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Top 5 Reasons Why Everybody Wants a Work Sharp Knife Sharpener


If you have ever worked with a dull knife, then you know how this can be frustrating. Talk of wasting a lot of time in the kitchen, making jagged cuts on your food or the knife won’t cut altogether. But with a work sharp knife sharpener, consider dull knives as yesterdays worries.


And that’s not all yet, remember the fact that dull knives are a risk too since it can easily slip off and cut your fingers. But there is something more frustrating than just working with a dull knife; the worst part is having to sharpen it with an inappropriate tool.


You might have to spend excruciating hours trying to get the knife sharp, and sometimes getting it, razor-sharp becomes impossible eventually. Well, there is a catch; the Work Sharp Knife Sharpener is here for you.


Let’s face it, with the market full of different types of knives, selecting the ideal one can become a pain in the neck sometimes. Nevertheless, this does not have to be difficult if you know where to turn and what to go after to get the value for your money.


In this guide, we will take you to the core of the market to meet one of the best knife sharpener lines out there.


We also have a selection of the top five work sharp knife sharpener options that pack the bang for your buck, so you can always purchase confidently.


So read on and check out what you have been missing, and why you need to turn the tables in your favor when it comes to getting your blades as good as new.


Why work sharp knife sharpener is everyone’s go-to option


The market has a vast array of knife sharpeners that you can count on when it comes to getting your knives and other tools sharp.


Don’t be fooled though, not every sharpener out there is built for the job. Some of these types may turn out to be a total waste of your time and money, and no one wants to go there under any circumstances.


The good news is that there is always an ideal works knife sharpener out there, somewhere. But why this particular tool? Well, here are some of the reason work sharp sharpeners are the tool to go for.


  1. Convex Grind


One of the things that make this type of sharpeners stand out is the ability to create a convex grind on your knife. This type of edge is not that easy to achieve, and most sharpeners seem just unable to offer this result no matter how excellent you are on the job.


An edge with a convex grind is not only stronger but also performs better cuts and retains sharpness for longer than other blades.


  1. MicroForge


This process involves forging microscopic facets on the knife’s edge. As a result, the microfacets retain an edge in the event your blade starts to dull due to long-term use since these facets avoid any conduct with the surface used for cutting.


Eventually, an edge with Microforge is capable of retaining an edge for longer than other blades, so you can enjoy the service for longer without having to sharpen your blades every so often.


Perhaps the best thing is that achieving a MicroForged edge is never a challenge, all you need to do is push your knife through a microforge port in the some of the work sharp sharpeners. Moreover, this method can be applied in virtually any knife. Besides, it gives the blade an edge over other knives when it comes sot slicing fruits, veggies, thick baked bread and other foods.


  1. Belt changing


If there is one thing you can be certain about, it is your sharpener’s belt wearing out over time. But the real challenge is not getting another one but in the actual replacement of the feature in the machine.


The good thing about work sharp is that its tools are built for easy belt replacement, which takes only a few minutes, and does not require the use of any tools either, and you are back to using your belt knife sharpener in no time.


  1. Safety

It goes without mentioning that everyone needs a sharpener that can guarantee safety for both the user and the knife alike. Well, this is what work sharp is all about, whether you are looking for the manual or electric sharpeners, you can be sure that safety is not a concern.


The material featured in these sharpeners and the different sharpening surfaces that are easy to identify help achieve safe sharpening for your blade.


Not forgetting, the tools are built to offer zero burning or damaging to the steel of your blade. Then you can count on the ideal design of the tools for the safety of your hands during use; it’s a win-win situation for everyone.


  1. Price


With all the benefits that these sharpeners come with, it is difficult to imagine that any of these tools can have the most realistic price out there. Well, that is it, these sharpeners’ prices add to the list of the reasons everyone prefers them a go-to option.


After all, you don’t have to break the bank to get a sharpener that you can use for your needs.


Some of The Best Work Sharp Knife Sharpener Options


Buying your knife is not all it takes to keep an edge in your kitchen. After all, you do not need to discard every blade that becomes dull and head for the market looking for a new one.


Then again, calling in a pro to sharpen the knives for you can be both time consuming and costly. But why wait until necessity pushes you to the corner? You can have a sharpener for the job and go the DIY way, keep your knives razor-sharp and make the job easy as well as safe too.


Oh! Did we mention some of these sharpeners are also ideal for sharpening other farm tools too? Well, they are, find out which ones.



  1. Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener


This tool is one of the most versatile options in the industry, which you can count on to sharpen your knives and virtually any other cutting tool in the kitchen or store. And there is more, it also offers consistent results and gets the job done quite faster.


All this comes down to the tool’s design as well as several features too.




Among the things, you will find handy in this knife is the sharpening guides of 40, 50 and 65 degrees in the tool that offer the assistance you need to achieve quick, easy and precise sharpening. Whether you are a beginner or used to working with these tools, this one will make the job super easy for you.


Then there are the premium abrasive belts, which guarantee fast results with coarse, medium and fine options. From repairing damaged blades to sharpening cutting tools to honing knives and sharpening serrations, any coarse got you covered.


And when it comes to versatility, this sharpener never disappoints. You can always find it handy in sharpening almost any tool with an edge in your arsenal. You can sharpen almost any blade or tool, talk of kitchen knives, axes, scissors, hatchets, garden shears, shovels, you name them. The tool can sharpen virtually anything, as long as it has an edge.


Then there is the design itself, which adds to the list of things you can’t help loving about this sharpener. It is built not only for versatility but also for portability. If you like using your sharpener in different settings, which is most likely if you sharpen garden tools, then this tool is for you.


This is all thanks to the ideal size that makes it super easy to carry with you almost anywhere you need it.


And when it comes to using the sharpener outside your house, you will need to have a power outlet of course, but this does not have to be a problem. The tool is designed to work well with a power inverter with 12 volts, so the need for power should not become a challenge.




The only challenge you might find with this sharpener is the fact that if you need a tool with a lower angle like 30 degrees, then this one may not be ideal for you.



  1. Work Sharp onion edition


When it comes to the angle of sharpening, some knives require larger angle while others work better with a lower one. The work, sharp ken onion edition, is ideal for getting the best with an angle of 15 to 30 degrees and comes with other benefits and fantastic features as well.




One of the most impressive features of this tool is the variable speed motor, which means you are in total control over your sharpening needs. The function comes in handy when you want to set the speed to work on different types of blades, not forgetting the heavy-duty motor designed to tackle the toughest tasks.


Another unmistakable feature is the multi-positioning module for sharpening and a guide for adjustable angle, which you can use to set the angle you want for easy sharpening. Whether 15° or 30° so you will not need to use any tools, spend time setting up the tool or have to work with complicated jigs.


Besides, if you want to try some freehand sharpening, then you can always remove the guide and carry on. This can be ideal for sharpening lawn mowers, shovels, and shears among other tools.


The tool also features heavy-duty premium abrasive belts, built for strength, durability and offering a convex edge on the blade. This feature not only offers a wide range of options when it comes to keeping your knives sharp, but you can also count on work sharp belts in sharpening various tools as well.


What’s more, the tool is built for easy expandable use. You can always use it to create custom bevels, profile, and edges of your knives. Not to mention, it comes with specialty belts for specific needs like sharpening ceramic knives and metal grinding disks are also available.




Despite the numerous impressive features, the plastic gears keeping belt drives in place might wear out with time if the tool is exposed to heavy use.



  1. Work sharp E5 electric sharpener


 If you are looking for a powerful tool for your sharpening needs, then this one is for you. Not only does it come with a wide range of features, but it is also built to take on almost any task you might have for it.




This sharpener comes with belts that help get a razor-sharp edge on your blades, while still offering a safe, fast and quiet operation for your sharpening.


Besides, the tool comes with a ceramic honing rod with a fine side that you can use to hone your knives after sharpening for a perfect finish. You can also use the rod for regular honing to keep your knives in condition all the time.


For safe sharpening, you cannot afford to miss the tool’s technology that helps keep your hands out of harm’s way while still keeping the value and quality of your knife no matter how many times you use it.

And with the sharpening guide function, you can always be sure to get the perfect angle for your sharpening needs.


The tool is set at 17 degrees angle, but also offers the option for 15 and 20 degrees alike, which you can buy separately, offering a wide range of options for safety and precision.


With a one-touch sharpening design, the tool does the shaping, sharpening, and refining of your knife with a single sharpen, and all it takes is the push of a button.




Although this sharpener is all you need to keep your knives in top form, you might need to pass a few rounds to get the blades razor-sharp or re-profile a knife’s edge.



  1. Work sharp combo sharpener


When it comes to the precise cutting edge, no tool gets the job done quite as easy and fast as this gizmo does. And that’s not all yet, just like a ken onion knife sharpener, this tool is further built for heavy tasks, and durability, if there is one sharpener out there you cannot go wrong with, it is this one.




The flexible belts in this tool are among the best things about it when it comes to restoring dull knives. These 3-meter belts are designed for lasting sharpening without causing over-heating on the blade.

Besides, since belts in these tools have to wear out at some point, replacing one should not be a challenge.


Well, once one is worn out in this sharpener, replacing it is fast and requires no tools.


Another impressive thing is the 25-degree angle-sharpening guide, built in the tool for consistent results in both sharpenings as well as honing. This helps create a uniform sharpness along the entire blade, which can be difficult to do by hand.


Besides, the tool is built for versatility, since you can use it to sharpen virtually any blade in your kitchen as well as other farm tools.




Even though this sharpener comes with unprecedented features, it has a downside too; the belts might remove far too much material and end up with an excessive burr. So take it easy especially on the down stroke.



  1. Work sharp M3 manual sharpener


This sharpener comes with interchangeable ceramic and diamond rods that guarantee easy and lasting edge. And this is not all it has to offer; the other features are what make this tool the real thing.




Precision guides in this tool are among the most impressive features, offering an easy yet effective sharpening support for everyone’s use despite their experience in this field.


Besides, the diamond rod helps sharpen any tough blade out there without giving in, thanks to the sturdy nature of the rod’s material.


The ceramic one is as effective too, in honing your knives for a fine and razor-sharp finish. Not forgetting, it comes with a coarse side too that you can use for frequent touches on your knife to keep it at its best.


Perhaps the best part is that the tool is also ideal for versatility, built to sharpen any edge around. From straight knives to the serrated ones, as well as other tools, this sharpener is all you need for the job.




This sharpener comes with almost everything you need to get the job done, but its problem is that the grit does not allow for sharpening ceramic knives.


Go Ahead and Pick Your Work Sharp Knife Sharpener Today!


Whether it is the Worx knife sharpener, work sharp wskts knife and tool sharpener or any of the options above, there is always something for everyone.


The good news is that these tools are fairly priced, just what you would need to spend for a great sharpener without breaking the bank.


However, do not rush to buy a sharpener without looking at what it takes a sharpener to be the tool of choice, check this out below.


But Ensure to Make the Right Choice, Here is how!


When selecting the right sharpener, you have to make sure you go for the one that can cover all your sharpening needs.


The buying part is easy; finding a perfect tool is the whole task. All you need, however, is know what to look for, then scout around and check over several tools. We have made the job easy for you, as we have all you need to look out for in any of these tools.


  • Durability


Everyone wants a tool that can last as long as practically possible. But how do you identify whether any sharpener is built for longevity? Well, it comes down to the design and features any of these tools comes with. In most cases, looking at the features used for the sharpening task is crucial to discern which sharpener will serve you long enough, and no tool proves this better than work sharp ken onion.


  • Is it versatile?


Another thing you cannot afford to miss is whether the sharpener you are going for can get the job done in and beyond the kitchen. If you have a collection of farm tools, you will need to keep them sharp. This does not mean you should go for several sharpeners since you can always make the most of one tool and still have all your needs covered.


Most of these tools are labeled depending on the number of tools any tool can sharpen, so remember to check that too.


Some sharpeners can work on knives, serrations, gut hooks, scissors and shears, garden and yard tools, all you need to do is look for the right one depending on the type of tools you have around.


  • Portability and efficiency


Most of the time, we like to use our sharpeners outside the kitchen setting. Whether you want to carry it on a tailgate, camping or picnic, a sharpener that can work perfectly at home and away is hands down the tool for you. For the manual ones this can be easy, then again, the size should be right to fit in your backpack or any other method of carrying available.


When it comes to the work sharp electric knife sharpener, make sure to check and ensure the tool can work with minimal power like the type available in camping sites and such destinations.


Again, you have to make sure you have a sleek tool that you can carry with you, but still capable of taking on almost any task you throw at it.


  • The results


Sharpening knives can be fun in its way, but things can be quite frustrating if you can’t find the right angle to get the blades sharp enough. The good news is that most of these sharpeners come with preset angle guides that make the task super easy for you. With these angles handy, you don’t have to be a pro to get your knives uniformly sharp across the entire blade, which is also crucial for the performance of the knife.


  • Ease of use


The other thing that can make your work seamlessly easy has the sharpener with the right features for convenient use. In case of a powerful tool, this can be in the design itself. Most of these tools are built to do the hard work, while all you do is, switch the machine on and leave the rest to the machine.


The same necessity applies to the manual sharpeners too. But there is a catch as well since most of the sharpeners in this category come with the right features to help you identify which coarse to use on damaged blades and which to use for a razor-sharp finish.


Final Thoughts!


Apparently, Work sharp sharpener offers more than you could ever ask for when it comes to getting your knives and other tools sharp.


With any of these work sharp knife & tool sharpener types, all you need is a bit of idea on what to do, and a short time to get even the damaged blades back into your arsenal with minimum struggle.


It all boils down to having the right one that best fits your preference and needs, especially if you have a wide range of tools around. Get out there, grab the perfect sharpener, and have a fun sharpening time.


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