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The 4 Awesome Tips That Will Turn Your Gerber Pocket Knife Experience Around


Whether you are going out on a hunt, a camping adventure or a picnic, you need to bring a knife with you. But the best thing you can do is have a light knife that you can carry comfortably and still make the most out of it.


This is where pocket knives come into play, but not just any but Gerber Pocket Knives. Its versatility and ease of use gives this knife the upper hand over other options that you can use out there.


In essence, a pocket knife is one of the handiest tools you will use almost every day, and there is no better place to look than among the Gerber legendary blades.



This knife is a tool you can use for almost any purpose. From fishing to hunting, kitchen use, drywall and other task either indoors or outdoors.


Its suitability to be carried effortlessly in your pant pockets or anywhere else you might want to take it makes it the perfect choice for versatility.


Finding an ideal knife is not the only problem, you will face out there in your shopping, but having to select the right one from a dizzyingly complex collection of pocket knife brands.


You need to get a knife that can fit seamlessly into your daily life, read more on this.


The good news is that the market has a wide variety of knives to choose from, and we have done a review of some of the best options to help you work through your choice wisely.



Five best Gerber pocket knives review


When it comes to choosing your preferred knife, you will have to decide from numerous offers in the market.


If you know where to look, you can find an ideal knife you will count on and take pride in for years. This is not an easy task though, but here are the five best Gerber pocket knife options for you.



  1. Gerber STL knife


When it comes to easy portability and efficient use, this is most like the ideal knife you need to check out. Well, not only is it reliable in these aspects but also a great tool with many other exciting features too.




Since you want your pocket knife to last you for years, you need one that will not rust or corrode easily. This is why the Gerber knife features a titanium coating for enhanced resistance to corrosion, which means guaranteed lasting service.


The 440 A stainless steel blade is durable and comes with an excellent edge and the perfect design for a surgical knife. You cannot get a better service with this Gerber gator razor-sharp blade.


Not forgetting, this Gerber gator knife also features a lanyard hole and a frame lock. These qualities add to the efficiency of this knife, making it the perfect blade for easy use and storage too.


If you are looking for a knife you can open smoothly; you need to check this one out. The blade is super easy to open with one hand, which could be the best option if you are holding something on the other. The design of the blade gives it a unique functionality.


It is light, thin and durable, making it a great deal to have handy whenever you are going out or working around the house.




With all the impressive features, the knife does not come with a pocket clip, which could be very useful in making its portability even easier.


  1. Gerber Freeman Folding Knife


Nothing can be more reliable than a pocket knife with a fine edge and an ideal drop point. This is why you need to try this knife for several uses to get the best edge on the field. Well, this knife is one of the best Gerber blades out there that never disappoint.




The first thing that you will come to love about this knife is its TacHide Onlay make of the handle that offers an ideal grip in any condition.


Not forgetting, the handle further comes with large finger grooves that provide perfect and comfortable grip. Besides the handle being efficient for handling, it is also lightweight, offering easy portability. What more would you be looking for if you like carrying your knife virtually anywhere?


Another exciting feature of this knife is the nylon sheath, which offers an outstanding wear resistance. This guarantees lasting service from your blade so that you can get a good return on your investment.


The blade is as efficient too. Since the knife comes with an elegant and sharp edge as well as a drop point, you can use it for virtually any task, tough or simple jobs. And the easy folding function offers an incredible convenience of use as well.




The only downside to this knife is the fact that it is quite large, especially if you do not frequently carry knifes on your belt.


  1. Gerber Swagger Pocket Knife


Using your best pocket knife can be quite fun, but nothing compares to the natural use and fun that comes with an assisted opening function in this kind of knives. What’s more, the knife also comes with numerous features to be reckoned with too.




Apparently, the first exciting thing you will notice about this knife is the one-hand assisted opening. This offers not only easy use but also makes the knife fun to work with both indoors and outdoors.


The blade is partially serrated, which makes it a multipurpose reliable knife to work with for several purposes. If you have different uses for a flat blade and a serrated one, then you need not look for two different knives, this one will get the job done.


Besides, the blade is coated with black titanium nitride that offers ideal corrosion resistance. This guarantees lasting service from your knife.


The other impressive feature is that the knife is also super easy to sharpen, so maintaining the edge should not be a challenge for you.


Above all, if you are looking for a lasting knife, then the G-10 composite lightweight handle in this blade will offer a durable grip. Besides, the textured scales in the handle provide a perfect grip in virtually all conditions.




The only problem with this knife is that it does not come with a lock.



  1. Gerber Paraframe Knife


When it comes to looking for the right pocket knife out there, you need to make sure you get the one that can last you years.


Well, there is no better way to ensure you are in for the real deal than looking for a stainless steel blade that is built for durability. And Gerber paraframe knife is all you have been searching.




First things first, any pocket knife should be designed to ensure an essential easy handling possible. This knife features a one-handed opening function that means you will quickly open your knife without having to struggle to open it.


The other important thing to note is the lightweight make of the knife. This means you can easily carry it around without necessarily having to add unnecessary weight to your backpack when going on a picnic or camping adventure.


Besides, you need to notice the frame lock design, which makes this knife not only easy to use but also convenient to keep safe when storing it.


Not to mention the fact that the knife is small enough so you can easily slide it in your pocket or carry it comfortably in your hand.


A stainless steel blade offers solid make, which means you can use the knife for hard tasks without the risk of breaking it in the process. Above all, if you are looking for a lasting blade, then this one is built to take the beating for years without giving.




This knife comes with many impressive features, but has one shortcoming, as the hinge could be tight and probably rub on the blade.



  1. Gerber EAB knife


Finding a pocket knife is a major success if you can lay your hands on the right one. But finding one that can stay sharp is perhaps the best deal you can count on. This knife is one of the best types that you can easily keep sharp thanks to its replaceable blade and many other features for convenience in use as well.




A durable stainless steel that this knife is built with is one of the most impressive features that you will go out of your way to love about it. This offers a lasting service.


So no matter how hard tasks you will be using the knife for, this sturdy blade will take the beating for years. The other outstanding feature in this knife is the fact that the blade is replaceable to keep it sharp.


Since you want your knife to be always sharp, you would usually go to any extent to maintain the edge.


If your knife becomes blunt, you can easily unscrew it, replace it with a new and sharp one, and keep working.


Another thing you will come to love about this knife is the lightweight make, weighing only two ounces, which means you can comfortably carry your knife in the pants or front pocket of your shirt.


This way, you can have your knife handy for any routine task that you have to accomplish. Above all, if you are looking for a knife with a little more versatility, then the pocket clip in this knife, which also doubles up as a money clip will do for you.


And while any knife should offer the expected efficiency, the safety is as important too.


Well, thanks to a liner lock construction in this one, you can have worry-free use of your knife as it locks solidly in the open position, so it won’t become closed when you apply pressure.




This knife has many positive features to go for, but on the downside, it lacks a pocket clip, so if you like a knife with this features, then this may not be the one for you.


Go ahead and choose the best Gerber pocket knife for you!



These are the best pocket knife offers you can turn to in the market. It is obvious each one of these knives comes with its distinct features, so all you need to do is go for the one that best suits your needs.


But when shopping for these knives, you need to be keen on several aspects as well, read on to find out more.


The 4 Awesome Tips That Will Turn Your Gerber Pocket Knife Experience Around



Gerber knives come with all sorts of things that you will come to love about these blades, but there is always some the more exciting ones. Here are some of the things that make these knives the go-to option when it comes to adding an edge to your pocket for all-time use.


  1. Variety


One of the most impressive things about these knives is the wide array of variety for your choice. Gerber pocketknives range from switchblades, fixed blades and folding ones, there is a whole range of knives for practically any use and occasion.


  1. Quality


When it comes to pocket knives, the quality always matters. Well, Gerber knives have all you need regarding the consistency of quality.


If you are looking for more bang for your buck, then these legendary blades will offer you one of the most appropriate choices you can make in the purchase.  Whether you are an outdoorsman, an explorer or a pocketknife enthusiast, these knives will always have something for you.



  1. Availability


The other aspect that gives these knives an edge over the competition is easy availability. Whether you want to order it online or check out a blade for a quick purchase in your nearest outdoor store, you will find the knives virtually anywhere you turn. This makes it easy for users to add to their collection of blades without having to struggle to find the right knife out there.


  1. Price


Forget the availability and quality, the fair prices in most of these knives will blow you away. Apparently, getting a quality knife does not mean breaking the bank, and since Gerber knives are priced according to the size and type, you can always go for the one that best fits your needs and budget.


What to look for in a pocket knife


Pocket knives come with several types of blades, and these offer for a wide variety of options to choose from depending on the uses you have for the knife.


From the fixed blade to the folding types, the best pocket knife has a variety of features to make it uses easy for you. Find out more.


Besides, the different blade types also come in handy when it comes to the price. Here are several types that you can find quite useful for almost any task.



  1. The Edges
  • Plain edge


Pocket knife types differ from one to the other, but this blade is one of the best options that you can lay your hands on. This edge offers an ideal choice for making push cuts, and is as essential for better control and attaining more accuracy for a clean cut.


Besides, the knife is easy to sharpen, so you don’t have to call in a professional to do the job for you, and most Gerber survival knife options are designed like this for easy use in the wild.


  • Serrated edge


This edge is designed for taking on tough materials. It has an additional strength, thanks to its high pressure per area from the serrations that gives it an advantage over other types. What’s more, since most of these knives are slim, it is easy to cut well than most other options.



  • Partially serrated


This type is a half-serrated and half-plain edge. Blades of this kind are preferred as they help perform the tasks you would with either the plain edged one or the serrated type without having to use two different blades.


From the rigorous cutting to the push cuts, this blade will get the job done.


  1. Blade length


While selecting the type of your blade is essential, you also need to determine the length of the blade if you are to get a good deal out of it. Most blades will differ with only a few inches, but this goes a long distance and could mean all the difference in the job you have for it and its efficiency.


  • Small blades


When it comes to pocket knives, bigger is not always better. Small types are outstanding for some factors; first, the knives are legal almost everywhere as far as knife laws are concerned. Besides, these offer comfortable portability and more balance in use.



  • Medium size


Medium sized blades are usually some of the most popular offers in the market, and most preferred by users. This type is also small enough for comfortable portability, but the better part is that you will be able to handle a wide range of tasks as well.


Like most Gerber rescue knife types, these have several types of a locking mechanism, which can be very handy for the strenuous job.


  • Large size


Blades in this range are usually over four inches in length. This type is essential to carry for self-defense purposes and can put on quite a show when it comes to intimidating the smaller ones.


A large blade may not be the most ideal for everyday carry but can be a great deal if you want a novelty knife that you can use for display.


  1. The handle


Another thing you cannot afford to miss when it comes to selecting a good pocket knife is looking at the handle.


This could mean all the difference between a lasting knife and a piece of junk. Besides, a good handle means you can use the knife in any condition without any issues. This comes down to the material, and these are some of the most sought-after ones.


  • Rubber


If you are looking for a knife with the familiar and reliable texture, then you need to go for the one with a rubber handle.


This not only means a comfortable hold but also ensures a perfect grip that you can use in any condition without slipping off your hands. Above all, a rubber handle is built for durability; so you can use it for years on end, as you will find with most Gerber pocket knives.



  • Bone


This type of handles is as common too. Bone handles could come in a variety of options, from jigged bone to giraffe bone, smooth white bone or scored bone. The best thing to do when selecting your knife has a feel of the one that is most comfortable in your hand.


  • Aluminum


Aluminum handles are usually lightweight and come with a coating of a protective film. This type is common with newer knives and offers a perfect grip, which comes in very handy if you will be using your knife in harsh weather.


  • Celluloid


Celluloid handles are made from a synthetic plastic of cellulose nitrate. When fabricated, the celluloid can resemble natural materials like horn, ivory, amber, and agate among others. This type of handle offers an ergonomic design and pleasing color as well.



  1. Opening and lock mechanism


This function is another essential aspect to have your eyes on when shopping for a pocket knife.


Opening mechanisms can vary from manual opening to the automatic type, also known as a switchblade, and the other type is the assisted-opening mechanism, all of which offer different functions depending on what works best for you.


The type of locks could include liner lock, slip joint, and lock back among others. The best thing you can do to be sure you get the perfect option is doing a bit of research and choosing the one that offers the most effortless use.


Final thoughts!



Well, pocket knives can vary in many ways, but the bottom line is that these knives offer the same purpose quite effectively.


If you are a heavy user of knives on an occasional basis, there is no better way to bring convenience close home than going for a pocket knife. It is about time you kept the edge within reach. For the demanding tasks and the random ones, these knives will have you covered.


We believe our buying guide has been helpful to enlighten you make an informed choice.


So go ahead and hit that purchase button for your best Gerber knife with confidence.


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