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Top Six Reasons You Should Try a Calphalon knife Set Today!


Buying a knife block or an expensive set for a friend as a housewarming gift is one of the irresistible urges most of us to find in occasionally. And what better way to awe someone with a set of edges than getting a Calphalon knife set for them and watching them cut their way into starting a new life.


After all, gifting a good friend who is into cooking cannot go better than having something for them that will make cooking super easy and fun.



Whether you are buying a knife set for a friend or yourself, it is worth going for the right set that can get all your needs in the kitchen covered. But finding just another knife set is one thing, but having one that counts is quite another story altogether.


This is where the need for a perfect choice comes into play.


If you are new to using knife sets, you might have difficulty deciding which option is best. Nevertheless, this should not be a problem, since we are here to help you find the right best cooking knives for you.  Keep reading as we take you through some of the top-ranking sets in the market.


Six reasons to try Calphalon knife set today!



For some, all it takes to cut virtually anything in the kitchen is just one knife. But others are for the idea that when it comes to getting the best out of your time in the kitchen you should have a knife for every need comes in handy.


This comes out real if you have the right Calphalon knife set, and the best part to learn the interesting secrets of this set is on every blade. Here are six of the best edges you can find in this set and the reason to each one.


  1. All-purpose chef’s knife


Sharp and slim, this blade more like the one you would probably mistake for the one-fits-all knife. It lives up to the hype, as you can use it for virtually any purpose around, but it might not be the perfect blade for taking on hard tasks or tricky maneuvers boning and such.


It is not as if this blade does not bear its secret though, since the design features a straight edge for tackling meat chunks, mincing and slicing as well as dicing veggies. This feature makes the knife super easy to use and earns it its all-around functionality.


  1. Heavy duty meat cleaver


Ever seen those broad-face knives in a Calphalon set? Well, that’s your butcher knife right there, also known as the clever.


This blade is built for the heavy tasks like cutting large chunks of meat, and the reason you should try this blade is its hefty hatchet-like design that makes it ideal for cutting through meats like butter without buckling or shattering on the job. And something more, since it works using blunt force thanks to its weight and the momentum of its swing.



  1. Serrated blades for delicate tasks


Yet another reason you will find Calphalon set thrilling, this blade’s jagged edges hold the key to its outstanding mystery that makes it a special type to have in your kitchen. If you want to slice bread without dirtying your table with crumbles or crushing the bread’s soft inside, then this knife is for you.


The idea is that it works like a saw to shear off the delicate slices and the innards remain intact.  Not to mention a downward cutting action that does not necessarily require the use of much force.


  1. Precision-based paring knife


Want a knife for the delicate and intricate cuts on veggies and fruits? Well then, Calphalon has another secret to share, the paring knife.  Although it might look like a normal chef’s knife at first glance, this knife’s secret is in the sharp, compact and straight blade with the right length at 2 to 4 inches long.


This offers for precise results in cutting, peeling apples, slicing salads and vegetables as well as de-seeding fruits, deveining shrimps and other such uses.


  1. Easy use boning knife


These knives are usually 5 to 7 inches in length, but what you can beat about them is the curved and flexible blades. This design helps in detaching meat from the unreachable section in bones.


Besides the blade works by cutting action like a jigsaw, which makes easy to cut around bones with odd shapes to retrieve the meat. But remember, this knife is best used to remove the meat from the bone rather than cutting the bone itself.



  1. Kitchen shears for extra efficiency


Calphalon is not done yet, not until you see the sixth secret that tops all with additional efficiency for your kitchen. You might want to use a knife or any other tool, but kitchen shears usually have something to be reckoned with, thanks to its usefulness in preparing vegetables and herbs around the kitchen.


You might not find this shears in every set out there, but the good thing is that almost every Calphalon set comes with one.


With these blades in the offer, what more could you look for in a knife set? this is why Calphalon sets are built to equip you fully for every purpose in the kitchen. Read on and check out our top selection of some of the best types of these sets in the market.


Five best Calphalon knife set options


Choosing the perfect knife set that can cover all your needs with a blade in the kitchen is not an easy task, and you might have to do a lot of research to land the perfect one.


Even worse, you can end up with a set you would not invest in, but then you have to keep it in your kitchen and move forward to spending more down the road for a better set.  You need to make sure you go for a brand that never disappoints if you are to be sure you get the value for your money.



  1. Simply Calphalon cutlery set


This 16-piece calphalon cutlery set is one of the best options you can lay your hands on if you are looking for a knife set that you will be proud of for years. Not only is it ideal for versatility, but it also comes with robust knives for the most stringent tasks in the kitchen.




The first thing you will come to love about these knives is the full tang design, which makes them not only sturdy for any job but also well balanced for easy use. For ultimate efficiency and comfort, these blades are the real deal.


When it comes to the handles, you can be sure this set will not let you down. The knives feature triple riveted handles that offer durability and safety, as the blade has no chance of breaking into your hand, which may injure you.


Besides, the handles are labeled, so you can be sure to have an easy time identifying and selecting the knife you want for any particular use.


What’s more, the blades are made of high carbon steel that is not prone to staining. So your knives are built to last you for long and remain pristine all along. Not forgetting, although the blades retain an edge for long, sharpening is also super easy.


Then you can count on the full range of blades for versatility, which helps in covering virtually any purpose you have a knife in the kitchen. The set includes a parer, a bagel, santoku knife, utility blade, chef’s knife, sharpening steel, serrated steak knives and the block for storing your knives.




The only downside to this blade is that it is not dishwasher safe, so you need to hand wash it, but this method is ideal for durability.



  1. Calphalon self-sharpening block set


Having the right knife in your kitchen can be quiet fun, but when the time to sharpen comes, you might have a challenging feat to accomplish.


But why do you have to bother while this set is designed to make things for you with the calphalon self sharpening cutlery design, so all you have to do is pick your knives ready for use. Then there are other features too.




One of the things you will notice about this set from the first glance is the full range of blades. From chef’s knife to serrated utility knife, santoku and paring knife as well as a steak knife. Besides, you cannot afford to miss the kitchen shears too.


The other impressive feature of this set is the ceramic sharpener, which is built-in to sharpen the straight edge knives automatically after every use, so you don’t have to bother about sharpening.


Moreover, since the blades are made from a high carbon material, it is sturdy and stains free.  The edges are also full tang design, which means unparalleled durability and balance of the knives too.


When you take a glimpse into the handles, you will have yet another thing to love about this set. The handles feature a triple-riveted design and contour for offering a comfortable and stable grip.


Besides, labels on the handles provide an easy way of identifying the different knives so you can pick the one you need quickly.


Above all, the block is beautiful and durable with a lasting impression on your kitchen counter. It is made of rubberwood and stainless steel slots for sharpening the knives and a feature for collecting the metal shards from blades. Besides, it has an extra non-sharpening slot where you can store other types of knives.




Although this set has a whole lot of exciting features, it has a shortcoming too; the knives might show signs of pitting and staining with time.



  1. Calphalon Katana 18-piece set


If you are looking for versatility in the kitchen, then this knife set is one of the best options that you can try out. And it not only comes with numerous pieces that make it a fantastic tool, but its features also stand out as well.




One of the factors that make this set a top choice is it’s versatility since it is built to cater to virtually any task in the kitchen.


From slicing to chopping, mincing and many other uses, the options are endless. It has chopping knives, a bread knife, paring knife, and steak knives as well.


The integrated bolsters between the handle and the blade is yet another feature you will come to love this knife. This offers a smooth slicing effect thanks to a secure grip and a full-blade technique that makes it ideal for any use.


The handles offer yet another exciting feature that you will go out of your way to love about this set. With an ergonomic design poly-resin grip, you can count on the handles of these knives for a comfortable and secure grip that offers easy use and safety.


Besides, since the set comes with a diamond sharpening steel, you can restore the edge on dull blades without necessarily calling in a pro to get the job done or spending more money down the line for a sharpener.


What’s more, the bamboo storage block that this set comes with is not only durable, but also a great piece to have on your kitchen counter.




Despite the numerous exciting features, this set has a flipside, the bread knives might not be long enough for your liking, and the block does not have an additional slot where you can add one.



  1. Calphalon self-sharpening knife set


For a durable set that you can have in your kitchen for ages, this option is one of the few options you can spend on without doubts. You can count on its design, but the features always have something to add to the mix.




The first thing you will notice about this set is the fully forged German steel blades made of high carbon and stainless steel. You can use your knife for years without losing the shining edge of your blade.


Another feature you cannot afford to miss in this set is the full tang construction of the knives. If you are looking for blades that can guarantee sturdiness and balance, then this set is for you.


Besides, it offers versatility that you will hardly find in most other set types out there. The 15-piece set includes a santoku knife, a chef’s knife, a serrated bread knife and eight steak knives as well as a pair of kitchen shears that you can use for snipping herbs and trimming meats.


The handles further have something to offer, thanks to the bar-rivet poly-resin design that fits snugly in your hands to provide a comfortable grip over long hours.


Besides, the sturdy handles ensure safety as you work with the knives since you can be sure it won’t break into your hand.


Moreover, since the handles are labeled, identifying the right blade from the set should not be a problem at all.




With all the impressive features, these knives might not be the perfect choice for you if you like tossing your utensils in the dishwasher since you will have to use hand washing.



  1. Calphalon 16-piece set knife block


Thanks to the precision honing of the knives in this set, you can enjoy edge retention for long before you ever have to look for your sharpener.


That is what calphalon contemporary knives are usually all about. And this is not all that makes the set an excellent choice; it has a whole lot of other fantastic features too.




One of the most impressive features in this set is the precisely tampered steel blades that come with super sharp edges. This means the blades stay sharp for 20 percent longer than conventional knives.


Another thing you will come to love about this set is the honing steel that the set features, which helps keep your blades in the perfect form for a razor-sharp cutting edge.


And there is more since the knives feature a forged construction; the blades are made with a bolster and full tang design. As such, each knife is built with a sturdy and balanced nature for ultimate performance, comfort, and safety for you.


The handles are labeled to make identification of each knife easy for you or any other user who might not be well versed in using this set. You will no longer have to spend minutes sorting through different knives.




This set comes with a wide range of benefits that you cannot help but love. However, it has a downside to it too; the knives could dull quite fast, so you will need to keep honing regularly.


Go ahead and pick yours today!



Although selecting the right knife set out there can turn out to be a difficult search, with any of these knives on your shopping list, you can be sure the need for an edge in your kitchen is sorted.


All you need is going for the one that seems to best suit your needs, whether regarding versatility or ease of use.


The good news is, calphalon will always have something for you no matter your needs for different blades. However, before you set out to get the perfect set for your kitchen, make sure to look at some factors that you will find worth considering when choosing your knife set.


 What to look for in a knife set



When it comes to covering your need for a range of blades in the kitchen, there is no better place to turn than checking out a knife set.


But finding a knife set is not all it takes yet, you need to have a set that can deliver on your expectation.


Whether in the kitchen, café, restaurant, or anywhere else you might need to use your global g2 or any other knife, no one wants to improvise a knife to use it for what it is not meant to do.


This could easily be the case for you if you are not well equipped for the different uses you will have a knife in the kitchen.


It is even unrealistic to imagine working on bread with a steak knife or chopping your veggies with a serrated blade. Well, you can have all the knives you need if you decide to buy separately. However, there is a reason why you need to go for a knife set.


Whether it is the several types of knives, you can buy at once, or other pieces you might find in a global knife block, like a sharpener. What makes knife blocks the go-to option is the fact that you can take advantage of is the real cost in most sets.


A knife set turns out to be practical than going for separate knives, which will most likely cost you more than necessary in the long term.


But even when you consider taking a long shot and going for a set, you have to think through a few things.


Buying a knife set goes beyond just looking at the knives as you would in the case of purchasing a single knife, you need to be more careful here. These are the six secrets you should unlock to getting the best calphalon knife set.



  • Sharpening


It is evident that no matter how sharp your knives are, you will need to sharpen or hone occasionally.


This means having a sharpener handy for the job, and if it is a quality one, then the better. Sharpening knives can turn out to be a task to its right though, but this should never be a problem if you have the right knife set.


Since most sets come with a built-in sharpener, you can be sure you have outpaced the need for sharpening your calphalon stainless steel knives or spending money on the task.


The sharpeners in these blocks are built to last for as long as the set does, so you can be sure to make the most of it with your knives.


And there is more, as almost all these blocks have features for collecting the metal shards from sharpening the blades. This means you don’t have to worry about metal fillings contaminating your utensils and making their way into your food.


Perhaps the best part is that the sharpener does all this automatically with every time you remove or return the knife to the block.


  • The block


The block in any set is another aspect you need to have your eyes locked on if you want to get a good deal. Most blocks defer according to size, shape, and design, so there is always something for everyone.


When shopping for a knife set, make sure to get a set with an additional slot where you can store other knives too.


This feature is not a must-have as such, but it is crucial nevertheless.


And when it comes to the design, you would prefer going for a block that will look great on your kitchen counter but does not let the looks compromise the need for durability.


There is a catch though since most blocks in the market are built from solid wood that can last for years and still looks natural and magnificent, so the choice is all yours.



  • Versatility

What any knife set is capable of doing is also essential enough to consider if you are into getting a perfect block for your needs.


The good news is that most of these sets come with numerous knives that you can use for different purposes. Whether it is a santoku knife for chopping vegetables, a bread knife, a steak knife set, utility blades and chef’s knife, most blocks have all you need.


All you need to do is check to make sure the set comes with all the knives that you need to use in the kitchen. What’s more, some sets feature other pieces like kitchen shears, which can also come in handy in preparing herbs and other uses too.



  • Maintenance


The other step you need to think beforehand is what you will need to keep the set at its best once you have it in your kitchen.


This could range from sharpening to cleaning.


Since we have already talked about sharpening, what you need to take note of at this stage is the cleaning aspect. Well, some knives are better hand washed, but some are dishwasher safe so you can just toss it in the machine and you get the job done.


Make sure to check whether the blades in the set you are going for is one you can wash the way you clean your utensils around for convenience.


However, if hand washing is not a big deal for you, then you can go down that path since this method is advisable to help your knives last longer. Just as you would with your calphalon cookware set, no one wants to ruin such quality utensils.


  • Price

Although most people look at the price as the last thing when shopping for different items, it is as important as any other factor.


After all, no one wants to break the bank to have a knife set on the kitchen counter, and it is apparent you wouldn’t like the idea either. Before clicking on that buy button, do a bit of research around to make sure you have a set that fits your budget, but still packs the features you need for convenience and efficiency.



  • Knife construction


If there is another thing you should not miss when shopping for a knife block, it is the construction of the blades. Well, this comes down to whether the design guarantees safety, comfort, and durability.


As you will notice with most calphalon knives, henckels knife set or a wusthof knife block, most of the blades are made of quality material like high carbon. Besides being resistant to staining, carbon will not rust if you take good care of the knife.


What’s more, most of the blades feature forged and full-tang design to offer lasting service thanks to the outstanding durability. And to make sure the blade and handle combination is as efficient, most knives have triple rivets attaching the blade to the handle.


This feature is crucial for safety, as the knife is sturdy and will not break quickly at the end of the handle, which is a risky aspect in most blades in the market.



Final Verdict!


Knives are necessary for every kitchen, and having just the right collection of blades in your arsenal goes beyond just making the job easy for you, but makes meal prep fun too.


The knives in our calphalon reviews have all it takes to get a delicious dinner ready without frustrations or injuries. So go ahead and select the best set for you and you can enjoy making meals around without having to struggle to carry out any task that requires the use of knives in your kitchen.


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