Ceramic Knife Sharpener


Your Guide to Selecting a Ceramic Knife Sharpener


Ceramic knives are among the types of blades that prove difficult for most users to understand, especially when it comes to sharpening and use.


Forget the use; sharpening is the real deal since you need to have the blade sharp enough to make the work easy, safe and fun and this is where a ceramic knife sharpener comes into play.



Unfortunately, this aspect remains a critical issue for most ceramic knife users, and selecting the perfect ceramic knife sharpener is one of the most challenging parts to go around.


Well, some ceramic knife manufacturers offer to sharpen the knives, usually for a fee, but sometimes it is done free. But the shipping process and the wait could turn out to be both a bothersome and frustrating affair sometimes.


However, you might want to take things a bit further and handle the task by yourself, and this is where some of the best ceramic knife sharpeners in the market come to the play, and with many benefits.


Nevertheless, it is essential to start by understanding that ceramic knife sharpeners are entirely different from the other types of sharpeners. It is thus necessary to be wary of using just any other sharpener on your ceramic knife unless the manufacturer recommends it.



This means the best method you can go for if you are considering sharpening your ceramic blade is mostly using this particular sharpener for the job.


Well, here are some of the best types of sharpeners that you need to try.


 The Five best ceramic knife sharpener reviews


The first thing to keeping your ceramic knives sharp is having ceramic knife sharpeners that can help you with retaining the edge of your sword as well as honing the blades regularly.


And finding the right sharpener out there does not come easy; you have to know where to look. Not to worry, we combed the market and came up with five of the best knife sharpener reviews that you can find handy.


  1. Cooks standard ceramic knife sharpener

If you want to sharpen like a pro, then this sharpener is one of the best options that you can try out and see the magic in it.


Its sheer size at 12-inches makes this tool one of the best choices to go for if you are sharpening both large and short knives, and the features it comes with offers a lot of benefits too.




Among the outstanding features this sharpener comes with is the well-designed handle, which offers a sturdy, safe and comfortable grip.  Besides, the handle is built with a durable material, so it does not break down while you still have a lot to benefit from your sharpener.


Then the sharpener itself features a design for heavy duty. A super hard and break-proof nature, but be sure not to drop your sharpener on a hard place as this could lead t breaking.


The grit is smooth too, which makes it a perfect option for honing your knives, especially if you do it quite often.


The rod itself contains Alumina, a substance that is hard than regular steel, which makes it wear resistance as well as rust resistance while still being lightweight enough for easy use.


Maintenance is also super easy since all you need to do is wash the sharpener and brush it using regular detergent in your kitchen and a simple abrasive cleaner. This way you can reduce metal shards from sharpening so you can retain your sharpener in its best shape.




Although this tool comes with significant benefits, this sharpener does not come with grit, but it is a great tool to work with though.


  1. Lansky ceramic sharpening stick

Finding an easy-to-use knife grinder can prove difficult enough if you don’t have a perfect tool for your needs. Well, this rod is one of the best options you can count o to get the best of your ceramic knives.


It not only features a perfect design for the job, but this sharpener also comes with numerous features that you will come to love.




When it comes to talking about ceramic sharpeners, the rod itself is one of the things you cannot afford to miss. And this sharpener comes with the perfect rod for the job, with an alumina material that makes it a robust tool that can take on virtually any blade.


The handle is also as impressive, with a hardwood make that makes it not only natural and fantastic, but also offers a comfortable, tight grip that lasts as long as the sharpener itself does.


What’s more, the sharpener is built to take off a little metal from the blade. This means you can sharpen the knife as frequent as you might need to without literally sharpening your blade away.


This sharpener is further aggressive just enough to get the job done with only a few strokes, but it is not as harsh as most other sharpeners in the market.


The other impressive thing about this sharpener is the fact that it not only sharpens best, but is also built to last for years, although you need to be careful not to bang it or drop it as this could lead to breakage of the subtle tool.



Although this sharpener comes with features you can go out of your way to love, its only problem is the fact that it may not be easy to hang on a magnetic rack. But you can always store it quickly as it is not as big.



  1. Kyocerca ceramic electric knife sharpener

Using a ceramic knife sharpener can be a great deal, but nothing compares to using an electric type, which can come in as a wicked edge knife sharpener.


And the natural use is not the only thing you will come to love about this tool, and its features come in quite handy as well.




One thing that makes this sharpener different is its diamond material grinding stone, with 600-grade that makes it a sturdy sharpener for heavy use.


So the grinding stone is sturdy enough to take up to 5mm material off your knife blade, which makes it an ideal option for reclaiming an utterly blunt knife.


Besides, this sharpener is electrically powered, which makes it easy and practical to use. All you need is four AA batteries to power the appliance, and you are good to go.


The other thing you will come to love about this sharpener is a safety cover it comes with, which helps contain grinding and dust whenever you are working on your blade.


Besides, the sharpener features an assist roller, which helps prevent excessive sharpening and controlling pressure. This makes sharpening you knife efficient and easy to use.


Moreover, the sharpener is designed for versatility, which makes it a reliable tool to use on steel and ceramic knives alike. If you have these different types of blades in your kitchen, this sharpener will get the job done.


Not forgetting, since this automatic sharpener comes with sharpening guide, you can always make the most of your sharpening without struggling to get the perfect edge.



The only downside to this knife is the fact that the sharpening guides apply for sharpening the front part of the blade alone, so grinding near to the handle can be difficult.



  1. Messermeister ceramic rod

This rod is yet another impressive sharpener for virtually all your needs for a perfect blade. Not only is it easy to use, but also a great tool that makes your sharpening easy and fast.


This comes down to the ideal make of this blade as well as the numerous features it offers.



The ceramic used in making this sharpener delivers slightly abrasive properties as well as a design that makes it ideal for sharpening and aligning edges effectively.


Another exciting thing is the sharpener’s handle, which also offers a great deal of comfort when in use. This makes it a go-to option to use for your knives, with an ergonomic and soft-grip so you can count on in all conditions.


The rod is itself thick enough to offer a sturdy and lasting tool that you can go to get a razor-sharp blade. Not to mention, you can use this rod on different types of knives and still get a perfect edge.


What’s more, with this tool in your collection, you can perform onerous tasks like sharpening dull blades if you apply the right pressure on the device.



Although this sharpener comes with numerous benefits, it is vulnerable to shattering if it is dropped, so you need to take good care of it.



  1. Utopia ceramic tungsten manual knife sharpener

The tungsten diamond manual sharpener is another robust tool that you can rely on for almost any type of sharpening you need for your ceramic knives.


This powerful tool not only comes in handy for your ceramic knife sharpening needs but also helps with other types of blades too. And this comes from several features.




One of the things you will come to love about this knife is the versatility it is designed to offer.


From kitchen knives to pocket knives, household as well as sporting blades, this sharpener will get any blade sharp and even help with scissor sharpening.


Another exciting thing about this sharpener is its three-stage sharpening system design that makes it a perfect option if you want to achieve professional sharpening results.


Besides, you cannot afford to miss the all-diamond abrasive that offers ideal performance with a super sharp and fast arch in your edge. Not forgetting, the sharpener also features a fixed angle that enables achieve consistent results.


Besides, the handle is also as valid, since it features an ergonomic make that can fit all hands.  What’s more, you can use it whether you use your left or right hand.


Moreover, the handle keeps your hand safely out of the way of the moving blade.

The sharpener further comes with a robust ABS plastic body that features slip-resistant bottom made with rubber, which helps provide easy handling, and stays put during use.


What’s more, you can use the right setting for you, whether it is a coarse, fine or ceramic, you can use your most efficient option.



The only flip side to this knife sharpener is the fact that it does not work on serrated knives, so if you have this type of blades, this sharpener might not be the one for you.


Go ahead and make the choice!



Whichever the type of ceramic sharpener you want to go for, you can always be sure that you will get the best of performance these tools can offer.


The only thing you need is to get the best sharpener for your ceramic kitchen knives and make the most of it. We hope our ceramic knives review has given you an insight of what you are into.


But finding the perfect sharpener does not come easy; you will need to consider several factors.


Why get ceramic knife sharpeners?


When you need to get the best out of your ceramic knife, the most important thing you can do is make sure you keep its edge sharp enough.


You can only put up with a few tricky tasks in your kitchen, and frustrating and precarious duties with a dull knife are some of the worst nightmares.


You can always use different types of sharpeners, from oilstones to whetstones, diamond steels, and fixed angled options in the market.



But none of these models brings out the best in your ceramic knife than this type of sharpeners.

But why is the ceramic sharpeners a go-to choice that you can resort to after all else have failed you?


Well, the tool is built with a material that makes it as hard as glass, which makes it significantly harder than steel.


However, ceramic has another feature that makes it more viable than glass, thanks to its abrasive nature; you can experience the best of sharpening with this tool.


Above all, the one thing you will come to love the most about these sharpeners is the fact that you can get one without necessarily exhausting your cash stash.


And this offers the perfect option to get your ceramic knives in the kitchen without having to spend on paying a professional sharpener.


More interestingly, you don’t have to wait for days after sending your knife to the manufacturer for sharpening.



  • Manual vs. electric


Another thing you cannot afford to notice is the fact that these sharpeners could come either as manual or electric types.


The choice of the ideal one depends on your preferences or needs, but understanding what having either of the two means is utterly crucial.


As the name suggests, using the manual types usually includes holding the device by hand although you can place most of these sharpeners on the top of the kitchen counter.


Once you have it set, all you need is slide your knife’s blade over the ceramic sharpening stone or any other similar tool in a sweeping motion while alternating from close to the handle to the tip of the knife.


To get the blade razor sharp, you will require about three to six passes of the blade over the tool.

So the manual sharpeners come with rods or blades that you can run your knife blade on for a sharp edge, the electric types are entirely different.


The latter usually works using revolving discs, and for ceramic sharpeners, the case is not any different from other kinds of sharpeners.


To get your knife sharp with the use of this type of sharpener, all you need to do is pull your knife through the discs from the tip to the end of the blade near the handle. The sharpener will do much of the job for you.


Deciding which sharpener is better for the job is all but a matter of choice, although this has been quite a controversial issue.


For some, the speedy electric sharpener is the real deal, but for others, the precision that comes with a manual sharpener is just too good to resist. Whether you like the natural use of an electric appliance or the control you have over a manual one, the one you go for comes down to your preference.



  • The material


When it comes to knife sharpeners, the material any of these tools comes with is one of the aspects you cannot afford to overlook.


Well, ceramic knives require a bit of caution to get the best of your sharpening, and the material of the sharpener is one of the things that you can try.


The good news is, these knife sharpeners come with different materials, usually the tough ceramic, tungsten, and diamond, which offer an unprecedented performance. If you want to get the best of your ceramic knife sharpening, all you need to do is find the one with the right material for your preference.


Another thing to note is the fact that some sharpeners come with different sharpening levels, so you need to make the decision beforehand to be sure you get the best one for your needs.


Quite often, the simple sharpening options offer a single stage sharpening, where you can sharpen and hone your knife depending on the prowess you have about the job.


In other cases, you can get a sharpener with two or three stages, so you can sharpen with the coarse surface and hone with the fine one.



  • Achieving even sharpening


Sharpening your blade does not mean just getting a jagged edge; you need to perform an even job. It is thus vital that you find a sharpener that can do the job only as effective.


If you do not want to end up with a blade with a wonky and uneven edge, here are some of the things you need to consider.


The small sized handheld type of sharpeners is known for offering an uneven sharpening and could prove to be difficult or dangerous too.


Mostly, these sharpeners come with knives as a bonus, but you can easily pinch your fingers in the process, may be causing injury. It is thus worth purchasing a sharpener for the job.


If you are to get a comfortable sharpening with a smooth and even edge, a stationary sharpener will give you all you need. You should ensure the sharpener is mounted on a sturdy bench or countertop.


However, this does not have to be bolted down to a permanent bench. Most of these tools come with a suction and non-slip material that can hold it on the countertop.


The other option you can resort to is looking for a sharpener with a cutting slot.


This makes it easier to sharpener your knife without having to struggle to get a perfect edge. Well, all you need to do is pull your knife through the slots to get the job done than having to fight. Other sharpeners come with spring-loaded sides.


This feature applies pressure on your blade and keeps it steady as you draw it over the sharpener.



Final Thoughts!


Sharpening your blade is one o the best things you can do for a secure job in the kitchen.


It goes a long way when you are working with ceramic knives, and some of these options are about everything you need to get your blades in a perfect edge.


Whether you are into sharpening or honing your knives, using the best tool for the job goes a long way.


This could mean all the difference between purchasing a sharpener that gives you the best performance for sharpening or for honing.


It is all about what you need the tool for, or how you maintain your blades. Remember, the quality comes in handy as well.


You can always find a full range of options in the market for your needs, but sometimes going for a tool that can offer you all you need for the job is usually worth it.


Such a purchase could cost you a bit more than most others would, but it could offer you the best tool for your needs.


Make sure to check out our work sharp knife sharpener, global knife sharpener, and other buying guides to help you make the best choice in the market.



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