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Top 7 Features You Need to Know About Best Survival Knife



You never know the moment you will be in a survival situation, in which case you will need a knife at your side.


Which type of knife would you go for? For many, just any knife would be handy. But for those who plan ahead, not any other knife can be all that is needed in such dire situation but the best survival knife.


It takes an idea, sturdy survival knife to be confident.


And whether you are hiking or going on a camping trip, we all have personal preferences concerning the best camping knife to bring with us out there.


However, when things get to extremes, you know not any other knife can have what it takes to make it through.


When used as camping knives, this type offers an edge over any situation you have to face.


Top 7 Features to Know About Best Survival Knife



When it comes to deciding for your best survival knife, nothing comes in handy than having the perfect blade to use out there. It doesn’t take a pro to spot the right blade, all you need to do is know beforehand what these knives are all about, and here are seven things that nobody told you are essential for your survival knife.


  1. Serrated or straight blade


This is a dilemma for many people who are looking into buying a survival knife, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult after all. While a serrated blade will look like the beast you need to conquer the wild, it may not be as practical as its straight edge cousin may. Well, you can always go with a sawtooth knife, which comes with both the serrated and plain edge so that you can get the best of both worlds.


  1. Fixed blade always takes the day


For some, a folding knife is a perfect blade when it comes to portability. Others believe that a survival knife is all about what it can do.


And when it comes to considering what is in it for you, a fixed blade usually proves ideal. What you need to keep in mind is that when it comes to survival knives, the performance is what matters most, so go for the blade that can offer what you want to have out to keep going in the most uncertain environments.


This comes down retaining an edge, taking on heavy tasks and versatility as well, which you can hardly find in a folding blade.



  1. Have you checked the tang yet?


Once you have decided to go for the fixed blade, the next thing to have your eyes on is whether the knife features a full tang or half tang. This might sound like a no-brainer, but a full tang can take you where no other design can achieve. From structural strength to better advantage when using your blade on solid objects, there is always something about full tang to be reckoned with when it comes to fixed blades.


  1. What size is best?


While many people think bigger is always better when it comes to survival knife, there is practically no any truth in this perception. Going for supersize does not provide any additional leverage, just keep the blade anywhere in the range of 4 to 7 inches.


 An extremely large blade might look intimidating to tasks, but it may turn out to be unwieldy. Keeping the blade within the right size range goes a long way in virtually all aspects.


  1. You need a single edge blade


A double-edged knife might be just too exciting to resist, but if you are not into trading off in the blade sturdiness, then you need to look for what can do the trick. Strength will come in handy when difficult tasks like prying or batoning wood are inevitable, and while a double edge knife might offer the two edges for longer use between sharpening, you will need the strength at some point.


Remember, if the blade is thin, it will only mean reduced durability, and double sharp edges come down to this design.



  1. Oh! And the Grind too


In essence, a knife’s grind is a cross-section of its blade, depending on the position of the spine at the top as well as the edge at the bottom of the knife. You can check this by looking straight into your knife through its tip. The grind might vary in different knives, depending on the intended use of the knife. Some knives feature a flat grind with both sides of the blade tapered flat all the way from the spine down to the edge.


  1. The handle and sheath


Most people seldom pay attention to the importance of a knife’s sheath and the handle, but these features are as essential as any other aspect of the knife. A good handle offers the right grip at all times, which adds to your knife’s efficiency.


Besides, working with the right handle can be great too in case you have problems with arthritis or such complications since it can guarantee comfort during use. But what is most important is looking into the handle itself, plastic material or hollow handles is not an option for a survival knife.  Some of the nest handles around include glass-reinforced nylons, wooden, Micarta as well as G10 among others.


The sheath also comes in handy, especially when it comes to keeping your knife tucked away safely from moisture, as well as keeping it from accidentally cutting you. Sheaths come in different types, so you can always go for the one that works best for you.


Belt and lanyard attachment sheaths have a loop for the belt and consider too if the handle itself comes with a hole for putting the lanyard through it.


Lower attachment sheaths have a hole or piece at the end that you can use to strap your knife around your leg.



The strap is also worth considering, especially by looking at how close it is to the knife or whether a strap is attached to the section where the sheath and the handle of the knife meet. Avoid a sheath that has a strap on the handle’s base, since this could lead to your knife sliding out of the sheath.


Once you consider these factors, you will be amazed at how much you can do with your survival knife. It is always important to ensure you have the right gear for the unpredictable outdoor environment, and nothing can prepare you for virtually anything than having the right knife.


But what is a survival knife all about?



Well, the absolute survival knife is an essential tool that you can use in any unfortunate event out in the wilderness.


If you are lost or you are facing an unprecedented outdoor environment, this knife can become a lifesaver. You can use it for building shelter, starting a fire, preparing food, hunting and clearing paths as well as digging to mention just a few.


If this knife is what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place, for we have five top survival knives for you.


Continue reading as we take you through some of the best survival knives in the market.

Some of the best survival knives you should look out for:




  1. Monstrum Tactical Fixed Blade Survival Knife


If you are looking for the absolute blade to survive the most uncertain and extreme environment, this blade is the real deal. Coming with an array of features ideal for survival, you can never go wrong with this option.




The first thing you will love about it the sturdy fixed blade that gives it a solid feel when you grasp it.


And there is more, as the knife not only feels sturdy enough, but it also performs to perfection as well.


For any heavy duty in hiking, camping, outdoor or survival use, there is no better knife to whether the beating than this rugged knife.


At full tang blade made of a hardened 440 stainless steel, this knife is equipped to face heavy duty without the risk of failing you at the most crucial moment. More interestingly, the blade is coated with black powder for scratch resistance as well as preventing glare.


What’s more, the knife extends 10.5 inches in length and comes with the blade running 5.75 inches, and the handle length of 4.75 inches.


This gives you the ideal balance for easy handling of the knife. Besides, the handle is cylindrical with a textured and rubberized grip for absolute easy handling.


As if that is not enough, the handle also features a tough tungsten carbide skull pommel for tasks requiring blunt force like breaking glass.


The other thing you will come to love about this knife is the durable high-quality nylon holster and a hardened blade sheath made from plastic.


These come along with Velcro straps that help in MOLLE webbing or fastening your blade to tactical belts.


For cases where you might need to start a fire, you can count on the magnesium fire starter. Built in a detachable pouch in this blade for such emergencies, you can always warm yourself or cook out there. The fire starter is further compact at 3 inches and fits perfectly well in your survival or bug-out bag.


The other advantage of this blade is that it comes in two styles; a serrated one with a black handle, or the non-serrated type with a green handle.


Not forgetting, it is razor sharp and ready for action, so you can use it right from the box.




The only concern about this blade is that the grip might be too thin if you have large hands. The tang may also come loose in some cases if you expose it to harsh use.



           2. Amazon Jungle Survival Knife


When it comes to survival, there is no better way to be sure you are safe than having the ideal knife for the task.


Well, this knife is one of the best options you can go out of your way to get for your uses in almost any given situation.


And it packs a good number of features that make it the real deal among survival blades.




One unique thing you will notice about this knife is the rugged saw back design that makes it heavy-duty type of a knife you need to brave the jungle.


This design makes the knife not only sturdy but also easy to handle, making it an ultimate edge to bring with you whenever you might need a survival knife.


You will need to have a sharp edge whether in hiking, camping or any other outdoor activity requiring the use of a survival pocket knife. And this is just about the right blade to bring on board on such occasions. To meet this necessity, the blade is razor-sharp for utmost performance.


Moreover, it is made from stainless steel, making it rust resistant and sturdy enough to stand any heavy-duty needs without snapping.


Even better, the blade features a corrosion resistant finish, which makes it the ideal blade to bring on board in extreme environment.


Regardless of the conditions that the knife is exposed to, this feature and the sturdy, durable construction of the knife keeps it going against all odds.


That is not all yet, as the handle is cord wrapped for ultimate protection and comfort in use. This also goes a long way in keeping the grip from causing blisters on your hands.


And it gives you a tight grip for your safety as well as efficiency in the use of the knife. What’s more, if you need directions, you can always make use of a built-in compass in the handle of this knife to direct you.


While direction may be essential, survival will have to come first.


The good news is that you can never go wrong with the survival kit in this knife’s handle. This can come in very handy when you are in difficult situations.


The watertight mini kit comes with a fishing line, matches, a hook, a thread, and needles as well as a safety pin and a striking paper.


The other impressive feature to go for is the drilled guard that you can use to strap the knife tightly secured. This also helps when you need to use this knife for spear application if you are good at hitting the target of course.


For safety, you can always count on the leather sheath that the knife comes with, so you can keep it safely tucked away when you are not using it, or when carrying it around.




Despite the interesting features, you might have problems with the compass not working in some cases. Sometimes, the blade could be wobbly when chopping, thrusting or swinging the knife, so use it carefully if you notice this problem.



  1. Tactical Bowie survival knife


Finding a high-quality military knife is never a walk in the park, especially when looking in a market packed with all sorts of knives.


But nothing can compare to the best bowie knife when it comes to outdoor use and the real survival piece for any hunter, hiking, or camping enthusiast.




The sharp and durable stainless steel blade in this knife is the first feature you will notice. At 7 inches long and with the spine featuring a double saw edge, you will go out of your way to love this blade.


Designed for virtually any use, the edge aspect in this knife never disappoints.


If there is something more you can never regret about this knife, then it is the handle. Built for ultimate comfort and convenience, the 5-inch handle is designed for a knurled grip to fit comfortably in your palm with a superb grip. What more would you seek in a knife than a seamless handling?


Built for ultimate comfort and convenience, the 5-inch handle is designed for a knurled grip to fit comfortably in your palm with a superb grip.


What more would you seek in a knife than a seamless handling?


And there is more, coming at a solid weight of 12 ounces, the knife offers just the ideal load for easy handling and power in cutting.


If you are looking for a knife you can carry easily and safely, then this one should be the one for you.


With a composite sheath, you can always be sure once you have the blade fitted in, there are no chances of it slipping and cutting you or others around you. The sheath further has a belt buckle for fastening as well as the belt hanging.


And if you want a simpler knife, the sheath fits perfectly in your back pocket, thanks to its ideal size. With this system handy, drawing your knife couldn’t be easier.


Moreover, at 12 inches and a 440 stainless steel grade blade, this knife is pretty durable and solid enough for the job.


Besides, the knife comes with a waterproof survival kit that is also easy to remove.




The only shortcoming of this knife is that it does not come with a full tang.




  1. CDS-Survival Outdoor Hunting Knife


Not every knife out there is up to the task, especially when you want to go hunting or use it for other outdoor functions. However, when looking for such a knife, nothing can come in handy than this knife. And it comes with a number of ideal features that equip it for any task.




One of the features you cannot afford to miss about this knife is the sharp 90° spine. This makes it ideal especially when you want to use it to throw huge cascades of sparks from your trusty Ferro rods.


Even better, when you want to perform easy bushy craft, the spine edge is what you need to make things easier for you.


Built at 10.82 inches and the blade at 5.70 inches, this knife is just the right length for easy handling and use.


The blade is further built from sturdy stainless steel molybdenum-vanadium to stand the heavy use this knife can be exposed to. Having an ideal knife is one thing, but carrying it safely is quite another.


If this feat is becoming an inevitable challenge, a unique leather sheath can come to your rescue. This sheath is not only durable but is also multi-positioned for easy use.


Another impressive feature is the fire steel that can be very handy if you want to start fire. As much as you are using your blade, it is bound to become blunt over time.


However, although this blade is designed to keep its edge, it also comes with a sharpener stone. Whether you want to sharpen your survival knife or any other blade around, this stone can be convenient for maintaining your knife’s edge.


This knife is built with the outdoorsman in mind, to offer you more than just efficiency.


Another aspect you will come to love about this knife is the handle. Well-built for easy use, the handle is well stabilized with a comfortable grip.




Regardless of the outstanding features, the knife could be too aggressive, which might cause blisters if you use it for a long time without gloves.



  1. Premium survival tactical knife


What could be more fun than working with a convenient tactical knife? Well, there is nothing essential than having the right knife for the job. And this blade is one of the ideal options in the market you need to check out.




First, any survival knife needs to have a genuine sheath for carrying it around easily. Well, this one comes with an ideal horizontal-vertical leather belt sheath for this function.


Not forgetting, an included fire steel adds to the overall efficiency of the blade, making it an ideal option for most outdoor uses.


If you want a knife you can carry easily, you need to try this one out, not to mention the safety that the sheath can offer you.


Another important thing you cannot miss about the sheath is the multi-position feature, which adds to its ease of use. Coming to the blade itself, you will always have something to count on.


To begin with, the blade is made of sturdy stainless steel molybdenum-vanadium, giving it solid construction for heavy-duty use.


At 0.20 inches, the blade is also thick enough to take the beating, with a length of 3.94 inches to give you sufficient length for efficient use.


With a good balance and a comfortable feel on your hand, this knife is the real deal for every hunter, camper or wildlife enthusiast.




However, this knife might be too small to your liking, especially if you have large hands.



Things you should look for in a survival knife


You need to keep an eye on several features in every survival knife you want to buy to ensure you get the right value for your money. Among the things to look for are the blade, tang, and the handle as well as additional safety and survival features.


  1. The features of the blade are key


Like every other knife, the usefulness of any survival blade comes down to the efficiency of the blade. This boils down to a number of features.



  • Thickness of the blade


The thickness of any blade will determine one thing, the sturdy nature of the knife. When shopping for a survival knife, you need to check out the ideal knife for your needs in the jungle.


When deciding on your survival knife, you will definitely need to weigh your options.


Whether you are going to consider a heavy-duty wider blade, or you will go for a thinner blade that can help you cut down the unnecessary weight, in which case you might want to go for a knife with the ideal blade for your needs.


However, going slim with these knives is never the brightest of ideas since it may never give you the results you would expect, due to several reasons.


One of the main reasons you should avoid slim blades is the fact that you not only need to have just a blade but one you can use for a number of purposes. From using these as skinning knives to batoning wood, you will need a skinning knife that is up to virtually any task.


Besides, bending is the last thing you will want to deal with in your survival knife. This can be quite a challenge if you need to accomplish demanding tasks with your knife, and the situation cannot get any worse than when you have a thin blade to work with.


However, you don’t need to work with a wider knife on delicate tasks like carving snare sets and skinning game.


Therefore, going for the right blade size comes in very handy when getting the appropriate skining knife, so look keenly for the right one.



  • Width of the blade


If size is all that matters, this may be a different case when it comes to buying a survival knife.


In this case, bigger is never better, especially in the wild where you might need just the right size for precision in carrying out different duties.


When you have a blade that is too long, you will have a difficult time in accomplishing tasks that require a high level of precision. Similarly, if your knife is too short, you will have to struggle to do other complicated tasks like chopping.


Thus, it is important to get the right knife size for your needs, and any blend several inches long is the real thing.


  • Material used


The material is as important as the other aspects of the blade too. A knife can feature a sturdy stainless steel blade to weather heavy-duty use for outdoor purposes.


This is far-reaching when it comes to doing difficult duties that require solid blade like chopping. Other knives come with a tougher high carbon blade, which not only stands the beating from heavy use but also able to hold its edge.


You should not take having the right knife for granted; it could mean the difference between life and death if things became grim at a moment’s notice.


Whether the stainless steel or the high carbon blades, you need to take good care of your knives to prevent your blades rusting or getting stains.


Perhaps the best thing is that most of these blades are easy to sharpen and usually keep an edge for well long enough.


  • How about a Full tang balde?


In essence, “full tang” is when the blade runs across the whole length of the knife, from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle.


This might seem simple, but it is essential for the sturdiness of the knife. The idea of going for a full tang blade is that partial blades are not as strong as the full tang option.


If you go for a partial tang, you will have difficulty in dealing with forcing the blade into a hard object, especially when you want to use it for prying, which the full tang blade handles quite well.


Another challenge that partial tangs pose is loosening when in the handle during use. This could be dangerous to your hands, which is not the case with a full tang.


The best part about full tang is that it remains steady, even when the handle suffers a serious blow or snaps off completely, you can still improvise a rope or cord and carry on with your work.


It seems like the full tang is the way to go when preparing your survival gear.



  • Fixed vs. folding blade


When you are out shopping for a survival knife, you need to settle for nothing less than a knife that can stand the beating in its service.


One of the things to look out for is the blade, whether it is fixed or can be folded.


A folding knife is virtually the best survival pocket knife and packs a better edge than a fixed blade one, especially when it comes to carrying it around.


However, when it comes to a situation where you need to use a knife for your survival, a fixed blade usually carries the day.


So what is the problem with a foldable blade in the case of a survival situation? Well, the only shortcoming with the foldable type is that the folding joint could mean a point of weakness for the knife.


On the other end, a fixed blade will be more solid across the length of the knife. With survival knife, you will need to do activities that require force like prying, pounding, thrusting, as well as chopping and other rigorous cutting needs.


In such cases, the folding type might lose the credit to the fixed type. The other downside you might need to be wary of in the folding blade is the efficiency.


If you want to use your knife in an emergency, it will take you relatively longer to open the knife and ensure it is well set and locked for use.


Well, a fixed blade will always be ready to use, just pulling it off the sheath and using it right away, safety and speed can’t be more essential.



  1. The handle needs to be comfortable


When you are concentrating on the blade, it is usually easy to miss the significance of the handle. It is important pointing out that the handle is as essential as every other part of the knife.


Besides, the handle is exposed to a considerable level of beating as the blade itself as you use your knife, like during prying or batoning wood.


In most survival knives, you will need to decide between going for a solid and synthetic handle. However, the bottom-line in selecting the ideal knife handle for your use is based on three aspects; the grip, durability, and strength.


In considering these efficient feats, you need to stay clear of cheap handles like hollow handles, unless it comes with additional advantages like carrying survival tools.


This means some of the handles in the market come with a survival kit, which can be a great deal in a survival situation. However, the addition of this kit in the handle should not compromise its efficiency, as this could be catastrophic if any failure leads to injury.


If you want to get an ideal survival knife handle, you can count on such materials like modern synthetics such as synthetic rubber polymer and fiber reinforced nylon, or the dense rubber.


The best thing about these materials is their durability, but you also need to keep an eye out for scales and texturing, which offers a comfortable grip.


What’s more, most of them are designed for such tasks that require the use of blunt force as hammering among others.



  1. Other features to look out for


The blade and handle are not the only features you need to consider in making your decision for a reliable survival knife.


Several other features also come in very handy and can help in making the most out of your blade.


One of the things you cannot afford to miss in choosing your survival knife is the straps. Well, bringing your knife with you is the first thing you need to consider.


In most cases, you will have numerous other things to bring with you, and carrying your knife can prove both difficult and risky.


The good news is that many of these knives come with straps for fastening them on your belt. This means bringing your knife on your hiking, camping or hunting is super easy.


The survival kit is yet another ideal feature you should go for in any best hunting knife you want to buy.


With this knife used in rigorous outdoor activities, you need to be prepared for any emergency out in the wood. Read more on getting the ideal hunting knife.


These include a compass for direction and a fire starter among other survival necessities.


Depending on the survival knife that you are going for, but most of them are very helpful in an emergency.


How you can use your survival knife



Having your best survival knife is just the beginning; the real deal is using your knife out in the wilderness.


And you can do many things with your knife if at all you how to put it to good use. Well, here are some of the ways you can use your knife.


Make tools with your knife


From fish hooks to snares, tent pegs and improvised weapons that can help you more than your knife can be capable of protecting you are all things you can do with your knife.


All you should do is to ensure you don’t misuse your knife, and it will serve you for years to come.


You can Process woods


If you want to baton, using a survival knife could be all you need to get the job done. By placing your knife on a standing tree and cut down, then you can use the same process to cut sections out of your log.


After that, you can split your sections along the middle to get firewood, why do you have to buy stuff for your fireplace while you can make them yourself with these survival blades.



And you are able to Start a fire


Starting a fire in the woods can be quite a challenge, especially when you factor in all the unfavorable conditions out there.


But if you have a Ferro rod handy, you can always get the job done with its hot sparks that will never need to be refueled, require repair or fail due to bad weather.


Digging is made easy


Nothing can be as challenging as having to dig while you are away from home, where you cannot get hold of a shovel or any other tool for the task.


However, an ideal survival knife can save the day, whether you are excavating an edible root or digging up some worms for fishing baits.


What’s more, you will get the job done quite easily.


Making shelter will be as simple as one, two, three


Quite often, when you are spending the night outdoors, having a roof over your head will depend on how well you prepare yourself.


Not to worry, this knife can come to your rescue. So you want to make a small tent to spend the night.


Well, you can always get several sticks, sharpen them, and hammer them into the ground with this knife and put up your tent in no time, all with a simple Gerber survival knife or find out more about this one of a kind pocket knife.



And there you have it!



There you go, with all these options at your disposal, your next trip to camping or hunting should not turn out to be a nightmare for lack of a survival knife.


Get yourself the ideal tool for the job and set off your journey with confidence.


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