Diamond Sharpening Stone

Buying Guide to the Best Diamond Sharpening Stone


Using knives has been part of life since humankind invented the use of tools.


But the age-old tradition of using knives comes with only one condition; you have to keep your blades sharp.


Well, this means going for a sharpening stone that can get the job done with ultimate perfection. And a diamond sharpening stone is hands down the real deal for your needs.



Well, everyone has different needs when it comes to sharpening blades.


This leaves no sure fire way as to how you should sharpen your knives, but a few things stand out altogether.


It is quite simple, the first things you need to do is start with a dull blade with a coarse stone, then proceed to use a more elegant stone for a better edge.


The edge will get better as you continue across the fine grades, the blade will get better until you attain the sharpness that you want. Just how many stones you require depends on how you want your knife to be at the end.


But this starts with having the just the right stone for the job, and we combed the market to bring you the five best diamond sharpening stone offers in town. Have a look!


Five diamond sharpening stone to get


The market offers quite a good number of stones that you can go of in the market.


Making the right choice does not have to be a problem if you have some of these stones in your toolkit.



  1. Smith’s Fine & Coarse Diamond Sharpening Stone


If you own several types of blades that you want to retain to razor-sharp, this sharpening stone if one of the best options you can go for out there.


Since it comes in both a coarse and fine sides, you can count on its versatility to get the edge you need. But what will impress you the most is the full range of features that it comes with too.




The first thing you will come to love in this stone is the ergonomic rubber handle, which offers a soft but steady grip.


Working with your sharpening stone can be difficult if the handle is not designed for the job, but this one is about all you need for the job, even when you are working with wet hands.


The other exciting feature is the sharpening groove that offers a perfect opportunity for working on pointed tools and fishhooks.


If you are a fishing fanatic, then this one is for you.


Besides, working a sharpener is one thing, but being safe is quite another. Well, this stone comes with a thumb guard for the much-needed safety to your finger.


What’s more, if you have micro-tools to sharpen, then you need not look any further. A sharpening pad in this stone will get you covered.


The sharpener also features an overlapping oval hole that makes your work super easy by collecting as well as holding the fillings that build up as you sharpen your blade.


Smith’s knife sharpeners have been around for centuries, and providing quality is what they promise. This product has amazing features that will wow you. If you are looking to purchase more smith’s knife sharpeners the read through this review.




The only problem with this sharpener is that it can get dull quick if exposed to heavy duty and continuous use.



  1. DIAMOND double-sided sharpening stone


This stone comes in both fine and medium grades, so you can always make sure your blades and other tools retain edge with regular honing and sharpening.


It is virtually all you need to keep almost any device around in the commission, and there is more. The features that this diamond sharpener comes with will blow you away.




Versatility comes in very handy when it comes to sharpening stone, and this one is tailored for precisely that purpose.


You can use it on scissors, the kitchen knife and fillet knife, virtually any tool with a sharp edge.


Besides, it comes with a coarse and semi-coarse finish that means it can work efficiently on blades requiring different levels of sharpening or honing.


The tool is also light enough for easy portability, not to mention that it is the perfect size to slip into your go bag. You cannot get a better option for on-the-go use.


The other aspect you cannot afford to miss about this stone is that it offers clean and sharp surfaces.


You can count on it for safer sharpening that won’t leave metal filings that can find a way into your food.


The stones are also sharp, hard and tough for durability, which guarantees you get a lasting service and a good return on your money. It is something worth the investment.




Despite the numerous exciting features, however, the grit on some of the stones could be more coarse than medium, so creating the finest edge may not be so easy.


  1. DMT Dia-Sharp Diamond File


It is apparent you don’t want to gamble on just any stone out in the market.


For every sharpener, finding the best sharpening stone goes a long way in ensuring you can retain the edge of your blades, this file is one of the best offers you can turn to, and the features have it all.




One of the things you cannot help loving about this stone is the continuous grit that allows achieving fast sharpening of your knives than you would with most other types.


You can be sure of easy time working with this stone, as you do not need any oil. Just a dry sharpening or use of water will get the job done.


Besides, the sharpening surface is designed to accommodate different types of knives, from the small pointed types to the large ones.


This versatility offers almost all you need to get every type of knife in your arsenal sharp with one tool.


Above all, the durable design guarantees a lasting and reliable performance that you can count on this sharpener for years of service.


This is all thanks to the robust diamond used in making the sharpener, which does not wear out quickly during use.More interestingly, the use of most diamond per square inch offers not only a durable surface but also one that can take on even the most hardened blades like ceramic.


Besides, it comes with fast sharpening and lasting flat surface for evenly distributed contact of the knife and the stone.




The only problem with this stone is that the flat surface can dish, resulting in higher edges that could make sharpening quite tricky, especially for starters.



  1. DMT double-sided sharpener


Finding an extra-fine sharpening stone out there does not come so easy, but when it does, it offers numerous benefits to be reckoned with in work.


Well, this one is among the rear options that you can come upon on the market, and it delivers beyond imagination. And its features have something to go to as well.




If you are looking for a sharpening stone to use on the go, then this one is for you. The lightweight and portable design offers all the convenience you might need from this tool regardless of where you want to use it.


The sharpener’s two-sided design and Extra-Fine fine with diamond make it just about anything you would ever need to keep your blades razor sharp.


Not forgetting, it offers faster sharpening for both knives and other tools as well.


Another impressive thing about this sharpener is that you don’t need oil to use it efficiently.


Just a bit of water or using it while dry will still get the job done.


A durable construction also offers for lasting service that you can enjoy for years on end.

And the tool is compact too. Handling the sharpener is super easy since it can be folded into the handles.


Besides, it offers ease of use, as all you need to do is apply a gentle and consistent move to get your blade where you want it to be, so you do not have to struggle to get it working.




This sharpener comes with numerous features that you can count on, but some of the tools might not have the diamond coating on one side.



  1. Goodia knife sharpener folding diamond stone


When it comes to working with several knives, you need to have an ideal sharpener that can help keep the edges in the best form possible.


Well, this sharpening stone is one of the best types you can try out.


Since it is versatile enough, you can use it to sharpen several kinds of knives, and its features never disappoint as well.




One of the things you will come to love about this sharpening stone is the versatility it offers.


From kitchen to sports knives, kitchen shears and scissors as well as outdoor camping knives, you can use this stone on many blades with outstanding performance.


The sharpening stone is also diamond-electroplated to offer useful results.


Not to mention the double-sided design that provides for the use of different grits, with one featuring 400-grit and the other having 600-grit for honing.


The stone is also portable, lightweight make that makes it ideal for use virtually anywhere you need to. Another exciting aspect you cannot afford to miss about this stone is the non-slip rubber feet.


This feature offers for offers added efficiency and safety of the stone when in use.


The folding cover design offers more efficiency in use, especially when it comes to carrying your stone for outdoor applications.


This also provides additional protection to the surface of the sharpener, adding to its durability.




Although this sharpening stone comes with great features, you might need to use a sharp stick to make a fine finish.



Go ahead and make the choice!


 With these sharpening stones at your disposal, you do not need to struggle to get your knives sharp.


All it takes is going for the one that best works for your needs. The efficiency and durability that diamond stones come with will offer you all you need for a constant and reliable sharpening.


But before you make a move to check out your favorite sharpening stone, here are several things you need to look out for first.


Who needs a diamond sharpening stone?





Diamond stone sharpeners come with different types of uses and benefits too.


But the first thing you need to understand is where you can efficiently use your stone for the best results. There is a catch since most of these stones offer a wide range of uses that can fit virtually anywhere you need it.


  • Home


The home, especially in the kitchen is among the places where you can use your stone for the most part in sharpening blades.


Most of the tools bearing sharp edges like knives, wire snips, lineman pliers and shears among others can be sharpened for more comfortable and more reliable use.


  • Woodworking


Any woodworker would have several tools to work with, from an adze, a marking knife, a scraper, router bit, drawknife and much more.


Keeping these devices sharp and ready for the job is one of the best things to do for simple operations, and you will need a sharpening stone to retain the edge of blades that become dull with time.



  • Sports/ outdoors


The other setting in which most users find sharpening stones useful is the sport and outdoor activities too. Whether you have a fixed blade, a pocketknife, a fillet knife or a skinning knife that you want to sharpen, this sharpener will get the job done.


If you are a diehard hunter, like camping, hiking or any other type of outdoor activity, this sharpening stone is one of the tools you need to have with you.


  • Garden


Besides using your sharpener in the house, most users find it as a handy tool for us on garden equipment with sharp edges.


From thinning shears to lopper, machete, spade, axe, and weeder as well as hoe among others, you can always find something in the garden to sharpen with your stone.


 What to look for in a sharpening stone



Locating the right sharpener can be quite a challenge in most cases, but this could be incredibly easy if you know what to check out.


Sharpening stones can come in different types and designs, so you need to be sure to select the right type that can best match your needs.


  • Portability


One of the things that make the best diamond sharpening stone types stand out is the ease of portability.


Thanks to the compact design and the ideal sizes that most of these stones come with, fitting your stone in your bag can be an easy task.


This model offers easy portability so that you can make the most of your stone both at home and on the go.


The stones’ portability and design provides a reliable option for different uses for both indoor and outdoor tools.


  • Versatility


The other thing you should not miss when selecting the right sharpening stone is checking whether you can use it on several types of blades.


This comes in handy in saving you money and time. But there is good news; since most diamond sharpening stones that you can use with several types of blades, you can be sure to hit the jackpot if you go for the right one.


Even better, most of these stones can work with some of the most hardened blades like ceramic-made options.



  • Durability


Shopping for a sharpening stone is one thing, but finding a stone that can last you long enough is an entirely different story.


If you are looking for a sharpening stone that you can use for years, then a diamond one should be the one to choose.


Since diamond is hard and unrelenting, Japanese sharpening stone made from this material offer a lasting service despite the types of blades you are using it on.


  • Budget


Above all, considering your budget is among the things you need to have your eyes on.


Selecting an ideal stone does not come easy, but getting the right one out there does not mean you have to break the bank to get the efficiency any sharpening stone can offer.


When looking for your favorite stone, it is worth going for the one that best fits your set budget.

And the good news, the market has most offers that will fit your budget.


  • Ease of use


Forget about the stone itself, learning the ropes when it comes to sharpening is essential for the work, safety, and performance.


Stones that need to be flattened, soaked, cleaned or ones that take long to deliver an edge can leave you frustrated especially if you are just a beginner.


So you need to select a whetstone for your starter level, and the market has most of these stones that you can count on.


What about the grit?




The grit is one of the things you need to be more careful about when selecting any particular sharpening stone you are going for.


The grit any stone comes with could mean all the difference between effectively sharpening and a total waste of time.


This could also differentiate between sharpening your knife and honing it to retain the edge. Well, you will need more than a single grit to get the job done.


A coarse grit is one of the best stones to have in your sharpening arsenal. You can thus get the best type of grit to break into the edge of your blade.


This offers an ideal start into entirely dull blades that you need to retain so that you can then refine it with a different grit. The other stone you need to look for is a honing stone.



This comes into play after you have established an edge when you can use the finer grit for a refined edge to improve the quality of a cut that you blade can deliver.


The process should include several finer grits for a better edge and result in better cutting.  Following the process carefully is significant, since every step in the grit plays a significant role in removing the metal in the blades.


But there is a catch; since most diamond sharpening stones feature the sturdy material, sharpening becomes a breeze.


All you need to do is use light strokes as the diamond does the job.


You can bring back the edge of your blade and continue with work with about five to six strokes on each side for sharpening, which is much convenient than up to thirty strokes per side that you would have to do with a conventional sharpener.


How to care for your stone




The things you need to use with your sharpening stone to achieve impressive results are among the best you can look out for in almost any of these stones.


Most Japanese water stones are designed for use with water but can be used dry, which rules out the need for the use of messy oils or requiring extensive clean up after working with an oil stone.


All you should do is simply rinse the surface with water and wipe it dry.


However, after several uses, you should consider thoroughly cleaning your wet stone with a brush and mild abrasive before rinsing with water.


Storage of the stones is also crucial for durability.


When it comes to putting away your stones, you should make sure you dry and store the stone in a dry environment.


Besides, to prevent the sides of the abrasive from rubbing on one another, you can use leafing, whether it is a cloth, paper towel, a storage bag or any other reliable material.



Final Thoughts!


Getting started on sharpening is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be easier for you if you know where to turn.


Although the many offers in the market may make it difficult for you to know exactly where to start, going for the best value for your money out there is among the best things you can do.


If you are setting out to build a sharpening toolkit, all you need is to be persistent to find the best diamond knife sharpener that fits your budget as well as your needs.


We believe that our buying guide has offered you the right information to narrow down your possibilities for guidance on the best choice to go for in the market.


Perhaps the best part is that the opportunities out there are almost endless, and sharpening stones have something for everyone. It all boils down to your selection and the choice you go for.

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