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The 8 Latest Tips to Learn When Using the Best Pocket Knife


Deciding on which knife to use in your kitchen may be easy, but things can be quite challenging when it comes to going for the perfect knife for outdoor needs.


You might have to sieve through numerous options to get the ideal option, but having the best pocket knife could come to your rescue.



This does not happen quickly either, and you need to be careful to pick just the right blade to take with you.


The good news is, you can always choose from a broad array of types, sizes, and brands of knives that come with, which can be a great way to cater to your needs.


Whether you are buying the knife for your use or as a gift for someone dear to you, there is doubt about the necessity of getting the ideal pocket knife.


But this could turn out to be a tricky feat if you are new to pocket knives, but there is no need to worry yet, we are here to take you through the top five options in the business.


Buckle up for a ride through some of the top pocket knife brands around, and a highlight on what you need to look for in this kind of knives later.



Top five best pocket knife review


The first step to enjoying a perfect addition to your arsenal has the right knife, and having the right blade for the job is one of the best ways to crack the code. Although this can be a challenge for beginner users, here are some of the best options that you can try.



  1. Victorinox swiss army pocket knife


If you are looking for a classic all-time tactical pocket knife for your outdoor use, do not let the full range of options in the market baffle you, this blade comes with virtually everything it takes to cut your way through the woods and back.




Among the best things about this blade is the heavy-duty make it comes with since it is built to offer up to seven functions that cover daily adventures.


Among the pieces it features are a key ring, a toothpick, scissors, and screwdriver.


Besides, the stainless-steel design and an encasing of red ABS scale are among the things that make this swiss army pocket knife durable enough to last you for years.


Not forgetting, thanks to the stainless-steel material of the blade, you can use the knife in the most unforgiving environment for years without causing rust on the blade, which only adds to its to its durability.

The size is also another great to go by as far as you have this knife in your collection.


The knife is tailored to fit comfortably in your pocket, so you can easily carry it with you almost anywhere you will need it.




Despite the full range of features that you can love about this knife, the only thing that stands out on the downside is the fact that its handle is prone to scratching over time.



  1. Case stockman pocket knife


For a real deal when it comes to small knives, this is probably the best camping knife to try out and watch its efficiency defy imagination. Do not underrate its size; the performance that this blade puts up can be amazing. Well, thanks to its features.




One of the best features that you will come to love in this knife is the Tru-sharp stainless steel blade. Whether you want a knife to go hunting, hiking, other outdoor activities or a meal prep adventure in the kitchen, this knife has got you covered.


What’s more, the knife also features a clip blade, which adds to its efficiency on the job. The clip blade is perfect for uses like cutting cheese to preparing veggies, snacks, and meat among other applications, this knife will take you there.


The sheepfoot blade is perfect for carving wood and cutting through cords and ropes. Besides, it can be a great tool for electric work and whittle too. And when you add the spey blade to the mix, you can be sure to make the most of this blade for almost any task around, from light whittling to practically any other utility job in your turf.


Not to mention, the handle features a jigged brown synthetic material for durability and perfect grip. Handling your knife has to be super comfortable and efficient as well.


And there is more; you can make the most of the folding feature in this knife to reduce it to the perfect size when you want to fit it in your pocket.




Although this knife has a whole lot of impressive features, it might be too large for some users, especially if you like tiny blades.



  1. Boker whittler pocket knife


If you love woodwork, this could be one of the best knives for you. Not only can you use it on several whittling uses, but you can also as well be sure to use it on the go. Well, the blade has just about the right size for easy portability, it is one of the sharpest pocket knife types in the market, and its features add to the efficiency too.




The robust carbon steel blade in this knife is one of the most exciting features that this knife comes with, and among the most outstanding blades in pocket knives out there. And talking of the blades, you cannot forget to notice that three types can make your work super easy.


Since you have a pen, sheepfoot, spey and coping blade to work with, you can count on this knife to take on almost any type of job in your kitchen or out on a hunt, camping or picnic.


The knife is also tailored to offer any whittling hobbyist a perfect tool for carving the most complex and intricate designs on almost any type of wood.


Another feature that you cannot afford to miss about this knife is a backspring that supports every blade to keep it in position once it is opened. So, the issue of security should not be a problem at all as long as you have this automatic pocket knife handy.


What’s more, this feature makes opening and closing the knives super easy.


The blade is also perfect for holding an edge despite the heavy duty from whittling and carving. Well then, you have another reason to love this blade.




Although this knife has all you might need to have a carving knife, it might not come as sharp out of the box, but a little sharpening could do the trick.



  1. Kershaw folding knife


Talk of a combination of safety and efficiency and this knife comes into the story. With the perfect features and an ideal design that offers the ideal tool for your job, this knife outweighs most options in the market, and one worth the investment.




One of the most exciting features you can expect to find in this knife is the reversible pocket clip, which you can set to either tip-up or tip-down setting.  And it has more to offer too; since it comes with a speed safe assisted opening function that provides a fast and easy opening of the knife.


Then you have an inset liner lock including a stainless-steel strip that is riveted to the knife’s handle.


This feature offers a lightweight and slim knife that still packs the strength and safety required for efficient use.  Another aspect that you cannot help but love about this knife is the fact that it is designed to multitask.


A big and curved blade makes this blade the perfect tool for several uses, thanks to its ability to pierce and slice different material.


Then there is the handle, which is more than you might expect in a pocketknife.  The handle is both lightweight and durable. Besides, the handle assures an unrelenting grip, so you can be sure of a perfect job without compromising the comfort of handling your knife.




The only problem with this knife is that it could be scratched quickly, mainly when you use it heavily without proper care.



  1. Case orange pocket knife


For a wide variety of uses and comfort, this blade is one of the best options you need to check out. Well, you could count this efficiency on the knife’s super design, but the features that these knife packs come in quite handy as well.




One of the aspects you will go out of your way to like this flower is the super sharp stainless steel blade. This makes the knife a perfect option to go for when you want to achieve a natural and effective slice through anything you want to cut.


Besides, the knife is designed for daily tasks, whether you want to open mail, boxes as well as other minimal chores in the house. Besides, you can also rely on it for outdoor purposes like when you are out fishing where you can cut nets with it, or cut ropes in other outdoor activities.


The handle in this knife is yet another feature that will blow you away.


Since it is made of a sturdy orange synthetic material that makes it not only makes it outstanding but also a durable and comfortable handle to work with on the most onerous tasks.


And when it comes to versatility, this knife is one of the most reliable types you can always count on for all-around use. From preparing meals in the kitchen to making the most of your knife out on a camping adventure, hunting, and other outdoor purposes, this knife will get you covered.


Another benefit you will come to love about this knife is the fact that it can hold an edge for long, and when it comes to sharpening, the job is super easy you will take it in a stride.




But with all the advantages and the exciting features, this knife is less resistant to rusting, which means it could rust with time if you are using it in wet conditions.



Now, go ahead and choose the best pocket knife for you!



Nothing can be more impressive than having the right blade for the job. Luckily, these five types are among the best you can turn to when the need for a perfect edge arises.


All you need is step into the market and select the ideal knife for your needs. But before you take to the market and hitting that buy button, make sure to look at some of the most important things to consider.

8 Latest Tips to Learn When Using the Best Pocket Knife


Having a pocket knife has many advantages, but the knives offer more too. The good news is that these knives will usually have something that will give you a reason to be proud of it.  


  1. Cleaning


The first thing you need to keep an eye on from the moment you get a pocket is on how to ensure it is always clean. Cleaning should be done before storing, and probably before any use if necessary. All you need to do is to put the knife in warm water, then open and close the blades sometimes until it can move easily. After washing, make sure to rinse the knife in warm water and dry it before storage to prevent rusting due to moisture.



  1. Dishwasher vs. hand washing


Another aspect you cannot afford to overlook is the way in which you clean your knife. Make sure not to use a dishwasher when it comes to pocket knives. Tossing your blade in the dishwasher may cause damage or minimize the durability of your knife, so consider doing things in person and hand washing your knives instead for lasting service.


  1. Lubrication


Using a pocket knife that does not have the right play can turn out to be more than just frustration, but an inefficiency you would rather avoid. This does not have to be the case if you lubricate your knife well. Some oils used for lubricating knives might lack sufficient lubrication properties. Sometimes using the wrong lubricant can compromise the functionality of your knife as well, like the stickiness. So scout around for a lubricant that can get the job done without failures.


  1. Removing dirt


Some dirt on these knives can prove to be stubborn enough not to be removable by mere washing. If these tough spots are getting in the way, you can always make use of rubbing alcohol to rub it off. The good news is that alcohol will most likely evaporate quite fast, but you can still consider rinsing the knife anyway.



  1. Sharpening


The moment you get your pocket knife, you might not be able to sharpen it by yourself, but you should be able to get the job done with time. The call for sharpening your knife may seem like a no-brainer, but it is as essential as any other aspect of taking care of your blade.


What is more important is to understand just how you can sharpen different types of blades. For straight blades, using 15 to 2o degree angle goes a long way to gain about 30 to 40-degree cutting angle. If you have a serrated knife, go for 15° to 20° angle.


  1. Rusting


Rusting can occur in different types of blades; even the ones labeled stainless steel. But this is not to mean that you cannot use your knife. You need to do something before the rust causes pitting on the blade, so it is advisable that you remove it the moment you notice it. You can make use of products such as rust eraser and others that are designed for removing rust on knives and other multi-tools.


  1. Don’t disassemble your knife


You might feel tempted to disassemble your knife to pull out any gunk in the pivots, but make sure you do not fall into the urge to take your knife apart. Disassembling your knife will void its warranty, and might as well ruin it completely if you are not able to re-assemble it. Consult the manufacturer, since most of them can offer to clean or sharpen it for you.



  1. Removing gunk


Cleaning your knife might be helpful, but there will most likely be some visible gunk or lint trapped in the handle or the knife’s pivot that you need to remove. You can do this with a toothpick or any other useful tool. But what you need to be more careful about is making sure the knife is dry.



What you need to consider first!


Choosing the ideal knife out there can turn out to be a challenging task, but you need to ease things up a bit by going for the one that best fits your preference and the needs as well.


This means going for a blade that offers all it takes to get the job done, making your work both easy and fun. This could mean having your eye on the features, but it calls for some considerations too.



  • How you plan to carry it


Well, knives can come in different types, but for pocket knives, it is usually as plain as it sounds, you need to put it in your pocket.


But you need to think beyond just having a knife in your pocket. One of the things to think about here is the pocket you will be using to carry your knife.


Some knives don’t have a clip, so it is better you go for it if you are sure you have deep and secure pockets to carry the blade, but if this isn’t the case for you, then you will need a pocket knife with clip.


If you have a knife with a clip on the other end, it is also essential adding into the list of considerations. Check where the clip is fitted in the knife, and ask yourself whether you want to ride it with the tip up or down.


Besides, it is worth considering how deep the clip is going to let the knife into your pocket.


  • Multipurpose


The choice here comes down to how frequent you use your knife. If you seldom use the blade, having a versatile tool comes in handy as you can make the most of the other devices. The only problem with this kind of choices is if it comes with a cheap steel material.


Or perhaps accessing the knife becomes slow, as you might have to work it out with both hands. If this becomes a problem, then going for a separate and high-quality pocket knife can be handy, and then you carry the other tools independently.


  • The size


When it comes to pocket knives, size matters, a lot. If you want a blade that can do more, and probably fast enough, then a longer blade might be the perfect option.


However, it is necessary to consider the local regulations concerning the length of the blade. If in your area regulations might put you in a fix if you carry a large blade, then a mini pocket knife could be all you need.



  • The opening


How the knife opens is as essential to consider, as any other aspect would be necessary to keep on the checklist.


Everybody wants a knife they can easily handle with one hand, and a knife with just the right opening function offers this easy use.  Some knives have a thumb stud or hole that you can flick the knife open using your thumb while securing the handle in that very hand.


For left-handed users, you should make sure the thumb stud is in a perfect position before flicking the blade open. Even though the protruding studs can be easy to use, this can come with a fair share of downsides too, since the protrusion might be stuck in your pocket lining.


  • Locking system


For your safety, a locking system in the knife might go a long way. But if you want a knife with a smooth use, you might like to consider a knife without a lock, and gerber pocket knives could be a great option.


Locking blades is all about opening it actively and keeping it from falling back and injuring your hands or fingers if you expose the knife to heavy duty. Nobody wants their blade locking again and slicing into your hands.

Some of the locking mechanisms include different types like compression lock, arc lock, frame lock, axis lock and other locks as well.


  • Blade play


For any knife to be sturdy enough to take on challenging tasks, it should be both strong but still have the required looseness to offer easy opening and closing. This aspect is essential for pocket knives, and getting it right could be far-reaching.


One of the ways to tell if a knife has the right play is opening it and wiggling the blade from one side to the other. If it feels to be moving within the handle, then it is not the one for you. This means it is weak and might break on you and cause serious injury.


For a perfect option, the blade should be tightly secured in the slabs of the metal in the handle that holds the blade.


This reason is yet another important factor you can center in if you want to understand why you should not go for knives with the assisted opening type. This feature comes in handy to offer the required efficiency to get the job done.



  • Additional features


Pocket knives go beyond just the distinct features that you can count on for an efficient operation; some of the types in the market come with extra properties that are quite impressive as well.


Most manufacturers use these features to stand out from others. Some knives feature a glass breaker in such a knife can be a great addition.


Others have a slot in the handle, so you can have easy time cutting cordage without necessarily having to open the blade and you won’t have to cause any risk of an injury. Some knives also come with bottle openers and box wrenches.


These can be a great addition to the utility of the knife. However, if you do not want to compromise your knife’s robust make, then these features may not be the perfect option for you.


  • Plain vs. serrated


Having your perfect pocket knife is one thing, but having the right blade is quite another. Some blades could be serrated, other just plain straight.


The plain edges can be easy to sharpen and can be quite reliable to cut through virtually anything you put on its way as long as you have it sharp enough. The serrated blades can be used to slice through manmade material and cordage quite easily.


But once a serrated knife becomes dull, you might need to have the perfect expertise in sharpening to bring the edge back to its top form.



  • Blade size


Pocket knives could have several types of blades in one knife, but what you need to be more attentive about is the size of the blades. The blade size in any knife could depend on the purpose of the knife.  Some blades are small, others medium and some large types.


Quite often, the medium blades offer outstanding versatility.


This is thanks to the fact that these edges are sturdy enough to take on the heavy-duty use and still the perfect size that you will not have to brush shoulders with the law for carrying one.  But if you have minimal tasks to take on, smaller blades could help.



Final thoughts!


Buying your pocket knife could come with a wide range of considerations to make. The ones already discussed here are just some of the most important aspects to keep in your top list.


Other factors to look out for include the number of blades in any old timer pocket knife. The material of the edge and the handle material, as well as the price of any blade, are among the things you cannot afford to miss.


But it is also in part about finding the right knife for your needs too. We believe that you have found the perfect blade for you in this collection of pocket knives, and finding the right one should not be a problem either.





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