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Victorinox Knife Set Buying Guide



For every pro chef or home cooker, a knife set is among the tools you cannot afford to miss in your kitchen arsenal.


This comes in not only making meal prep a breeze but also easy and efficient and this is where the victorinox knife set comes in handy.


Besides, a knife further comes in very handy for numerous purposes that you might have in your kitchen or outdoors as well. Then there is the best part about knife sets, as the selection comes with several knives for different uses.



From paring knives to chef knife, serrated blades and many other options, victorinox kitchen knives will have you covered.


But selecting the right set out there is not as simple as many might think.


It is easy to believe that many knives in the market are the same, and expensive knives are known to come at a better quality than most cheap options.


However, the reality is entirely different, as knives and knife sets differ significantly from the budget-friendly ones to the high-cost ones and all offers in between.


Finding the right knife set can offer all you need to make the most of your time in the kitchen. But before you land on the right knife set out there, you need to do intensive research.


Not to worry, we have combed the market and brought you the top five sets in the business.


Top Five Victorinox knife Set Review


Selecting the right knife set in the vast market can prove to be quite a difficult challenge.


If you are having a hard time picking the right choice for your combination of the best blades in the market, you need to check out our review of the best knife set offers in the market.




  1. Victorinox Swiss 15-Piece Block Set


When it comes to looking for an ideal block set, Victorinox knife set is one of the options to lay your hand on.


This set not only offers a variety of knives that you can work with, but also quality blades that you can make the most of in getting your meals prepared without a struggle. This is all thanks to several features.




One of the things you cannot get wrong about this set is the wide range of blades it comes with.


From a serrated utility blade to a steak knife, a straight victorinox paring knife, a chef’s knife, and a santoku knife, the range of blades covers virtually all your kitchen needs.


Most of the blades in this set are made from high-carbon stainless steel, which offers unparalleled durability.


Besides, the high-quality material guarantees not only maximum sharpness but also lasting edge retention of the blades.


The other outstanding feature you will come to love about the blades in this set is the bolsterless edge, which means you can use the entire blade.


Besides, this design offers easy sharpening in case your knife loses its edge over time. An ergonomic, slip-resistant and textured contemporary handles offer reliable, comfortable and convenient handling of the knife.


Besides, the lightweight nature of the blade and the handle go a long way in making handling your knife easy too. Moreover, the set is dishwasher safe, although you can still hand wash it.


This means keeping your knives clean after every use will be a walk in the park since you can always go for the most suitable method of washing for you.


The knife set further comes with two additional spaces in which a chef’s knife can fit for extra storage space.




The only shortcoming about this knife is the fact that the handle of the steak knife may not be the ideal quality for most users.



  1. Wusthof Gourmet 7-piece block set


If you are looking for a wide variety of options in your kitchen, then you need to get this set for all your needs.


What’s more, if you are new into knife sets and struggling to find the best deal out there, then this starter block can come to your rescue.


It is comprised of virtually any blade you will need in a block set, not to mention a wide range of impressive features that the blades come with too.




The set comes in a sturdy wooden block that you can count on for durability. So you won’t have anything to worry about having to spend more money later on investing in another block for your set.


The other thing to go for is the extensive range of blades that you can find in this set. From serrated utility knives to a paring knife, chef’s knife, a straight knife and paring shears, you can get virtually all your knife needs covered.


The blades are also dishwasher safe, but using hand washing is recommended for durability.


This means you can select the right method of washing that works the best for you. Cleaning your block set cannot be any easier.


Another exciting thing is the fact that although it is spacious enough to offer up to nine slots for different knives, it does not take up much room in your kitchen.


This can be essential if you do not have enough space in your kitchen. The blades are also a sure bet, as you can count on the durability of these knives. Since the blades feature durable material and stamped, you can be sure of a lasting service.


However, it is always advisable that you use a cutting board to prevent your blades becoming dull.




Despite the impressive features that this set comes with, the knives are quite lightweight than a stamped blade.


  1. Victorinox Forschner 14-piece knife block set


Using a knife set in your kitchen can be both efficient and fun. But the convenience that this particular set comes with is outstanding. With up to fourteen pieces and a stable block, this block is the real deal when it comes to equipping yourself for heavy-duty kitchen work.


And there is more, the features in these blades offer something more to be reckoned with too.




One of the benefits that this set comes with is the broad range of options it offers. From hollow edge Santoku blade, serrated utility blade, chef’s knife and many other blade types, you can hardly miss a thing with this set.


What’s more, the blades are made from durable high-carbon stainless steel material that offers lasting service.


Not forgetting, the handle provides ideal non-slip grip that you can count on for your safety in using the blade as well as delivering efficiency in using it.


For high sanitary standards, the blades are dishwasher safe, so you can always keep them sparkling clean after use. The other factor you will go out of your way to love about most of these blades is the razor-sharp edge in most of the knives in the set.


The blades usually come with tapered cutting-edge to retain the edge for long. With this set handy, you won’t have to sharpen your knives quite often.




One downside of this set is that most of the blade’s handles may not feel as robust as you would expect.


  1. Wusthof cutlery set 12-piece block


Not every knife set out there can promise as much as this one can deliver. The diverse type of blades it comes with offers for a wide range of uses that you might have in your kitchen.


Above all, the durability of the set is among the things you cannot afford to notice. And the features come in very handy too.




The first and most important thing you will notice in this knife is the fact that the blades come as razor sharp and retain the edge for long enough to offer you reliable service.


The handles offer yet another exciting aspect since most of the handles are full-tang with triple rivets, and synthetic material. The knife blades are built from quality high-carbon stainless steel that you can count on for lasting service.


The variety of blades that this set comes with also offers a wide range of options for different uses in the kitchen.


From kitchen shears to a steak knife, bread knife, as well as a cook’s knife among others, you will have numerous types of blades for your needs.


The blades in this set are built to last as they do not rust quickly, are easy to sharpen and easy to wash as well. Using and cleaning your knives should be a breeze.




Despite the impressive features, the only flipside to this set is the steak knives, which are not as sufficient especially when you have company.




  1. Victorinox Handle Cutlery 7-piece knife set


If you are thinking of getting an ideal knife set for your needs, a victorinox chef knife set should be the one to look out for before trying any other option. The set comes with an extensive range of pieces that you can use for almost any type of cutting purpose in your kitchen. The features come in very handy too.




Among the things, you will fall in love with in this set is the quality of the high carbon steel blades, which offer more than just reliability, but reliability and maximum sharpness as well.


For easier sharpening, the blades are cold-rolled and feature a bolsterless design, which also goes a long way when it comes to offering ease of use.


The set is made for comfortable and convenient hand wash, so you can always get your blades clean without much struggle.


Handles in the blades have slip-resistant nature that offers an outstanding efficiency even when wet. This set comes in a wide range of pieces.


You can find a meat slicer, a victorinox chef knife, curved boning knife, a bread knife and a canvas roll as well as honing steel and a shoulder strap among others.




One of the shortcomings of this knife set is the fact that it can be too light for your convenience. But if you like light blades, then this one will be just the right set for the job.


Go ahead and make the choice!




Knife sets are a great addition to virtually any sort of needs you have in your kitchen. But this starts with selecting just the right set in the market. Our review highlights five of the best sets that you can lay your hands on for a stress-free time in the kitchen.


But before hitting the market to check these sets out, read on to get an insight on what to look for in a knife set.


What to know before buying


Choosing any knife set may not be an easy task, but this should not be a problem if you know where to look.


It all comes down to several things that matter most in the usefulness and reliability as well as durability of any knife set. These are some of the factors to check out. The first thing you need to look out for is the type of the knives in the set.


This can come in handy if you want to be confident that you will be using the different types of knives.


The first step you need to take is identifying the different types of blades that these sets usually come with to be sure of what to expect in making your purchase.


  • Chef’s knife


This knife is a large blade type for almost all kinds of kitchen uses.


From cutting up chicken to chopping veggies, slicing meat, slicing herbs, garlic and more stuff in the kitchen.


The knife is a favorite of most professional chefs, thanks to its versatility and comfortable handling.


Going for a more protracted chef knife offers more cutting space, which works well with only a few cutting motions.


  • Utility knife


Also known as a paring knife, this type of blades are usually small and ideal for simple kitchen tasks such as mincing herbs as well as cutting vegetables and fruits.


These knives can also be handy as a wedge for hard cheese and trimming fat from meat. For added versatility, you can consider going for longer blades.


  • Serrated knife


This long, serrated blade is ideal for slicing roasts, bread, cutting soft fruits as well as vegetables.


Having this type of knife in your collection not only for additional use but also for the ease of use a serrated knife can offer. Knife sets usually come with many pieces.


All you need is to understand the type of knife block that works best for you. Other parts you might find on these sets include kitchen shears and sharpening files among other pieces as well.


The Construction type



Knife construction terms can be difficult to understand for buyers.This can include different material types, design, and other factors.


Some types such as steak knife set feature full-tang blades, forged or stamped design, high-carbon and other features. Forged knives are usually preferred as most of the blades are considered top quality. This type of knives features a design with individual metal pieces.


Besides, these blades are molded under intense heat for the creation of the shapes. These knives are balanced, durable and heavy, besides being able to hold an edge for long.


Stamped knives are made from flat steel sheets, and the edges are sharpened off. Stamped knives are usually less expensive and considered of lower quality than the forged ones.


The stamped blades are flexible, lighter and do not often hold edges for long. Full tang knives have the metal extending throughout the entire handle of the blade.


This feature adds a little weight to the handle and offers balance for better control and stability during use. Other knives have a partial tang that stretches halfway into the handle. The thin metal extends into a fully enclosed handle.


The material any knife is made of is essential in making the right choice for your knife set too. Most manufacturers use different types of equipment in making these blades.



Some users prefer carbon steel blades, thanks to the robust nature of the material. But this sort of blades can be prone to rusting and reacting with acidic food and could cause discoloration of the food.


Stainless steel blades are also as popular, and most of these types of knives built from a mixture of carbon, iron, chromium as well as other elements.


These blades offer for a stain resistant and durable knives that are also easy to sharpen. Stainless steel blades also have better balance during use.


Some users like ceramic knives and the super-hard material offer lightweight and razor-sharp blades and do not lose edge quite quickly.


Blades made with this material type can be prone to shattering if you drop it, or it could break or chip from improper use.


Not forgetting, you might need to get a professional sharpener to retain the edge.


The other important aspect to look out for is the handle.


This can come in several materials, usually plastic, wood, composite or metal among others.


Wood is one of the best-looking handles out there, but it can easily warp with time. A composite or plastic handle offers a comfortable hold and a stable grip, especially if your hands are greasy or wet.


This can be more reliable for safety is the handle is well riveted to the blade for stability like in the design of victorinox butcher knives.


What you need to consider





When choosing a given type of knife set, you need to factor in several things. These considerations can help you make the right choice that best fits your needs as well as your budget.


Your budget is the first thing to put into consideration. As much as you need to find the right knife set out there, it is apparent you need to go for something within your set budget.


The good news is that most of these sets come in a wide range of options that can be pocket-friendly.


It is always ideal to go for a knife set that fits your financial abilities, and the market has a wide range of options for you.


The cooking style is worth taking into consideration when selecting the set you want. Considering your preferred way of cooking and the sort of knives you use or need to get the job done goes a long way in understanding the type of blades you will need in your kitchen.


This can be very helpful in understanding the kind of blades or the right set for your needs.Efficiency comes in handy too when it comes to selecting the right set for you in the market.


A good knife set should come with blades that offer the ideal balance for smooth and controlled use.


This goes a long way in providing for safety and convenience.



Considering the size of the set as well as the type is among the things you need to think of as well. Knife blocks usually come in a range of between three to eighteen pieces. Depending on your needs or the budget you have set for the set, you can decide the best knife set to select.


This helps to get the knives you need for the right amount of money you are planning to invest in the set.


Deciding on the type of storage for the knives is worth considering too.


Some sets have plastic, wooden, steel or glass blocks. Different blocks may have unique design features and others usually come with magnetic strips.


But all that matters here is the fact that you have the storage that fits your preference. These blocks are essential for keeping your knives not only safely tucked away.


The tools also help achieve extended durability as the blades are spared from damage by blades dangling from a drawer.Deciding the right set go for is always as crucial as the purchase.


This can help you make the right choice. Since you will be using your knife almost every day, you need to know more about knife sets before making a move.


Checking out knife reviews can be very handy in helping you decide wisely.



Final verdict


You can always make your most reliable knife set for your needs.


All you need to do is go for the set that best fits your preference. Selecting your perfect set does not have to be a problem anymore.


The options reviewed in this global knives review and buying guide will offer you all you need to get everything in your kitchen moving.


Get to the market and grab the perfect knife set that will wow your friends, family, and guests as well as making meal prep super easy for you.






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