Best Hunting Knife

Top 8 Tips to Get You The Best Hunting Knife Today



You may have a wide variety of knives in your kitchen collection, but only until you get the best hunting knife you can get out there with confidence.


When you have to gut a deer, carve a fuzz stick or carry out any other task in the woods depends largely on the quality of the knife you bring onboard.



So, what makes these blades a special type?


Well, with a design for carrying out extraordinary tasks, these blades usually feature a sharp edge for cutting slices of meat, a slight curve on some for skinning.


For any hunter, getting a hold of any of these knives before venturing into the turf of the wild is outright crucial. The choice of the right hunting knife comes down to several factors.

But most important of all is getting a  knife that can go the distance in serving the function when it comes to facing the tough tasks that any hunt can through at you.


Any quality knife for hunting should be versatile enough, but you still need to consider your options basing on the way you plan to use the knife, as well as the game you are out to hunt.



Besides, it is most important that you are realistic in choosing your favorite knife, as you will need a different blade to hunt a deer than you would with a rabbit hunt. Nevertheless, the need for a blade out there is inevitable.


The question remains, which one should you pick, and what does it take a knife to have what you need to make the most out of your hunting companion. The cost might be relatively high, but the benefits are considerable.


Having a great knife for every hunt is one of the things you cannot afford to overlook when making your preparation to get out there, whether you are going to the big or small game.


But the first thing is to have a knife that can perform to the best at the most crucial moment. There is a catch; we have come up with top five hunting knives that should not miss in your checklist.

The Top Eight Tips to Get You the Best Hunting Knife!



When it comes to selecting the best hunting knife for your needs, these are the eight most important things you need to know beforehand.


  1. Knives for small game


The game you are after could well determine the knife you should carry. Such game as rabbits, hares, foxes, birds, and others require a small knife for the skinning or dressing. Small knives offer an easy time when parting cuts as you pull the skin off by hand.


  1. Knives for medium game


A medium sized game like deer and other animals with thin skin as kangaroo and pigs put up little resistance during skinning, and a medium-sized knife gets the job done quite easily. Any knife with a cutting edge about six to eight centimeters will suffice in dressing such game.


For beginners, a small bone saw might be handy for removing the head, but if you are experienced, using a knife will be as efficient.


  1. Knives for large game


Large game such as scrub bulls and buffalo have a thick skin that calls for the use of large, heavy-duty knives to get the job done with ease. Most of these games skin is not only thick but also tough and usually encrusted with mud, making dressing more difficult. Initial cuts and skinning require the use of heavy knives built for the job, often any blade within the range of 12 to 15 centimeter.



  1. Specialty Knives


The other thing you cannot afford to miss is the specialty of any knife. A skinning knife is built for specifically that purpose, so make sure you do not use such a knife for cutting branches or as a pry bar or any other function. Using a hunting knife for the wrong purpose may lead to dulling or ruining it altogether.


  1. Clean up


Apparently, cleaning your knife after every use is essential. And while most people might think that cleaning the blade is all it takes, cleaning the handle is as important too. Not forgetting, you need to make sure the shaft is cleaned as well. After cleaning, dry your knife to prevent rusting due to moisture.


Although keeping the knife dry might prove difficult if you are in a wet environment, folding it with a leaf can go a long way.


  1. Oiling


Another thing you need to do quite often is oiling your knife to prevent friction and provide a coating that helps keep rust at bay. Remember that some oils might leave an aftertaste on your meat, so you can consider using food grade oils instead. Besides, be keen not to oil the handle as this will make it slippery, and it is n not essential if the handle is made of artificial material or rubber.


But in case of a wooden handle, a linseed oil could do the trick.



  1. Maintenance


Proper maintenance of your knives goes beyond just cleaning, sharpening the blade in case any becomes dull is important. You might go the DIY way if you have the experience, but for beginners, a professional might help sharpen the knives for you. Remember, working with a dull knife will only pose more risk than utility.


  1. Storage


Storage of your knives is as essential too especially if you want your knives to last long enough. Make sure to keep your hunting knives in a humidity-free environment to make sure rusting does not stand a chance.


A leather sheath can be very handy, but not ideal for long time storage since chemicals used in these sheaths can lead to damage to the blade. Look for something non-acidic that you can use to store your knife like wrapping it in a paper and placing it in a plastic bag and a bit of desiccant to ensure it stays dry.


The Five Best Hunting Knife  



As much as you need to select the ideal blade for your prospect, it is important to ensure you go for the one that best suits your preference.


This can prove a serious task if you don’t know where to look, but you do not have to bear the frustration as we have sorted and selected five of the top hunting knives.



  1. Smith & Wesson Full Tang Spear Point Knife


If you are looking for a robust knife that you can count on for heavy task out in the turf of the game, you will definitely need a fixed blade, and more importantly, a full tang knife. This knife is one of the best that you need to try, and it comes with virtually anything you need for the job.




This knife is a full tang fixed blade for a sturdy make that ensures it is well equipped for heavy hunting tasks. This is crucial in enabling the knife to take on almost any task that you through at it.


Besides, the handle is rubbed with clack rubber, offering an ideal grip at any weather. Tried and tested, this handle is built for maximum durability despite the tough task the knife is exposed to.


Another aspect of this knife you will come to love is the coated stainless steel blade for rust resistant and lasting service.


At up to over 4 inches long, this blade is virtually all you need to make your hunting a success.


Besides, the knife also comes with a leather sheath and a pocket clip, so carrying it around is super easy. Not forgetting,  at only 7 pounds, it is light enough for easy handling but has enough heft to it to get the job done.


Besides, the knife comes sharp enough and keeps its edge foe well longer than you might be expecting to sharpen it.




The only flipside is that a release button in this knife might be difficult to unsnap when wearing it, so you might need to do a bit of exercise to make yourself used to unlock it.



  1. TAC Force Tactical Folding Knife


When it comes to the need for a tactical knife, there is no better way to get you covered than getting this knife for your best hunting knife needs. The folding knife comes with virtually all you need to get the job done out in the woods.




As a spring assisted folding knife, you can get the benefit of one-handed deployment for fast use. Perhaps the best part about this knife is that you can lock it securely into place, thanks to its liner lock that makes it both safe and ideal for use.


With a black half serrated blade, you can make the most of your knife in your hunting activities.


Not to mention that the blade longer than 3 inches with a 3-millimeter thickness offers right about everything you need for a sturdy lasting and reliable blade. The handle is yet another feature to be reckoned with in this knife.


With a durable aluminum material and a bottle opener, you can always get more with this knife for a number of uses.


What’s more, since the handle also features a glass breaker, you can take the advantage and get yourself out of an emergency. And while using your knife is the ultimate goal, carrying it is essential.


This cannot come any better than with the pocket clip that this knife comes with, making it super easy to carry around.


Besides being sharp, sturdy and durable, the knife is also versatile enough, so you can use it for fishing, camping, protecting yourself at any time of need.




The only problem with this knife is that you might have problems getting the blade to lock, so it requires rapid flicking motions to open the blade and lock it.



  1. Buck Knives Folding Knife


When setting out for a hunt, the first thing you need to have is a handy buck hunting knife that can make things easier for your task in handling the game. Well, a bit of easy handling and portability of the knife comes in handy too, and when you want to get the best of both worlds, there is no better place to look than this folding knife.



The first impressive feature of this knife is its folding design. This not only makes it super easy to carry around but also incorporates a one-hand opening for easy retrieval.


If you need your knife at a crucial time when you need to withdraw it as fast as possible, I will be there for you.


The other thing you can never go wrong with this knife is that it is razor sharp right from the box, and retains its edge for long enough to offer you enough service for long enough. To offer a secure grip, the handle comes with finger swells to make your grip both efficient and comfortable hold.


Besides, it also comes with ridges on the top for a sure grip despite the condition. Another interesting thing about this knife is its lightweight nature, which makes it easy and comfortable to use.


Factor in the ideal size of the steel blade’s strength and corrosion resistance, you can be sure to get a good return on your money with this knife.


For convenient portability, the knife can fit in virtually any bag you have around, whether it is your key ring, pocket, backpack, or even a lanyard. The stylish and compact design makes this knife the blade to take with you almost anywhere.

Something more you cannot afford to miss about this knife is the lock back mechanism, which keeps the blade well locked into open position.


This offers a guarantee for strength and safety when working with the knife.




This knife comes with numerous impressive features, but the lack o a belt clip makes it difficult to lock on your belt for easy portability.



  1. ELK Ridge Fixed Blade Knife


When it comes to buckling up for an intense hunt ahead, you will need to have a number equipment for various uses. One of the things you need to have in your arsenal is an ideal blade for the job, and this is among the perfect options to go by.




First, this knife is beautifully crafted with a straight edge blade that not only offers an attractive blade to bring along but also offers an essential service whenever needed out in the hunt.


Not forgetting, the blade comes as razor sharp, and is solid enough to retain an edge for well a long time, so your hunting knife sharpener may not see much action after all. So you will not need to spend on sharpening and re-sharpening the blade every other day.


And with a sturdy blade, you can be sure you will have years to make use of your knife for tough duties like dressing deer and other functions. If well cared for, this knife could last you a lifetime.


With a silver bolster handle and pakkawood overlay, handling the blade is super easy as much as it is a comfort in use.


Besides, the handle lasts long enough to serve the purpose and is usually offers a tight grip for efficiency. The blade is sturdy enough with a full tang construction that eliminates the possibility any weak points.


And with a mirror finish and double blood groove adds to the fascinating look and outstanding performance of this blade. The knife also comes with a leather sheath that offers easy and safe portability.


So you can always keep the knife by your side where you can easily retrieve it whenever you need it.




This knife has only one problem though since the blade is not a 440 stainless steel grade, it can be prone to rust if not well preserved.



  1. Outdoor Razor-Lite Folding Hunting Knife


Nothing can compare to this efficient and great knife when it comes to getting ready for a hunting adventure. Coming with several features, you can always make the most of this blade, and comes in handy whenever you are setting out for a hunt.




First things first, you need to carry your blade conveniently, and the belt clip that your bowie knife comes with offers more than just that with easy retrieval.


Another feature in this knife that you cannot miss is the 3.5-inch blade, which is not only sharp and strong but also keeps its edge over a long time.


Besides, it comes with a pack of up to six replaceable blades sold separately in case the existing one is worn out. Besides, you can as well re-sharpen the replaced blades and use them again.


What’s more, a rubberized handle offers an ideal non-slip grip regardless of whether it is wet or not, which makes it efficient for handling.


And since this blade is foldable, carrying it around is always safe enough, as the sharp edge is tucked away from the exterior to prevent any risk of cuts.




The only shortcoming in this knife is that it does not feature a spring assisted blade open function for easy retrieval.


Now, go ahead and choose the Best Hunting Knife for you!




Making your decision for the perfect hunting knife doesn’t have to be a pain in your neck, at least not with these blades in the market.


You have every reason to click the buy button with confidence. But make sure to check out some of the things that make a good hunting knife below.


So, What should you look for?



The design of any knife and the features it comes with go a long way in determining its effectiveness in getting the job done. Much can be at stake if you do not get the right blade, but you can always be smart enough to look for what matters most.



  • Folding vs. fixed


Knives used for hunting can come in either fixed or folding blades. And even though they are both good for the job, the differences might be very significant for the long haul.


A buck folding knife will serve you well for the most game, providing the much-needed strength thanks to the handle that offers a better grip handle and strong blades.


When it comes to convenience in use, the folding lade quite literally takes the day, but what is the fixed blade good for?


Well, if you have a fixed blade hunting knife, you can be sure to get the most that this blade has to offer. This blade is usually the first choice any hunter would reach out for.

The durability, sturdy construction, versatility and the ease to clean makes it a darling for many hunters.


With hunting coming with lots of rugged work, dependability comes in very handy, so your knife should have the features set for the heavy task, from handling skinning, cutting through cartilage and bones and gutting game, you name them.


Fixed blades are some of the types to go by.



  • Is full tang that essential?


A full tang blade is among most dominant and features that make a fixed blade knife sturdy. This design involves the blade running the whole length of the knife from the tip to the end of the handle in a continuous piece.


  • What about the handle?


The handle is as essential too. Get it right, and you have quite a real deal for the job, this can be done by testing the handle beforehand. Confirm that it is an ideal fit for your hand and offers a comfortable grip.


It should also be ideal to stand high humidity as well as rain, but be sure to stay clear of any handle that could become slippery if wet and a synthetic one can be the right material to go for.


All you need is to get an ideal knife that can last you a lifetime.


  • Remember that bigger is not always better


As much as you are looking for a knife that can withstand the rigors of hunting, bigger is not always best. Sometimes the animal you hunt may be small, and better prepared using a rather smaller knife instead, so weigh your options depending on the task.


Sometimes the animal you hunt may be small, and better prepared using a rather smaller knife instead, so weigh your options depending on the task.


Choosing just the right knife can be essential when it comes to tasks that require precision, like cleaning and preparing game, which might be best done using a small, more controllable knife.



  • Look out for the real material


The material used also comes in very handy when determining the reliability of a knife. Hunting knives made from carbon or stainless steel would be a blade to be reckoned with, although both come with a fair share of upsides and downside nevertheless.


The stainless steel will cost you a pretty penny, but the carbon can be cheaper but could rust easily. Non-stainless steel will be prone to rust, but this makes a great blade if well taken care of.


Powdered steel is among the newest types of alloys, made from granules that look like powder. This material is resistant to corrosion, it is hard and strong, an ideal blade for use out there.


  • Consider The point


The ultimate goal in choosing the right point comes down to deciding whether you are going for serrated types for heavy jobs like splitting through rib cages or any other type of edge that can perform to your needs.


In most cases, you will either find a field knife with a clip point or a drop point, depending on the one you choose.


Any of these could come in a combination of a deeper belly for easier skinning, but the drop point is more regarded for dressing game and you won’t have to slice the innards.


The thicker tip of these knives is also essential for separating joints as well as carrying out other difficult chores. Besides, if you will need to use it to skin fish at a point, the finer clip on this one can come to your rescue, but handle it with care, as the tip might be dangerous.


A clip point comes with a relatively flat blade, but the point is apparently well defined. This knife can be versatile enough for skinning and dressing game, both of which can be very helpful for hunting activities.


If you are looking for an all-around knife, then this could well be all you need.



  • How about a Skinning knife?


A skinning knife is essential in its own right. This type is designed for solely skinning big game. Well built for the task, this knife offers a fast and neat separation of the ski from the meat. However, just like a camping knife, this blade can also help in doing other chores during your hunting.


  • The Grind, do you prefer flat or hollow?


When it comes to the grind, two types come into the picture as well. You can go for the flat or the hollow grind. The hollow ground blade looks more like a concave shape, as though the material has been scooped off the thickness of the blade.


This blade is easy to sharpen once it becomes blunt and can be very handy for making shallow cuts as well as dressing game, cutting hide as well as carrying out simple chores. The flat ground type happens to be more of a common choice.


This blade is tough and keeps a better edge, it can be used for making deeper cuts as well as working around bone and sinew along cutting wood among other functions.


How about getting good quality Gerber pocket knives, the best thing you can have one that is not bulky to the way you down on your expeditions. Find out the benefits of this pocket knife.



Final Verdict



There go your top five best hunting knives that you need to ensure feature in your collection of hunting tools.


These are a great addition to your arsenal, which you can count on for years with a persevering edge and sturdy blades built to withstand the rigorous use out in the wild.


You need not count on the knives in your kitchen for this kind of duty, getting the ideal hunting knife set for the job goes a long way. As such, these knives are built specifically for this kind of duty.


These really go the distance in offering you virtually all you need for activities in hunting. From skinning, dressing and other operations involved in preparing game as well as in cases of emergency, these blades will be there for you.


When you consider the things you can do with this blade will you understand how effective it can be? You might have to spend a few bucks to get it, but the service it offers is well worth the cost.


From having an easy and fun time out in your hunt to making the most of your knife in other activities like camping and other outdoor activities, you have a lot to benefit.


So what are you waiting for, get out there and grab the right knife for your next hunt!



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