipment is also compact and small, a design that makes it great to place almost anywhere you would like to in the kitchen without taking up all the space.

Another advantage is that the sharpener offers a fast operation so you can sharpen your blades in less time than you would with most other sharpeners.

If you do not want to spend the whole day sharpening your knives, then you need to count on this sharpener to get the job over and done with pretty quick.

Not forgetting, this sharpener is super easy to use.

All you need to do to get your knife sharp is insert the blade into your sharpener and press the power button; the machine will do the rest for you.



Although this sharpener comes with many advantages, it has one shortcoming though, if you have serrated blades, this is not the right option to go for.


  1. Secura 2-Stage Knife Sharpener

Getting your knife blades sharp isn’t the most straightforward task you will have to come across in the kitchen.

This means having an automatic knife sharpener that can guarantee the service you are looking for, and this one is right about everything you need to keep your knives sharp.



 This sharpener comes with a two-stage function that offers a fast and easy way of sharpening your knives for almost all kinds of blades. If you have different types of knives to grind, this sharpener will get the job done.

The other thing to count on this knife is the suction feet that offer a non-slip hold on the surface of any platform.

This stability provides safety and convenience when sharpening your knife, as well as a guarantee for easy use.

Besides, this sharpener guarantees easy to use, as you do not have to worry about metal fillings or shards falling off on your tabletop.

Its receptacles are designed to capture these shreds and avoid them falling off the sharpener.



The only problem with this knife, however, is that it is not the ideal type to sharpen serrated knives


There you have it!

You can always get a great deal when it comes to electric sharpeners. All you need to do is know where to look, and there is no better place to turn than trying these offers.

Just get the right one for you and sharpening your knives becomes super easy, and fun too.

But before hitting the market, you should know what to expect and what to do, continue reading as we talk you through the basics of buying the right sharpener.


Who needs an electric knife sharpener?


Having to work with dull knives in your kitchen can be quite frustrating, same thing applies to chainsaws. Go ahead and read more on chainsaw sharpener.

And just when you thought things could get uglier, you realize that all you can do is sharpen your knives by hand, which is also a pain in the neck.

If you want to leave all this in the past, then the best place to look is the electric knife sharpeners. These appliances offer fast operation and do not require any manual labor at all.

Furthermore, you can be sure to get an ideal safety with your electric knife sharpener.

You won’t have to worry about your knife slipping and causing you injury during sharpening.

Since you will need to cook daily, using knives in your kitchen becomes almost inevitable.

But with the right blade, you can cook without the worry of either performance issues or safety of your hands.

If you have your edges well sharpened, you do not have to use brute force to get the job done, no matter what you are cutting.

Besides the kitchen cook, chefs and pros also need to use knives in their work.

This includes all types of knives but does not mean you should spend a lot of money in paying for sharpening services.

This should not be the case if you can get a professional knife sharpener and get the job done.

Besides spending money, this will take you almost forever to get your knives back, which might cause lag in your work, it is thus important to consider getting a sharpener and going the DIY way.

And an electric sharpener comes in very handy, as you need to save on time too.

Apart from kitchen and chef uses, these sharpeners are also essential for hunters, people on camping and tailgate as well.

Most of these sharpeners feature hard substances that come in very handy, whether ceramic, diamond plates or titanium.

Although pros prefer the diamond-made sharpeners, all of these sharpeners are ideal for getting your knives sharp, and thanks to the assured durability, you can count on one to last you years.

Some sharpeners are also double-sided, which makes them ideal for fast use, which adds to the efficiency.


Choosing an electric knife sharpener


When it comes to getting the real deal from many electric knife sharpeners around, you need to keep an eye on several aspects.

Here are several things to go for when making your decision for the perfect sharpener for your needs.


  • Number of stages

Most sharpeners come with over one-step that is involved in the process.

The several stages offer different options that you can go for when it comes to making the most out of your sharpener.

Some of the models feature two steps while others come with three stages, but all you need is identify your needs to go for the one that best suits your preferred use.


  • Consider your budget

When deciding on which knife sharpener to turn to, it is always wise to keep in mind that getting one will come at a financial cost.

The best part is that some of the best electric knife sharpeners out there are not always as expensive as you might expect them, especially when you factor in the quality.

The market has some fair price offers that you can get and still enjoy the same quality as most expensive sharpeners out there would cost.

Most of the higher priced options are usually well designed and ideal for a classy look in your kitchen and are quite attractive.

However, if all you need is an appliance that can get the job done, then you will find a good one for the right price.


  • Keep an eye on the material too

Apparently, you need a sharpener that can last you for years.

Well, there is no better way to tell if any sharpener you go for is a durable one than checking on its material.

A diamond sharpener, for instance, will guarantee a lasting service.

Since this is one of the most robust minerals around, getting a sharpener made from this material will be a surefire to a permanent service.

However, this does not mean other sharpeners do not last as well.

All that matters is going for the appliance that you are sure will give you a good return on your money. Perhaps the best part is that although this can be the best option to check out, it does not mean you should break the bank to get a good sharpener.

Most sharpeners in the market come at considerable prices, despite being made from the sturdy and lasting material.


  • The metal shards

It is evident that after sharpening your blade, chips of metal will fall off the unit.

These metal bits could mean disaster, especially to young ones.

These could also be a real hazard if they get into your food. It is thus essential to ensure the sharpener you get has the right features to make sure these bits are picked up for proper disposal.

Some of the best electric knife sharpening appliances feature magnets that offer the right means for ensuring these shards are not scattered all over the place after sharpening your knife.

Others have a bin where the bits can drop, and then you can empty it later to clean your appliance. Therefore, you need to keep this aspect in mind when shopping for your sharpener to ensure easy cleaning of the equipment and safety of your family.


  • What about the polishing stage

It is possible that your knife is scratched during the sharpening process.

This could result from grinding on the blade, which chips off shreds of the surface.

To retain a better appearance of your knife, it is essential that you consider going for a sharpener with a polishing stage in the design.

Besides, the polishing stage can be beneficial for excess metal shards from your blade, which is essential when you want to be sure that you are not eating metal by any chance due to cutting food with your knife after sharpening.


  • Edges

Most high-quality sharpeners feature several slots to offer you various options for sharpening your knife. Since you will be sharpening knives meant for different uses, this feature comes in very handy when getting all your blades sharp with one sharpener.

It is advisable that you look out for this feature to be sure you can get the best out of your sharpener, especially if you have several knives that you use for different purposes.


  • Is it good for serrated blades?

Most sharpeners in the market offer the versatility you would seek in this kind of appliances.

This can be helpful if you have different knives around, especially when it comes to the type of the blade. Some sharpeners are tailored for use on serrated edges, while others work best with the flat blades. However, it is crucial that you check before buying to confirm whether the electric knife sharpener you are going for can sharpen your serrated knives too.

This could save you the cost of purchasing another sharpener for this kind of blades.


  • Cleaning

Sharpening your knife may become easy if you have the right sharpener, but this does not mean the process will not leave some traces behind.

In most cases, after sharpening, the appliance will have shreds of metal attached. It is, thus, necessary that you look for a sharpener that can be easy to clean after use.

A unit that is hard to clean could mean you will not be able to dispose of all the metal shards, and these could become a severe threat to your health.


Final thoughts!


The most unfortunate thing is that not every electric knife sharpener out there is tailored to offer the best quality possible.

Therefore, you cannot just go and pick any sharpener you come across on the market.

However, after reading through our buying guide to the best knife sharpeners, we believe that you can hit the market with confidence.

Also, make sure o check out other knife sharpener reviews we have for to get a better idea of what you are into.

Our selection of the top knife sharpeners out there and the various aspects to look out for in buying these devices will help you make the right choice.

All you need is pay attention to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Go ahead and select the perfect electric knife sharpener that will offer you a good return on your money. It is time to get over the dull knives.


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