Smith’s Knife Sharpener

What to know about Smith’s Knife Sharpener


A sharpener is all you need to retain a blunt blade to operation.This indispensable tool can also sharpen on scissors and another household as well as garden tools.


A Smith’s knife sharpener is among the most reliable tools in your kitchen that you can use to extend the durability of your knives and other blades through regular sharpening.


Besides, this gives you an ideal option for easy use of your blades.



This further offers safety since using a blunt knife could mean disaster for your fingers. Using an unreliable knife means using blunt force, this could turn drastic if the blade slips off your control.


These sharpeners come in a wide range of options but mostly comprised of commercial and electric sharpeners. You can always find an ideal one made from steel, ceramics, and diamond.

The knife sharpeners have something for everyone and if you are looking to stock your kitchen with a ceramic knife sharpener then go ahead and read more before your purchase.




Top Five Smith’s knife sharpener review


You don’t have to take your knife to a professional sharpener when you can get the job done all by yourself.


All it takes is just having the right sharpener in your arsenal, and a Smith’s knife sharpener is one of the best options out there that you can turn to for an excellent performance.


Here is a review of the top smith’s sharpener to check out.



  1. Smith’s Pocket Multifunction sharpener


If you are looking for an all-round knife sharpening machine, then this pocket-size option is for you. And there is more, the efficiency of this sharpener is not only of the convenience it comes with but the performance it puts up.


From versatility to heavy-duty use, this sharpener will get you covered, all thanks to its features.




The first impressive thing about this sharpener is the tapered diamond coating on the rod for handling an onerous task.


When it comes to sharpening tough edges on standard or serrated blades, this tool will give you all you need.Besides, you can count on the V-shaped sharpening slots in this tool that help in sharpening stones or blades.


All you need to do is pull your knife along the sharpener while applying slight pressure. Then you can repeat the same process to get a sharp edge on your blade.


Not forgetting, the replaceable and reversible ceramic and carbide stones in this sharpener are virtually all you need for your sharpening requirements.


These stones further help in setting your edge, as the carbide slot offers a rough surface and the ceramic one is a fine side that helps achieve a razor sharp edge.


That is not all yet, for easy portability, you have a lanyard hole in the sharpener that helps carry it with ease.Moreover, the sleek design offers for a perfect size that guarantees an easy way of portability for your sharpener.


While keeping your sharpener clean might be a difficult feat, this one will be one of the most comfortable options to clean.


All you need to do is clean it with a dry towel. However, be sure not to rinse it with water.


Above all, the sharpeners come with different modes of sharpening, including diamond, ceramic and carbide rod.


All these give you a wide range of variety to choose from when it comes to sharpening different types of blades.




The only downside about this sharpener is that as soon as the channels wear out, you will require buying a fresh. But this does not have to be a problem since most of the options comes at considerable prices.


  1. Smith’s 2-step knife sharpener


While sharpening your blade will require the use of several coarse, finding a good knife sharpener with these features comes in very handy in making your sharpening super easy and efficient.


Well, this comes down to several impressive features that this sharpener comes with that you can go for to get the best of it.




For the initial stage of setting the edge on your blade, the crossed carbide in this sharpener gives you all you need.


And for the consecutive razor sharp side, you will find the crossed ceramic rod in this sharpener quite handy in getting the job done. The other impressive feature about this sharpener is the preset angles that offer ideal results in your sharpening needs.


This not only makes your sharpening simple but also gives you a great deal of performance as a pro sharpener.


What’s more, the sharpener comes with non-slip rubber feet that offer the stability of the tool when in use. This provides more safety when using your sharpener, so you can get your blades sharpens without necessarily putting your safety in the line.


The perfect surfaces in these knives also offer the much-needed versatility that you can count on in using your sharpener for virtually all types of blades.


Whether you have straight edges, serrated or filet knives around, then this sharpener will get the job done.


The other feature you will come to love about this sharpener is a lanyard hole that helps get easy portability.


Moreover, you can use this eyehole to tie a rope that can help keep track of your sharpener. Perhaps the best part is that the sharpener is lightweight and compact for easy portability.




The only problem with this knife is the fact that it is not useful in scissors, which undermines its versatility.

  1. Smith’s Arkansas sharpening stone


Sharpening stones are among the best options to work with when it comes to getting your blades super sharp.


This is one of the earliest methods of sharpening blades, and still, has its ways of making the job easy and fun. This sharpener is one of the best options out there, thanks to its outstanding features.




The first thing you will come to love about this sharpening system is the different coarse surfaces that it comes with for efficiency.


The system features two Arkansas stones for fine and medium surfaces and a synthetic stone for a coarse surface.


Another impressive feature that you cannot miss in this sharpener is the rotating molded plastic triangle that offers a smooth rotation of the stone for easy identification and use.


Besides, you will also find the base of this sharpener handy, since it comes with molded plastic and feet made with non-skid rubber. This feature offers the durability of the sharpener as well as safety.


The other practical feature that this sharpener comes with is an angle guide that helps achieve a correct angle guide that helps make the best angle for sharpening your blades.


Moreover, you can also count on this sharpener is the design.


The whetstone knife sharpener is designed with a sleek and the ideal size for sharpening small knives. Besides, it is also an excellent tool for easy portability and handling.


Not to mention, the stones are preset in the sharpener unit, and it comes with the oil you need for the stones.




The only downside associated with this sharpener is the fact that it is quite short, which calls for more caution when sharpening large types of knives.



  1. Smith’s JIFF-S knife and scissors sharpener


Sharpening is usually done when you need to get back to work, which means looking for one that can offer the fastest use possible. Well, if this is what you are after, then this sharpener is for you, thanks to the features of the sharpener.




One of the things you will go out of your way to love about this sharpener is the easy, fast and safe use it is designed to offer.


This comes down to the replaceable and reversible carbide blades in the sharpener. Besides, it is versatile enough to work on knives and scissors.


What’s more, it is perfect for virtually all types of blades, especially the straight ones. And you can use it on the left as well as right-handed scissors.


The scissors sharpener is built into the handle.


The other outstanding feature is the different types of coarse grits, from the coarse abrasive and carbide coarse to the fine ceramic one. A sharpening angle in the tool is preset to offer easy use and professional results.




This sharpener is virtually all you need to get the best of your blades, but the only problem is that although it gets the job done, it does not retain the edge, as a new blade would be.



  1. Smiths Pocket Pal Sharpener


In case you are looking into getting a sharpener with a wide range of options for efficiency, then this tool will get you there.


The features it comes with and its wide range of utility gives it many advantages to make the most of this appliance or any other global knife sharpener quality.




One of the things that make this sharpener outstanding is the outdoor tools it comes with, which goes a long way especially when you are out in the woods.


A compass attached to this sharpener can be the tool to have out there when going for a hunt, picnic or camping among other outdoor events.


The other exciting feature is the signal whistle that you can use to call for help if you are in distress. Then it comes with a fire starter that provides enough sparks to get a fire lit in moments.


Now, a LED light that this sharpener comes with provides a perfect tool to turn to in case you are in a situation where you need a source of light.


The sharpener itself has a carbide slot for quickly setting the coarse and a ceramic slot for a fine edge. Moreover, a preset angle for sharpening provides comfortable use and guaranteed results.


And if you have gut hooks and serrations to sharpen, then a tapered diamond rod in this tool will help you get that done without a struggle.




This sharpener features numerous striking properties, but the only problem is that its LED light batteries are not replaceable. This might not be a significant problem if you do not use the light frequently.


Go ahead and make the choice!



If you have any of these options in your arsenal of sharpeners, keeping your blades sharp at all times.


Each of the different Smith’s sharpeners comes with different features that offer various performances, so the decision you are going for remains a matter of choice.


But before making a move to get your ideal work sharp knife sharpener or any other kind out in the market, you need to check out several aspects that are handy considering when making your decision.


What To Look out for in a Smith’s Knife Sharpener




You need to look at several aspects when choosing the right sharpener from numerous options in the market.


Considering what matters in any sharpener could mean all the difference when it comes to finding an ideal tool. Well, it all begins with understanding what you need to look for in your shopping.


  • Size and portability


Knife sharpeners should be just the ideal size for use in different places. The good news is that most of these sharpeners are built with sleek designs that provide ease of use and portability.


Besides, most of them have features that help with the portability too. Some have eyehole in the frame that goes a long way when you need to carry your sharpener around.


  • Additional features


Other features in most sharpeners also help attain better performance from the tool. Some of the tools come with extra features like compass, flint, and other essential tools that you can use in other aspects other than just getting your blades sharp.


This array of features could offer all you need for an outdoor event that requires the use of such tools.



  • Versatility


The other thing you cannot afford to miss when selecting your ideal sharpener is looking at how versatile it can be, especially if you have different types of blades that you need to keep sharp.


Some options are built to work well with straight and serrated edges, while others perform well with knives as well as scissors.


The choice is all yours, but looking into this aspect could mean all the difference between getting a tool you can use for all your needs and spending more money down the road for a different sharpener.


  • Safety


Safety is a crucial aspect to consider if you want to get a reliable sharpener that you can use without any unnecessary risks.


In case a sharpener is not steady on the bench you are working on, it could easily slip and cause serious injury, especially if the blade slides into your hand.


However, most sharpeners around are designed with non-skid rubber feet that offer the much-needed traction on almost any type of bench you are using.


So keep an eye on this aspect to be sure you are investing in a tool that won’t cause you any harm.


  • Maintenance


This could range anywhere from cleaning your tool to a replacement of worn out parts in your wusthof knife sharpener.


This is another crucial factor to put into consideration when deciding on what sharpener you want, the maintenance you will need to go for could make a significant difference in the long term.


For the cleaning, most sharpeners will not demand much work, all you need is wipe to clean with a dry towel, and you are good to go, some should not be rinsed with water.


So make sure you know what is expected of you.


When it comes to replacing the parts, do a thorough research to determine whether the sharpener you want will require replacement of parts and if such parts are readily available as well.



  • Sharpening material


This aspect can vary from one sharpener to the other, and it is worth considering when deciding for your preferred tool.


Some have diamond, a standard material with an unprecedented resistance that gives it an advantage in sharpening tough blades.


The other element robust enough to be used in lansky sharpening system and other types is tungsten carbon, yet another material used quite often.


Other materials may be useful in these sharpeners too. But the bottom line is that all you need to do is look for the perfect material that can work best with your type of blade.


  • The budget


Purchasing your favorite sharpener will without any doubt require a considerable cost depending on the quality you want.


However, this does not mean you should break the bank to get the right sharpener for your needs. Different sharpeners come at standard prices, and most of the options usually come at fair prices.


Thus, it is essential that you select wisely to get just the right tool that best fits your budget. Depending on your expertise in using this kind of tools, you can always choose the right one from different sharpeners in the market.


If you are an amateur, an electric, belt knife sharpener or manual one will offer you what you need, but if you are a seasoned sharpener, a sharpening stone could be the perfect option to check out.


But what should you look for when shopping for the right sharpener, here are some of the most important aspects to help you make a perfect choice.



  • The sharpening blade


As much as versatility might count, you will need to be sure you get the perfect sharpener for the edge you are using.


Some sharpeners are designed to work well on flat blade types, while others like serrated knife sharpener would be perfect for toothed knives like meat knife or bread knife.


Others are built with the ideal design for almost any kind of blade in your collection. However, it is crucial that you consider your type of blade before buying.


Before you start sharpening, what you need to know!


Sharpening is not something you do without preparation and requires much of it to get the best you can from the process.


You need to keep several aspects in check before getting into the actual sharpening. And here are several things that you need to keep an eye on.



  • The sharpener


We have already discussed this above, and it is one of the things you cannot afford to keep on the list if you want to make the most of your time in the sharpening your blade.


So you need to make sure your perfect lansky sharpener matches the edge you are using, as well as your expertise in the field and the material you are into sharpening.


  • The sharpening angle


The angle you want to get for your blades comes in handy as well when it comes to getting your knife at its best. Considering this aspect can help achieve ultimately professional results in your sharpening.


A sharpener with preset angle guide comes in quite handy, so you can always make sure this is considered before stepping in to get your knife on the sharpener.


Remember, for a general purpose sharpening, a 23° angle comes in quite handy, but you have the option to use virtually any aspect that gets the job done.



  • When to sharpen


It is apparent that you won’t be grinding your knives any other time, as over sharpening the blade can damage it as lack of sharpening.


This means you should be keen to know when you should sharpen your knives, and there are some telltale signs to check out for this hint.


One of the things you can do is cutting food or a piece of paper to see if the edge is sharp enough.


Other people consider shaving hair on their skin, especially on the arm to see how sharp it is, although this can be a risky trial. Once you know the state of your edge, you will know whether to sharpen or stop sharpening.


 Final Thoughts!


Sharpening your blade does not have to be a struggle. If you have these tools handy, you can always keep your edges in the best form possible.


It is time to retain your blades to razor-sharp, so get out there and grab your perfect sharpener from any of these options. The choices are almost endless; it all comes down to your favorite option. Sharpening can’t be more fun.


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